Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volta Cab Is Feeling Good.

You might have heard of this guy before. Volta Cab is a Russian house / new disco producer. He describes his musical influences to be mostly based on the 70s and 80s disco scene, on chicago house and on jazz music.

Ice (Original Mix) by Volta Cab

His music has been in the blogosphere for a couple of months and now Volta Cab has a couple of  12″ releases coming up. One to be released on Chez Damier’s Finale Sessions France, another one on Maelstrom’s Solar Disco and some on others labels. Quite a busy man.

Once you listen to the tracks below, you’ll know why these great labels are quite lucky to have this new producer on their roster.

Tell Me Why You Come Back Here (Original Mix) by Volta Cab

Say You Need Me (Forthcoming on Finale Sessions France) by Volta Cab

I Feel Good In My Skin (Forthcoming on Finale Sessions France) by Volta Cab

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posted by PD Williams at 4:31 pm