Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Phantom – Night Game (Zeppy Zep Remix)

Two summers ago we debuted Bartosz Kruczynski a.k.a. The Phantom‘s swirling, xylophone-tinged “Cambodia,” a track that eventually saw release on a Top Billin’ compilation of UK Funky that attempted to capitalize on the nascent genre. The compilation was OK, but Kruczynski’s participation was the highlight, and now after over a year of negotiating a proper debut EP, Senseless Records will finally do his music justice.

My favorite aspect to The Phantom’s productions is that he gives melody the utmost of attention. From “Cambodia” to his EP’s two tracks “Girl” and “Night Game,” whooshing piano and synth melodies carry his tracks into the heat of the night while he lets his percussion remain fresh but understated.

Titled simply, The Phantom EP, the record is out December 6 and features remixes from Trash-favorite and U.S. bass hopeful Brenmar, U.K. producer Hackman, and fellow Pole Zeppy Zep. Zep’s bombastic, epicly layered remix of “Night Game” is available for download below!

The Phantom – Night Game (Zeppy Zep Remix)

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DJ Still Life – Tropicaaliyah

Yes, today is the 9 year anniversary of R&B legend Aaliyah‘s tragic death. There are a few things floating around offering tribute, but East Village Radio’s DJ Still Life sent this over today and it hits on a variety of levels: summery, silky, sexy, salacious, okay so maybe those are mostly synonyms.

Still Life runs one of EVR’s best shows “Worldwide Smash,” on Friday’s from 12AM-2AM EST, much of it covering the low-end dance music vibes bouncing around the globe right now. As the title suggests, Still Life has infused Aaliyah classics like “Rock the Boat,” “Try Again,” and “Are You that Somebody?” with digital cumbia, a little uk funky, and even some dembow. Still Life sums up the topicality and context of a Tropicaaliyah tribute nicely saying,

“More than fortuitous mix pairings…the real roots of the project are in Brooklyn’s expanding global bass scene, which itself builds on the youthful re-invigoration of regional sounds happening around the world, where a melding of the traditional with the abrasive is encouraged, and the loping gait of folk dance music effortlessly meets the jagged textures of American hip-hop and R&B. This spirit of re-contextualization and playful appropriation informed the pairing, and the result is a tribute to a performer whose talent continues to unite listeners years after her untimely passing nine years ago.”

My personal favorite is the dembow interpretation of “Rock the Boat,” which highlights Aaliyah’s natural seduction with the languidness of Reggaeton. You can preview the track below, but head to Still Life’s band camp to download the rest and get him some stats as a thank you.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Voodoo Sessions

Kush Aurora really came out of nowhere.  His Voodoo Sessions EP, which drops today, is loaded with dense layers of driving, tight percussion, low (I mean really low), rolling basslines, and gorgeous, colorful splashes of dubbed-out atmospheric samples that conjure visions of what might be this producer’s private elsewhere in some tropical parallel dimension.

Call it future dubstep, call it African grime, call it “soca-step,” this bay area stepper comes through with four solid tunes that will faire as well in the club as they will in the headphones of bedroom listeners.

The EP also features a collaboration with San Francisco Dubstep don Bakir- a remix of Maga Bo’s “Nakhil,” which was previously released on Dutty Artz, and features killer bars from Tunisian spitfire rapper K-Libre.  I had the opportunity to play the Boston-area Links Soundclash last year with Bakir- local and nationally-known producers in a massive laptop battle playing only their original tunes- and the man absolutely murdered the dance. And we all know that Mago Bo is the fucking man.  That, and the whole things is streamable for your listening pleasure at this link.
You can grab one of the tracks off of the Voodoo EP for free, the original mix of Humidifier, which also gets a bangin’ club remix that’s only available for purchase.  The free download is here.

Kush Arora – Humidifier (Original Mix)

The whole EP is available for download here and it’s definitely worth buying.
Kush is also offering up a studio mix which looks like its jam-packed with exclusives and originals and seems to be on some techno rasta tip, which is cool. Check it out!

Kush Arora-Daggering Funky+ Exclusives April2010 by KushArora

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ill Pharaoh- My Own Pocket Mixtape

Please enjoy this mid-week exclusive, the first in a two-part exclusive mix series from the Broken Teeth crew. Properly oriented amidst the New York underground dance music scene, Broken Teeth has been as resilient as any crew pushing progressive sounds in NYC. Today I’m happy to present a mix from Venezuelan DJ/producer Pharaoh!

After years of playing different instruments that limited his musical ideas, Ernesto Pantin aka Pharaoh started producing and DJing at the age of 17 in his home country of Venezuela. He found his true medium in the mixer and jumped on the express highway of Electronic Dance Music. Pharaoh has produced and DJed for many Hip Hop acts, such as 3 Dueños, Dj Trece, Budu, and many others. His career also took him to be part of the Venezuelan Band Todosantos (Flamin Hotz Records), which later gave him the opportunity to tour North and South America after relocating to Brooklyn. Pharaoh has collaborated with such artists as Cardopusher, Krames, Ninja Sonik (Green Owl), and Dev79 while accomplishing all this before the age of 21. Once in New York, Pharaoh’s musical persona took definite shape in Dubstep and Bassline House. His Salvation Army parties gave way to guests like Kid Kameleon and Dj Ripley (Sub Surya), Dj C, Mathhead(Trouble & Bass), Dave Q(Dubwar), Kingdom(Fools gold), Savage Skulls(Mad Decent) and many others. Pharaoh has recently remixed Body Language, Crystal Fighters(Kitsune), Sun Splash (Djs Are Not Rock Stars) and is currently in the studio with Trouble & Bass artist Star Eyes. You can catch Pharaoh DJing at Sin Sin every Tuesday and the Broken Teeth Monthly at Public Assembly.

4/15 – Austin, TX – Barcelona with Irresponsible Voltron
4/16 – Norman, OK – Royal Rumble at Step Brothers with Blake Ward
4/17 – Dallas, TX – Say Something at Fall Out Lounge with Broken Teeth
4/20 – New York City, NY – Broken Teeth at Sin Sin Lounge with Geko Jones & Uproot Andy

My Own Pocket Mixtape by Pharaoh

Jason Chance – Diesel
Sound of Stereo – Button (Beataucue Remix)
Scalix and Ramirez Del Flow – M.I.L.F. (Music I Like To Feel)
Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (Lil Silva Remix)
Smith Christian & Gabe – Fidelidade
Crystal Fighters – I Love London (ILL Pharaoh Summer Remix)
Hatiras & Jelo – Speaker Humper
Renaissance Man – What Is Guru (Riva Starr Remix)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


In case anyone was paying attention, Trash In the Bassment was put on hold for the month of August due to a more “polished” effort entitled “Cognitive Estrangement.” After working in the realm quick assemblage, it felt only natural to do something with a little more vision and structure. The “Cognitive Estrangement” mix features the still messy sonics of live mixing, but with a clearer direction, fusing the accessibility of underground dance music producers with the oblique and heady sounds of Dubstep’s most progressive. The desired result challenges the ear while keeping the feet tapping.

This month’s Trash In the Bassment mix features exciting work from producers like NGUZUNGUZU, out of L.A., and more from the complicated realm of Dubstep and 2-step, including genre-busting material from Zomby and Floating Points. These mixes are all done live, and feature songs released in the month they are done in. Songs available for free are linked to the blogs I downloaded them from, hopefully point readers in new directions, as well as honor the work of other writers/DJ’s/musicians.

In other news: I will be in New York City next week playing a party on September 10th entitled “Ether,” at a club called Happy Ending. I will also be up at Bard College on September 12th playing their infamous monthly party called “The Remedy.” Former guests include, Ghislain Poirier, Math Head & Star Eyes, and DJ/Rupture. Come say hi.

The Crooked Clef – Trash In the Bassment Vol. 7

01. Sabbo – Far To Go (ft. Little X) via Le Gouter du Mercredi
02. Jahdan Blakkamoore – The General (Marcus Visionary Remix) via JunoDownload
03. Udachi & Jubiliee – Paypur (Cardopusher Remix) EXCLUSIVE
04. B. Rich – It’ll Be Alright (feat. Domonique) via PalmsOut
05. Riton and Primary 1 – Who’s There? (L-Vis 1990 Remix) via Mad Decent
06. Marcus Price & Carli – Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom Remix) via XLR8R
07. Maluca – El Tigeraso (NGUZUNGUZU Remix) via Beatport
08. Geeneus – Yellowtail VIP via Lower End Spasm
09. Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience via Boomkat
10. Zomby – Digital Fauna via Beatport
11. James Blake – Sparing The Horse via Boomkat
12. Floating Points – K&G Beat via Boomkat
13. Data – Doors of Perception (feat. Cell) via Boomkat
14. Gold Panda – Quitters Raga via Pitchfork

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Lamin Fofana – Fatmata Was Here

Little Lamin

Little Lamin

I feel pleased to introduce to Trash readers an important addition to us multi-genre band of outsiders, Mr. Lamin Fofana, a member of the Dutty Artz family. You may know Lamin from his “Recession Rap Podcast” series, a Fader Magazine-approved collection of Hip-Hop and Rap hopefuls, waxing wise about, among other hot topics, money. This signifies Lamin’s first foray into the soundclash world of Tropical, Dubstep, and Dancehall, wrestling with a wide array of unclean sounds, challenging the ear and moving the body. I look forward to the day when people like Lamin rule the world. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

Lamin Fofana – Fatmata Was Here


01. Bvdub – Return To Tonglu
02. RHy-s on – 2
03. Bijan Mofid – Shahreh Ghesseh, I & II
04. Co$$ feat. Blu – Angelic
05. Jamie Vexd – In System Travel
06. Zomby – Tears in the Rain
07. Dred Man-Gi feat. Nell – Não Ta Se Entender
08. Kasai Allstars – Tshitua fuila mbuloba
09. King Midas Sound – Cool Out
10. Alpha Blondy – Jerusalem
11. Cauto – Despartar
12. G-Side – Alpine Tick

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