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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vote for Trash Menagerie in the Dazed Raw Blog Awards!!

Exciting news on the Trash Menagerie front!! We’re absolutely thrilled to have been nominated by Dazed Digital, as one of the TOP 15 MUSIC BLOGS from far and wide!!!!! We’re totally hyped and honored to have been chosen and to be amongst some of the best music sites around!!

If you’re unfamiliar, Dazed Digital is the on-line version of the ever so cool, stylish and future forward magazine, Dazed & Confused, one of the most influential monthly magazines in the world, with distribution in over 40 countries.

We are competing with 15 other blogs, and the winner of each category will be featured in the Dazed October issue and will also receive £500 worth of G-Star product!!!!

VOTING will be open until AUGUST 31

VOTE HERE for Trash Menagerie!!!


(yeah, our screenshot is not up yet, we’ve let them know and they’re workin on it..)

Add us on your Twitter and Tweet the news!!

Vote @TrashMenagerie in the Dazed RAW Blog Awards

Your vote would mean loads to us!! Please spread the word and thanks for your support!!!!

A bit about the contest –

Dazed Raw Blog Awards

“We don’t need to tell you that blogs have been exploding in the past few years, growing in numbers, in influence and in quality. The Dazed Digital team alone read 300 blogs and on a day to day basis, we’re constantly checking out, bookmarking and subscribing to new ones. So we have decided to get our bloglovin’ habits out there officially and in association/collaboration with G-Star, we present our first ever Dazed Raw Blog Awards.

The open nomination period has begun and will be open until July 31. You can nominate your own blog or it can be someone else’s blog, as long as you think it’s browse-worthy. Whilst we would love to feature blogs dedicated to heartclogging fast food, we have decided to restrict our blog categories to mirror the Dazed Digital categories; fashion, music, photography and arts and culture.

Dazed & G-Star will be shortlisting 15 blogs from each category which will all be put forward for a public vote. The winner of each category will be featured in the Dazed October issue and will also receive £500 worth of G-Star product.”

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HeavyFeet – Wild for Life!

Heavy Feet come barging in like a herd of hungry hippos, grinding to dust the left over broken china from the Bull’s Greek party the night before. They’re animals. But don’t be fooled by the name, these Hot Steppers also know their way around the dancefloor like mice in balloons…..

RHYS FACT #1: If you are on the dancefloor and you have the choice of either an elephant or a women (or man) in stilettos stepping on your foot. Take the elephant as it’ll hurt less.

Speaking of Creatures great and Small, These Manchurian producers & DJ’s do like a bit of wildlife including DJing in Seal Pits in Ibiza with non-other than MC ROLFI HARRIS. Okay i made that bit up, but as Gabrielle once whined – “things can come true”, he’s pretty down with ye sick pets! You Heard Rolf Harris’ techno track in protest to Canadians murdering Seals?!?! – Check it, it’s dark.

And If the city of Manchester were a DJ then he’d be playing the likes of The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Oasis, New Order, Joy Division & The Smiths but at some point in the early hours, the City would need to step it up a little to keep the leafy fever moving through the vein pipes of the citizen citadel. Something of the same calibre… What i’m trying to say is, these guys are the shit and they’re not even putting a Donk on it!

Check out their MySpace for their latest bangers! Definitely check out the War remix if you like drum & bass. It’s a belter! And download these tunes pronto ya pussyclart doll!

Heavyfeet – Sasquatch EP Preview

HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz – I am Here (VIP Remix)

HeavyFeet – Spring Mix 2009

Addendum – Any examples labelled as facts held within this post are purely for entertainment value. The author retains the right however, that should any “facts” in fact be “fact”, to claim that he knew all along.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Our friends at Mishka just jumped on board to sponsor the second edition of “BRANDED”, so we’ve got 200 $10.00 (1/2 off!) to give away!!!!! CLICK HERE to nab them while they last! We’re also going to have Mishka giving away free merch, so try & get there early!

Friday June 19th @ The Congress Theater, Chicago

GUNS N BOMBS presenting the debut of DEATHFACE

Photos by Clayton Hauck – EVERYONE IS FAMOUS


included with your ticket is a comp subscription to Time Out Chicago! (19.95 value ; )

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


the rapture, heartsrevolution, the rub, dj funk, guns n bombs, deathface, kid color, rob threezy, rave, party, dance, dj, branded, chicago, congress, congress theater, black holes, thunderous olympian, hipster runoff, everyoneisfamous

Mark your calendars!
BRANDED, the biggest, baddest, dance party, returns to the Congress Theater Chicago, Friday June 19th.
Installment 2 of the 6 event series features The Rapture – dj set, HeartsRevolution, The Rub, DJ Funk,
Guns N Bombs presenting the debut of Deathface, Jordan Z, Rob Threezy, Gatekeeper – dj set , Kid Color Black Holes and Thunderous Olympian
hosted by Trash Menagerie & CARLES of the popular weblog Hipster Runoff
Photos by Clayton

Tickets are $16.00 pre-sale, and $19.00 in advance via TICKETWEB.COM & CLUBTIX.NET
Get yours fast, the last Branded show almost SOLD OUT and brought 4000 people to the Congress.

You can also . . . TRY YOUR LUCK!
We’re giving away 100 free tickets every week leading up to BRANDED on June 19th.

More info: /
Winners will be notified by June 12th via email if they’ve won.

No more submissions accepted at this time. Sphere: Related Content

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Monday, May 18, 2009


Detboi - The Hooligan Eskimo

Detboi is a freak. A bass freak! Ask the man himself “What is a Detboi?” and he’ll give you a straight answer: “Someone who tried out for Boyzone and never made it”. It’s obvious to everyone that Louis Walsh missed a trick there!!! But with Boyzone reforming for a few last ditch recession essential penny pinching concerts, i think it’s definately time for this Irish star to shine… cue spotlight.

With a look similar to that of an Aye-aye (google it), a sound as fruity as mangoes and a luck that would rival Noel edmonds with a bunch of numbered boxes you know you’re onto a sure winner. So, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t already heard of the young man? Well it’s quite simple says detboi, “Cos im not making dubstep. innit. rewind. Im big in the Philippines tho”. And if the Philippines say “Hey” then you, must surely say “Ho!”

Enough of this nonsense! Get on and listen to the music…..

Oh and please don’t forget to annoy detboi on his myspace with your Aye-aye impersonations.

Detboi – Cheap Thrills EP Preview

1. Yall want mo
2. Yall want mo – (sinden rmx)
3. Hump N Shake
4. Whine ya body
5. la la land – featuring toddla t

Detboi – Cheap Thrills EP (Preview Minimix)

Disclaimer: All Analogies are that of the detboi and Trash Menagerie hold no responsibilty for the stupid and whimsical sentences of rhys isterix. And if anyone says we don’t bring you the exclusivist of exclusive stuff then check THIS

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Daft Punk ‘Human After All’ Remix Album – released May 20th!

Remix After All artwork by Jan Lindholm

What started as a vague idea has now sprouted into a full-blown project through an internet-based cooperation between a group of music blogs who have created a remix album for Daft Punk‘s infamous third album Human After All.

The original idea stemed from the lack of availability of the strictly limited remix compilation ‘Human After All: Remixes‘, but this little gem was only available for Japanese consumers. However, ‘Remix After All’ will now be released for everyone’s consumption!

A bunch of music blogs (not ours unfortunately) have got together to create this unofficial remix album for public distribution on May 20th.

Each blog has chosen one track from the album and has then begun a search for the producer they think would fit best to remix their song. Which remixer that each blog has chosen will be secret until May 19, one day before release, when the blogs will exclusively pre-release their own remixes as low-quality 128 kbit/s bitrate promotional mp3s.

The remix album containing full-quality 320 kbit/s bitrate mp3s, will then be dropped and published on May 20 for free download. Please see below for which 10 blogs are participating in the creation of ‘Remix After All‘, and which song from Human After All they each chose.

01. Human After All – Chosen by Disco Demons
02. The Prime Time Of Your Life – Chosen by Data Sapiens
03. Robot Rock – Chosen by The Cold Cut
04. Steam Machine – Chosen by Cream Team
05. Make Love – Chosen by Sheena Beaston
06. The Brainwasher – Chosen by Danger! Danger!
07. On/Off – Chosen by The Lemur Blog
08. Television Rules The Nation – Chosen by Noise Porn
09. Technologic – Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
10. Emotion – Chosen by Binary

To access this digital album click on any of the associated blogs on May 20th for the full length version.

So is this the way forward?

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