Thursday, November 4, 2010

Renegade – Threshold (Fog’s Viva Redux)

Fog’s back with a wickedly fresh remix of Renegade’s Threshold. This one’s a fair bit quicker than Renegade’s original, but sticks close to it’s original vibe – adding a cheeky vocal sample from one of Barack Obama’s speeches.


Download via ZippyShare

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Fever Ray – Triangle Walks

Photo courtesy of Johan Renck

It’s easy to lose yourself in the music of Swedish artist Karin Dreijer Andersson, aka, Fever Ray, with it’s dark, intense, haunting sounds. Described by Filter magazine as “sublime and magically creepy,” Fever Ray continues to take us down another luminous path with the third single, “Triangle Walks” off her self-titled album. Available on 12″ and download, the single features remixes from the likes of Tiga, Spektre, James Rutledge, Tora Vinter, Ben Hoo and Allez-Allez. I quite like all the remixes, but can’t stop myself from repeating Tiga’s catchy, “1-2-3-4″.

The music video for “Triangle Walks”, was directed by Mikel Cee Karlsson, who has collaborated with Andreas Nilsson on videos for Jose Gonzales and Bonde do Role. Nilsson has designed a stage show for Fever Ray’s North American tour, which kicks off 28th September at Webster Hall, NYC.

Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Tiga’s 1-2-3-4 Remix)

Triangle Walks from Fever Ray on Vimeo.

Fever Ray Tour Dates

July 3, 2009 Roskilde Festival, Roskilde
July 4, 2009 Arvika Festival, Arvika
July 11, 2009 Loop Festival, Brighton
July 12, 2009 Oxegen, Naas, Kildare
July 13, 2009 Bristol Academy, Bristol, Southwest
July 14, 2009 Academy 2, Manchester
July 16, 2009 Shepherds Bush Empire, London
July 17, 2009 Latitude Festival, Southwold
July 18, 2009 Melt Festival, Leipzig
Aug 13, 2009 Öyafestivalen, Oslo
Aug 14, 2009 Way Out West, Göteborg
Aug 16, 2009 Flow festival, Helsinki
Aug 29, 2009 Festiwal Tauron, Nowa Muzyka, Katowice
U.S. Tour dates
Sep 28 2009 Webster Hall, New York, New York
Sep 29 2009 Webster Hall, New York, New York
Oct 1 2009 Metropolis, Montreal, Quebec
Oct 3 2009 Metro, Chicago, Illinois
Oct 5 2009 The Grand Ballroom at Regency, San Francisco, California
Oct 7 2009 Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles, California

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Raffertie’s Sikkk Re-edit


It’s hard to believe that it has been 3 whole years since fidget house was bestowed upon us and “This is Sick” by Solid Groove aka Switch aka Dave Taylor (all the same guy), first came out. When I first heard this track, it was an immediate uproar inside my head. With an infectious bassline, lots of cut outs, ghost like samples, and the vocal sample “This is Sick” taken from Janet Jackson’s “All Nite (Don’t Stop)”, this track was destined for serious anthem status.

Fast forward, 2008, “This is Sick” is still working it out on the dancefloor, tweaked and twisted by some speed (no, not the drug) loving Dj’s such as Sweden’s Yeah! Woho! and Birmingham’s Raffertie. We’ve mentioned this bassline commander on 2 occasions, At the Speed of Rafferie, Raffertie’s NLLR Mix and this is definitely not the last mention!! (If you’ve missed either, go to them now for Raffertie’s mixes and remixes!) He’s sped up Yeah! Woho!’s remix of “This is Sick”, dropped a Sarah Saville vocal in and chopped it up. Love the speed.

Within the past few months Raffertie has played alongside the likes of Dexplicit, Pirate Soundsystem, Tomb Crew, (heavyyyyy bassss) OneMan and Cadgedbaby. And as of recent, became a resident of London based night, Hold Tight, the next of which will be held on the 26th of April ’08. (check the lineup above) He has also just completed a promotional mix for local Birmingham promoters Bigger Than Barry. So basically, big things are happening for Benjamin aka Raffertie!! Oh and huge thanks for the special re-edit Ben! x

Solid Groove – This Is Sick (Yeah! Woho! Remix) (Raffertie’s Wideboy Edit)

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

EatDisco and Hostage Devour the Kids


There is nothing more persuasive to me than nicely packaged goods and striking visuals. As a child of consumerism, image is so important in creating a look, brand or simply a way to define ones self. The music industry has always had a symbiotic relationship with artists and designers, influencing each other throughout time. When music and design are showcased together, the two combined, can cause quite an impact.

Enter the hell raising design/Dj duo, “Team Skull” and “Team Dead” of EatDisco and European Animal, whose roaring all out party fun and fantastic flyer designs are luring the kids in like Willy Wonka did with his chocolate factory. Although they may not have an ‘Inventing Room’, or special effect bubblegum like the kind Violet Beauregarde got her hands on, you are sure to find a plethora of reasons why you should attend one of their parties, OR art showings. Read on as they tell us a bit about their unique projects and what’s ahead!


After kick starting something pretty special in the summer of 2007, EatDisco continues to bring some of the most exciting DJ’s and producers to that little dot on the map, Newcastle upon Tyne UK. Working closely with the European Animal design team, EatDisco (also known as promoters and DJ’s Team Skull and Team Dead) have forged the perfect blend of cutting edge electronic music and high end illustration. This has resulted in a much needed injection of enthusiasm and originality into an almost static club scene.

“All in all we’re trying to bring not just our favourite DJ’s from around the world to Newcastle, but we’re still pushing to really open up the city’s weekend offerings. We’re trying to keep as many of our parties free or charging next to nothing to ensure maximum levels of fun and enjoyment.” Previous guests have included Hostage, Liars Club and Machine Drum. EatDisco have also just teamed up with friends, Paris Is Burning to raise the bar even higher, throwing even bigger parties which will feature Tronik Youth, Strip Steve, Kap10Kurt and some big surprises!

European Animal, outside of working on promotional material, have also been enjoying similar levels of success at a pretty speedy rate, having had two big shows in the last year. The first took place at Paris’s En-Marge gallery, the second as part of a paste up exhibition at Common in Manchester, UK. Photos of both shows, along with a selection of their other work, can be seen on the website. Next in line is a collaborative project working with the Stiff Couture clothing label, ran by Kitsune’s Punks Jump Up, launching later this year.

EatDisco have quite a lot lined up over the next few months both in their home town and further a field, seeing them at nights in Scotland, London, Berlin and New York!

“We hope things are going to continue to grow at the rate they have been recently. We want to attract more people and open up their eyes to the fact that things are finally changing in Newcastle.”

Check out EatDisco’s gig dates on their myspace calendar and be ready for some fine action as they take over Fake! Club in Edinburgh on the 12 of April along side Hostage – who graces our presence with some updates and a brand new track!

So what has Mr. Alan Parley, known to most as ‘Hostage’, been up to these days?? He is kinda like a machine, cranking out tune after tune, playing loads of gigs and rioting into the wee hours!! He’s been spotted in Sweden supporting Hijack at Drama, London and Preston alongside the ‘Ibiza Rocks’ GASH DJs and this month he’ll be supporting Duke Dumont for 2 nights on the 28th in Doncaster and the 29th in Glasgow. Rest assured, he has been doing lots of raving and because of it, he’s in bed sick as a dog. If you’re in his area, bring the man some hot soup!!!!

One of Hostage’s latest tunes, “Oh Snap!! – Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)”, has been blowing up all over the land (here it is below in case you haven’t heard) and he says it all came about whilst chattin to a U.S. rapper out of Maryland called Oh Snap!! who sent over an accapella. He took that and created “this wonky hard fidget tune round the rap – rap-attack!!!” and says, “it has been goin down real nice”. He has a lot to grin about, with yet another of his tunes, “Stab Up” which has had proper plays off Radio 1!! My-oh-my and we’ve got yet another – “Big Wheeze”.

Mr. Hostage has lots in store for those that are lucky to catch him at various gigs (check his myspace for that), playing a roccodisco showcase in Rome come April and an Australian tour sometime in June. Rave on.

Oh Snap!! – Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)

Hostage – Big Wheeze

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Audio Objekt feat. Kraftwerk Lead Machinist Ralf Hutter

Audio Objekt
Audio Objekt

Ralf Hütter, leader of the worlds most influential electronic group, Kraftwerk, contributes his vocal stylings on “Artificial Personality” the debut single by Audio Objekt, a fairly unknown duo from the city of Lund, Sweden. The single also contains updates of classic Kraftwerk songs, “Computer World” and “The Model”. The musical focus of Audio Objekts has been varied, while the band is busy updating old Kraftwerk songs to the reality of today, they are writing original music as well. Their debut LP VÅR NYA VÄRLD (Our New World) will be released this November.

Kraftwerk - Ralf Hutter
Kraftwerk – Ralf Hutter

Artificial Personality feat. Ralf Hutter – Original

Artificial Personality feat. Ralf Hutter – Remix

VÅR NYA VÄRLD – Our New World
1.VÅR NYA VÄRLD (Our New World)
2.MODELLEN (The Model)
3.VÅR NYA VÄRLD – Jeff Bennet remix
4.MODELLEN – Meldodix Remix
5.MODELLEN – Leuka Kestääpesiä Cut-up Remix

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Introducing: Magnus Asberg (C-Soul)

Magnus Asberg
Photographs by Eliot Gill, Brighton Fusion photographer.

Record label owner and deep house DJ, Magnus Asberg needs no introduction here in the UK. The 39-year-old Swedish native has been a solid part of the house and rave party scene in London and Brighton over the past 10 years, and before that in Sweden divided his time as a DJ, club owner, and professional skateboarder and snowboarder. But as I got talking to him, I learned that his love of music goes deeper than the party scene.

Magnus was first influenced by his father, a jazz musician, who introduced him to bands such as Pink Floyd (literally), as well as giving him his first record player. He recalls the first time he set his hands on vinyl and started DJing and laughs. “It was straight away! I was like six and I loved it.” He cut his teeth as a DJ at his parent’s many parties; at age 11, he broke in his first set of Technics 1200.

At 17, Magnus owned a nightclub in Sweden. Though his love at the time was hip-hop, he found he had to play the crowd-pleasing pop music of the time. It was at this time (1985) that Magnus discovered house music by accident: on the B-sides of hip-hop records. He found that the early house fit in well with the kind of pop music he was playing so he started mixing it in. As well as realising that he wanted to make house music, he deepened his knowledge of the genre by buying stacks of records on trips he made to the UK with his parents, which he said was more underground than the commercial house found in Sweden. He explains his segue from hip-hop to house: “Hip-hop I never really felt part of but house, I felt part of and I knew I was there to create it.”


Magnus made the permanent transition from Sweden to the UK in the mid 90’s, settling in the Riviera of the English south coast, Brighton. He joined forces with one of the South East’s most well-known and respected sound systems, Positive Sound System (“I was only meant to stay with them for a week!”) and continued DJing at clubs such as Fabric, Turnmills, Mass,and Berns (Sweden) to name a few plus festivals, skateboard and snowboarding competitions and parties throughout Europe (including helping to put on some of the early rave parties in France).

Magnus still DJs regularly in Brighton and London. In Brighton, you can catch his soulful to techy sets at On The House Records Late at Kabuki on Middle Street (from 3am) or the bi-monthly Positive Sounds nights at Audio. Magnus is also resident at 3am Nights at Funky Buddha Lounge and Lovestick nights. In London, he plays at Ram-a-Jojo every month at the Bedroom Bar alongside good friends Digs (DiY) and James Thomson (Juno Records).

These days, one of Magnus’s major preoccupations (not the only, mind you – he’s a busy man) is his recording collaboration with Jimmy Day (Mula/Stompa Music/Caged Baby), who is also currently part of Long Range, the new band from Phil Hartnoll (Orbital). The recording team go under the name C-Soul. Why the name? Well, “bits” didn’t gel so the duo went for something a bit more down-tempo (read: literal): “by the sea, seeing the soul, sea soul”. Something like that. Magnus and Jimmy have spent the past five years making music together, having first met earlier through friends in London in the tech house scene.

Magnus explained the process by which they worked, which sounds a bit like a nice game of tennis: first Magnus does fancy footwork on Logic with the ideas and vocals, then Jimmy comes in and destroys the court with his keyboard skills, followed by several more volleys across the net and culminating with a final arrangement. The C-Soul name has appeared on labels such as Flyagaric Trax, Is This, DiY Discs, and Suspect Package. More recent tracks feature on Magnus’s own label On The House Records (OTH), which has produced three EPs to date — “Feel It”, “Got To Be With You”, and “Watch This” – and include C-Soul’s remix handiwork.

Listen : From OTH 3 “Watch This” EP. It’s straight up-and-down house, with an edgier, tech-driven, finger-on-the-wire seam running through (but that’s just my opinion).

Watch This (Original) – C-Soul

04 Feel Like You Do (C-Soul Version)

Also check out
Lyme FM is an online radio station which Magnus features on alongside with Justin Harris & Digs(DiY). As well as many others. It’s pretty fresh if you ask me.

Up-and-coming: For starters, there’s a nice steady stream of OTH EPs to look forward to…….

OTH 004: EP featuring Justin Harris (Music for Freaks), C-Soul and Eddie Evil Richards remix (Wiggle Parties, London) (expected release date: October 2007)

OTH 005: C-Soul “In The Right Place” EP with remixes from Jevne (OneThirtyRecordings) and Demarkus Lewis

OTH 006: C-Soul “Hustler” EP with remixes from Justin Harris (Music For Freaks) and Toka-Project (Drop Music)

Look out for C-Soul on other labels in the coming year — Plastic City label: Rob Pearson v.s C-Soul featuring: Robert Owens…. Remixes by Inland Knights,Timewriter & Demarkus Lewis — OneThirty Recordings: “Oh So” remix featuring Jevne and remix from Argentinean Jay West — DiY Discs: remix of a Schmoov track; also C-Soul vs DiY.

Also expect more from Magnus and his other collaborators including Andre from Schmoov! Nottingham, Nathan Coles (Wiggle, IsThis! Fabric), and The Swag Records Crew in Croydon.

Buy: Try either Juno or Beatport

Magnus Asberg

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