Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Glamour Release “Fly by Night”

Milwaukee’s greatest thing since beer, cheese, and sausage is production duo, The Glamour. Comprised of strawberry stud Asher Roth and handsome hearthrob Richard Gray. The Glamour takes a bit of french touch, LA Electro, and midwestern party rap and mix them together for some good clean fun. Always pleasing their audiences with genre bending dj sets full of energy and presence. They are also some of the nicest and most hospitable dudes around. They got the attention of Urb magazine, who named them one of the next 100 and also IHEARTCOMIX put one of their songs on the nationally distributed Scion mixtape.

It was only matter of time for a group of their caliber, with their looks, talent and positive attitude that they would get scooped up by a record label and release there tunes “officially”. And what a label to be on, turns out the boys were signed to Calamity Jane.

Calamity Jane Recordings, is Strictly Rhythm‘s newest imprint. Run by Scott Richmond and Dani Deahl, the label works in an interesting way where they find new artists and pair them with world-renowned remixers, and represent them with some of the most respected names in house music.

And on “Fly by Night” the label achieves exactly what they envision. The Glamour has 2 original tracks followed by remixes from The House Moguls, Tommie Sunshine, and Hatiras. The record is definitely a must have for both young and old.

Check out the sample that the record label provided and purchase this record HERE.

The Glamour – kidz night (The House Moguls Remix)

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is what Trash Menagerie was throwing down during the month of September. Features, interviews, parties, and plenty’a mix and MP3 download. We’re snuggling in for the busy month of October. Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet? We’re looking for ideas, so please hit us up and let us know if you’ve got any. Last year we gave you a heads up on how to MAKE YOUR OWN DAFT PUNK COSTUME. Hipster Runoff offered up a bit of inspiration, “WTF SHOULD I B 4 ALL HALLOW’S EVE”, But is it “ok” to be a Justice this year, if you were a Daft last year?

A truly scary option, the United States Vice Presidential Republican
and current Governor of AlaskaSarah Palin.
Sarah Palin Halloween Viking
Hmm, I guess she didn’t get understand the memo regarding last year’s Halloween Party. It was a Nordic theme. Looks like she still won anyway, even though she didn’t really come close to qualifying.

Sarah Palin 7 Months Preggers “I can hide my belly in a sexy, yet sophisticated, little black business suit.”
Sarah Palin seven months pregnant
Goodness, her belly is HUGE, she looks like she’s going to pop any day now, right?

This is what Demi Moore looked like when she was seven months preggers . . .

Demi Moore vs Sarah Palin Pregnant
Photo: Vanity Fair

Sarah Palin’s Witch Doctor . . .

Other potential options – “Sarah Palin Mayor of Meth”, “Sarah Palin Miss Alaska”, “Sarah Palin Soccer Mom”. Wow, and to think, the election isn’t even over yet, we’ve still got a few weeks to go . . . goodness, i’m sure we’ll have so many more choices to choose from. Maybe i’ll pull off one of those “couple costumes,” and we can go together as “Foreign Palin Policy“. One of us will be Russia, and the other Alaska, and we’ll stand on opposite sides of the room and say “I can see ya over there, behave yourself!”

“Sarah Palin Miss Alaska”
Sarah Palin Swimsuit Gunslinger

Anyway, Sarah, this song is dedicated to you . . .

Disco Villains – Move Bitch
Get more Disco Villains


2008 End of “Summery”
Division Kent – Gravity in Your Face
Dskotek Emerges From the Rabble of LA
Why Republicans Should Go Down!!!
Bloggers Beware!
Bass Welterweight Kanji Kinetic
Revolver Disco
On A Mission
London Airwaves Festival Line-up Announced!
The BOX is ON
This Juan’s for You
Sarah Palin Beauty Queen
Diesel 30th Anniversary Parties!
Mystery Jets – Half in Love with Elizabeth – Delorean Remix
The Presets & The Aria Awards – They are like . . . GRAMMY’s, YO!
Midnight Juggernauts – Into the Galaxy – DANGER Remix
Charlie Ash
Miss OddKidd – Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat – Remixes – Drop The Lime & Goldielocks
Salem – Dirt Video
Rewind Chicago 1990’s Rave – Hardcore Jungle
Uproot Andy-The Great Migration
Spitzer’s – Rainy winter in Sydney
New Madlib Album & J Rocc Podcast on Stones Throw
Death Set Live at Studio 1087 pt 1 of 2
The Rapture !K7 Mix – Unmasterd
Crying Blood Ties in VV Brown, Holland, Weatherall, Death In Vegas, !!!
Little Boots – Meddle – Designer Drugs Remix
Yo Majesty Makes it Clap
Hold On! Hot Chip Touch Too Much
PLAYBACK – Episode 1 – Andy Butler – Hercules and Love Affair
Krudmart-Steve Kream’s Autumn Love Mixtape
Hey! Hey! Its Hey Champ!
MSTRKRFT – Fist of (oh my) God Tour
Micachu live at DURRR
A Black Hole is Opening
Bang! Bang! Eche!


Bite This! Robotic Mix From Montreal’s DJ Spaz
Little Boots – Computer Fairyland Mixtape
A Very Vanilla Mix from London’s Lesser Panda
4AM Jess vs. Proper Villians
Ruffneck DJ Set @ Brockout! Chicago, 1995
DJ Trace w GQ & 5-0 @ Psychosis – Chicago, 1995
Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration
The Toxic Avenger Live at Piknik Electronik – Montreal
Jon Hillcock Xfm Mixes


NY’s New Favorite Place to be on Friday’s
N.A.M.E. festival 2008 – Edition n° 4 – France
NewPop + Dj Mehdi, Local Hero – Chicago!
MSTRKRFT Fist of God Tour
Somewhere In The Universe There Must Be Something Better Than Man’ 2nd Birthday – Brighton
Sinden at LOVE 9/20/08!
Atmosphere on Tour & on Kimmel
Italian Invasion – LA


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Saturday, October 4, 2008

CORRECTION! Hydroz – Common Ft Pharrell & Playdoe


I had all kinds of MP3′s flipped around on my Hydroz post, my excuse, it was 8am when I was getting these up, I probably needed more coffee. Anyway – these first 2 tracks were labeled and listed wrong in the original post- Common, Pharrell, Playdoe, XR2 Get the Hydroz Touch.

Apologies for the confusion, all good now, thanks again to the Hydroz crew!

Common feat Pharrell – Universal Mind Control – Hydroz B-Boy Bass Mix

Playdoe – Its That Beat – Hydroz Electro Bass Remix

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Common, Pharrell, Playdoe, XR2, Get the Hydroz Touch

Why Hydroz (Jimi The Genius & Ash-Rock) haven’t blown THE FUCK UP, I’m not sure, guess people jus’ don’t know? That’s the only logical conclusion I can draw. Everything they’ve sent me thus far, from their remixes, original productions, to their mixes, complete booty shakin’ hotness. I mean, its 8am on a Tuesday morning, i’m listening to them (on repeeat), and I want to get down. They sent me these jams about a month ago (i’ve been a bad blogger again, sorry : / ) But betta late than never, and hot party jams like these never get old.

CORRECTION!!! I had my MP3′s flipped around on these first 2 tracks, yo! Apologies & fixed!

Common feat Pharrell – Universal Mind Control Hydroz B-Boy Bass Mix

Playdoe – Its That Beat – Hydroz Electro Bass Remix

I find this XR2 remix to be exceptionally smokin’ . . .

XR2 – Hydroz Remix



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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Uproot Andy-The Great Migration

Here at Trash we are lucky to have readers gather together from all over the world. While many of us hail from the States or across the pond in the U.K., our ears are always to the globe and never with narrow minds. So if that isn’t hard enough, imagine trying to write about all the great things we’re hearing! But luckily for us and luckily for you, DJ’s and musicians are increasingly connecting the dots with greater ingenuity and listenability. One such exciting ambassador of world dance music is Brooklyn’s Uproot Andy, pulling together the infectious beats of the world in the forms of of Cumbia, Dancehall, Bassline, Hip-Hop and Electro.

Particularly fascinated with the Latino contribution to the rhythm and bass community, Uproot Andy has taken his chaotic salad of a New York community and paid tribute to it all. Not unlike the interconnections made by Diplo and M.I.A., there still exists an astute community of DJ’s and musicians interested in pairing down this massive planet into a more tangible community of artists inspired by one another’s subcultures as well as their similarities and differences.

In an effort to stay open minded and ever-inspired, here Uproot Andy offers two of his most notable remix credits, one of ODB’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya”, and a remix of Roots classic Alborosie’s “Kingston Town.” PLUS, over at our All-Star Mix page will be Mr. Andy’s Guacharaca Migration Mix, a feverish journey up and below the world’s equator, surely to make all listeners hit that Hype Machine button in search of the tracklist. Good luck. Until then, we invite you to get out of your Electro-centric chair and try a new dance move.

ODB vs. Uproot Andy – Brooklyn Cumbia

Alborosie – Kingston Town (Uproot Andy Remix)

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rewind Chicago 1990′s Rave – Hardcore Jungle


Digging through the archives, posted here are some pages from the publication and collective CHA = Chicago Hardcore Authority. “The State of Hardcore” by Jason Berry aka JJ Jellybean, laying down his thoughts on Hardcore/Jungle/Drum n Bass scene & music, dating back to 1991.

“Tings-a-Gawn”, another page taken from CHA – it’s an interesting look into the tunes and parties popping off in 1994 in the Hardcore/Jungle/Drum N Bass scenes via Chicago, London, & Toronto.

Chicago Rave 1995 Jungle CHA

Listen for yourself on da mixes page:
DJ Trace w GQ & 5-0 @ Psychosis – Chicago, 1995

Ruffneck DJ Set @ Brockout! Chicago, 1995

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