Monday, November 15, 2010

Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise Promo Mix

After 3 years of performing together in clubs from from Beijing to Miami, Streetwise and Richie Balboa finally decided to put together a DJ mix for public consumption. This 55 minute mashup covers styles from Hip Hop and Ghetto Funk to Breakbeat, Dubstep, Electro and Drum n Bass.

For those not familiar with these two UK based artists here’s a little heads up.

Streetwise’s background has taken him on a tour of almost every dynamic in the music and he now finds himself at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk scene through his website His productions under the Dancefloor Outlaw brand were released on Shanghai Disco, a sister label of the infamous Hot Cakes owned by DJ Deekline. Support from the likes of Krafty Kuts, DJ Yoda, Cuban Brothers and A.Skillz has shown The Outlaws to be firmly at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk sound. This year has also seen Streetwise take on a whole host of remix work for the likes of Tinie Tempah, Dubpistols, Fresh, The Guilty Hands and Dogtown Clash. With more releases and an imment tour of Australia, 2010 has been a busy year.

Richie Balboa has spent the last five years DJ’ing everywhere from Tel Aviv to Timbuktu. In 2010 he won the best breakthrough DJ award at the international breakbeat awards and soon after was recruited by Juno to personally craft their breakbeat podcast series. As well as DJing he manages NSB Radio – – an online radio station broadcasting the entire spectrum of broken beat music live 24/7, managing a roster of DJs based in every corner of the globe. The future see’s his production debut expected in early 2011 whilst continuing a busy live schedule, check for more details.

Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise Promo Mix Tracklisting


  1. Grinny Grandad – Good Girl (A Skillz Remix) (Streetwise Edit)
  2. Dancefloor Outlaws – Regualte (GFunk)
  3. Nick Thayer Feat NFA – Grey Sky Blue
  4. Dancefloor Outlaws – Get Your Boogie Down (Outlaws VIP)
  5. Dancefloor Outlaws – Magic Badness Ride
  6. Drummattic Twins – Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte 2010 remix)
  7. Kelis – Accapella (Plump DJs Mashup – Balboa edit))
  8. Gramophonedzie – Why don’t you (Krafty edit)
  9. Beat Assassins vs Miss Dynamite
  10. Bass Kleph vs Dizzy Rascal
  11. Vinyl Life – Hi Tops
  12. Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix)
  13. Ils & Baymont Bross – I Wunda
  14. Uffie – MCs can kiss (Far too loud remix)
  15. Chuckie / LMFAO – Let the bass kick vs Miss Dynamite
  16. Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Streetwise Edit)
  17. Deadmau5 – Technology (Streetwise Edit)
  18. Basement Freaks – Booty Jam
  19. Utah Saints – Getting Better
  20. Katy B – On a mission (Streetwise Edit)
  21. TI – ED209
  22. Lofty Longtigga – The Phone Rant
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Up Close and Personal Interview with Bassline Badboys Black Noise

Black Noise Promo Photo

Black Noise have been making some serious bass and beats. Last year their refix bassline and disco bass remixes of Duck Sauce’s huge hit Anyway blew up in a big way, and was featured in quite a few of my live sets. They’ve been seriously busy undertaking remix work for some of the biggest labels to grace the scene.

When the Futureheads started their new label this year their first choice of remixer was Black Noise. When Southern Fried needed someone to take their Diplo and Laid back Luke release to another level they contacted Black Noise. And when Ministry of Sound put together their wish list for remixers of the globally successful ‘Riverside (Let’s Go!)’ it was Black Noise who were added to that list.

They’ve had two EP’s released on Norman Cook’s celebrated Southern Fried label and have another two to complete before a debut album will drop on the label later in the year. They have racked up 15 remixes and have topped the Hype Machine’s Chart with their remix of Crookers featuring Wiley.

The first EP released introduced the vocal talents of Wizard Sleeve to the world on the track ‘Me Plus You’ which was subsequently licensed by Ministry Of Sound to be mashed up with Sidney Samson’s ‘Riverside’. This reached Number 2 in the UK Charts and stayed in the charts for 3 months and is still continuing to sell, very nearly reaching GOLD DISC STATUS!

Looking up any information on bassline/disco bass/house aficionados Black Noise is a little hard to say the least. Sure you can find their MySpace, Facebook page and huge mix archive but what if you wanted to find out their studio rider or who they’d back in a disco fight? Keith Wilson had the chance to catch up with them and see what made them tick…

What is a typical studio session like for Black Noise?
It quite often involves nudity and drugs

So after the drugs and sex, what Studio food do you prefer jelly sweets or crisps – or are you all vegans who only eat natural berries and herbs!?
Well, 2 of us are veggies… but that’s for home time. Studio is about strong coffee, cakes, crisps and pizza with some Jamaican food thrown in to keep us focused!!! Not sure you can be healthy and work in a windowless environment

It can be an unhealthy 8 hours! Do you guys prefer to produce at night or in the day though?
Daytime, though most of our vocal sessions are done at night… we seem to be more creative during daylight hours

What normally comes first? Bass lines or drums?
Usually we get some stonking beats in and then some music… then we hit the bassline to fit the music as we often have ideas and samples of music that we want to use… and as you know from hearing our music, the bassline is a key player!

What VSTs and hardware are giving you a chubby at the moment?
Hahaha… we do have a secret weapon that we like to use but we keep it quiet… the A1 synth is a cracker! Hardware… well nothing will ever beat an Akai sampler!

Who do Black Noise really want to remix or work with at the moment?
Someone like Lords Of The Underground would be pretty sick! And Bounty Killa… he would be pretty bonkers to get in for a session.

Who would win in a disco fight – Abba or The Supremes ?
The Supremes I think would be better in a street brawl as i doubt the Swedish ‘hood teaches you the art of street bopping! They are a bit gay ABBA… so maybe they wouldn’t do too well. But those Thai ladyboys can kick some ass so maybe ABBA would hold their own (or someone else’s!!!) fuck… i dunno… if i was placing a bet i would put it on The Supremes… yeah, they would do the biz. The Supremes please christ!!!

Can you see Black Noise pushing any other specific sound, such as DnB or Dubstep?
Of course, i think any producer who decides to forge a career in music would be foolish to work one sound solely… other styles help bring fresh ideas back to the studio. Stay creative kids!

What do think about the idea of allowing fans to remix your work?
Love it… totally down with it. That way they can have fresh and original material for their dj sets

Would you ever release tune parts for people to remix?
We will defo be doing that mate…

Well please keep us posted, I’d love to get involved! What about Black Noise sample packs? You got any plans to drop any at all?
Haha… this is also something we have been approached about so probably yes to that one

What festivals are you guys gonna be going to this year?
We have a month of touring Australia this summer and have some to do down there. We will also be at Glastonbury this year. One thing we haven’t focused much time into is getting out there djing which i think will be high priority over the summer, getting that locked in and touring what we are doing

Are you more “Ten quid tent, Sleeping bag and camping in the mud” or “Boutique Camping with running water, bog roll and face wipes”
Bog roll and face wipes mate!!! keepin it dutty!

Is there any chance that you’d be looking to do a live performance (Ableton/live instruments/etc) any time soon? Disco female vocals and live instruments would surely be a fat sound?
We were asked that same question yesterday. I am not sure at this stage as i don’t think we have enough material to warrant that but perhaps, when the album is completed we will focus on doing something live

What set up are you guys using for DJing at the moment?
Serato with either vinyl time-code, internal mixing or using a Vestax VC1 300… Serato is dope!

Well thanks for the interview guys, really appreciate it. You got any mixes we can download and listen to?

Yeah, check out our Black Noise ‘CONTROL THE GROOVE  DJ MIX’  track list


  1. Kid Kenobi – Breakers Revenge [dcup Remix]
  2. Wizards Sleeve – Get Down Tonight Accapella (Exclusive)
  3. Tom Piper & Destroy Disco  – Dender [Nom de Strip Remix]
  4. Temple of Boom  – Definition Of
  5. Sam Young feat Aphletik – Hee [Sam Rockwell Mix]
  6. Crookers – We Love Animals [Keith and Supabeatz Remix – Southern Fried Gorillaz – Superfast Jelly Fish – Evil Nine Remix)
  7. Black Noise – Control the Groove [Exclusive]
  8. Cassius 99 – Reset! Remix
  9. Will Bailey and Punk Rolla – Kata (Simma Records)
  10. Wizards Sleeve – Me plus You Accapella
  11. Hatiras – Spaced Invader [Nom de Strip Remix]
  12. Black Noise – Speaker Buster [Exclusive]
  13. The Future Heads – Heartbeat Song [Black Noise Remix]
  14. Lars Moston – So Sick [Nick Supply Reboot]
  15. Will Bailey – Hit da Club [Calvertron Remix] (Simma Records)
  16. Heavy Feet – Saving Me – [Black Noise Remix]

Black Noise Discography

Black Noise Releases

Black Noise EP1 – Southern Fried Records 2009
1: Knock You Out
2: Me Plus You ft. Wizard Sleeve
3: Knock You Out (Andy George Mix)
4: Check The Blast
5: Rockin’ It ft. Nick Thayer

Black Noise EP2 – Southern Fried Records 2009
1: Jackin My Fresh ft. Lex One
2: So Damn Fuff
3: Lokking Fly ft. Murs
4: Jungle Iz Dem

Black Noise Remixes
Diplo & Laidback Luke ‘Hey’ – Southern Fried
Crookers ‘Put Your Hands On Me’ – Southern Fried
Crookers ft. Wiley ‘Business Man’ – Southern Fried
Sinden & Trevor Loveys ‘Organ Grinder’ – Cheap Thrills
Rhythm Section ‘Comin On Strong’  – Y4K
The Young Punx ‘Ready For The Fight’ – Mofo Hifi Records
Tonka ‘Jack Track’ – Southern Fried
Tommie Sunshine ’5AM’ – Ultra (US)
Sidney Samson ft Wizard Sleeve ‘Riverside (Let’s Go) – Ministry Of Sound / Data
The Futureheads ‘Heartbeat’ – Big Life Records
Will Bailey ‘Take It To The Club’ – Simma Records
Fugative ‘Sticks And Stones’ – Ministry Of Sound
Costello ft. Ninelives The Cat ‘Get Crazy’ – Boxon
HeavyFeet ‘Saving Me’ – Stamp!
Nick Thayer ‘Gonna Getcha’ – Passenger

Black Noise VIP Blog Tracks
Tonka ‘Jack Track (Black Noise VIP Mix)’ – Southern Fried
Duck Sauce ‘Black Noise Disco Mix’
Duck Sauce ‘Black Noise Bassline Mix’
Black Noise ‘Knock You Out (Black Noise Kick The Break In Mix)’
Crookers ft. Wiley ‘Business Man (Black Noise VIP Mix)’ – Southern Fried
Black Noise ‘Check The Blast (Krafty Kuts VIP Mix)’ – Southern Fried

Black Noise Collab Projects
Sidney Samson ft Wizard Sleeve ‘Riverside (Let’s Go) – Ministry Of Sound / Data – This track is a mash up of Sidney Sampson Riverside & Black Noise ‘Me Plus You’
Wizard Sleeve ‘Get Down Tonight / Hit The Party’ – Southern Fried

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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello new friends, Max Pearl (aka, DJ Kat Fyte) here checking in as the newest contributor to Trash Menagerie.  For my first post, I’d like to take all of my new readers on a guided journey of those winding corridors and dark hiding-places that I like to troll as I make my way through the blogosphere.  That means recommendations, people!

I’d like to keep it multi-media, as much as possible, so here are a few treasures that deserve some exposure, from audio-visual art music to critical commentary on the state of the contemporary moment.

First up, here’s an astoundingly well-edited promo video for the current reigning champion of the drum machine, AraabMUZIK.  I’m pretty sure that everything you’re hearing in this masterpiece is generated by this dude triggering samples off of the MPC console he’s working with, even the gnarly chug-a-chugs!

In this day and age where DJs are exchanging their turntables for laptops and MIDI controllers, yet trying to find ways to keep digital DJing as impressive for the eyes as it is for the ears, an MPC prodigy is pretty much exactly what we’ve been looking for to satiate our tiny attention spans.  SOMEBODY BOOK THIS DUDE AND I WILL GLADLY ATTEND YOUR PARTY AND BUY EVERYONE BEER.  By the way, ‘dude does much of the production for the one-and-only Cam’ron and the Dipset crew. Makes sense.

araabMUZIK Live MPC set Part 2 from Death by Electric Shock on Vimeo.
[This is part 2 of 3 parts, by the way. I encourage you to troll Google until you find the other two. But this is by far the most technically awesome.]

But seriously, if you like bass music, you like critical rants and conspiracy theories about technologies of control, and you’re as floored as I am by the Afrofuturist philosophies espoused by everyone from Lee Scratch Perry to Sun-Ra to British theorist Kodwo Eshun, I would highly recommend you pick up a copy of Kode9′s new book, Sonic Warfare.

In the simplest terms, he addresses the use of sound as a structuring technology- a sonic architecture, if you will- from night-time sound bombs used to create an environment of paranoia and fear among the colonized, to high-pitched frequencies used in malls to prevent teens from gathering, all the way through to the careful crafting of good or bad vibes by soundsystems operators in the context of the global dancehall session.  Kode9, by the way, is the curator behind the virtually infallible Hyperdub record label, a leftfield electronica institution that’s centered around wonky hip-hop and dubstep, with releases from acts like Ikonika, Burial, Zomby, and Joker.  Act like you know.

Lastly, let me round out yet one more border to which my artistic and cultural interests extend, and make the jump from super METAL gangster beats and Sonic Warfare over to the contemporary state of Latin American and Caribbean party music!  I don’t mean to blow up anybody’s spot if you’ve been hoarding music from this bizarre little outlet in the global digital, but these guys deserve some props!  Check out the wonderful, regularly-updated music blog, Flow Cartagena, “EL BLOG OFICIAL DEL DANCEHALL Y REGGAETON,” for seriously cutting edge reggae/hip-hop everything.  Much of the music available at this site is from amateur producers and remixers, and a lot of it is unreleased, bootlegged, or really poorly mixed and mastered.  Still, you can find some gems if you’re willing to hit up google translator and spend an hour navigating the sketchy mess that is this website’s interface.

One of my favorites is this track here, an upbeat, layed-back hip-hop joint from Jiggy D and Mosta Man.  Just so you trust me that this site is in fact quite bangin’.

Street Music – Jiggy D Ft. Mosta Man

(192kbps but somehow it still sounds good on a big system)

Anyways, till next time ya’ll, glad to be a part of this fabulous publication.


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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Win Zombie Nation’s MPC and Help Save the Rainforest

Hey TM readers! Just saw this link to Zombie Nation’s eBay auction for his Akai MPC 4000 on Future Music and wanted to spread the word for any of you that are into MPCs or rainforest conservation:

Zombie Nation and his MPC

Now here’s a brilliant idea. Rather than gracefully retiring his trusty Akai MPC4000 to the great loft in the sky, Zombie Nation is auctioning his online for charity! Yes, get a top MPC with celebrity heritage AND do your bit to help the rainforest too.

“This MPC has travelled with me to many countries and seen quite a lot of clubs It’s also the machine I made my last album, Zombielicious on,” he tells us. “It’s modded with an DOM 4GB disc and comes with an additional hard disk, CD ROM and the eight output option. It’s still covered in my gig stickers including one that says “HD up”, which means “Head up, don´t look on the display like a nerd!”

Reason for sale? “I switched to the MPC 1000 recently, simply because it weighs 12 kilos less, which makes my life a lot easier! But this 4000 works great and is the most advanced hardware sampler ever built.”

So why the charity auction? “I wanted it to go to someone who appreciates the story of this machine which gave me a lot of great moments. The final auction price will be donated to WWF for rainforest conservation project in memory of Daniel Hansson – founder of Elektron Music Machines – who was a big supporter of the WWF. Remember: Paper has two sides so print doublesided!”

“The highest bidder will receive a copy of the proof of donation of the full amount as well as a signed photo of me and the MPC plus a list of all the dates and clubs this MPC travelled with me.”

The auction goes live on the 1st of March and you can find the page here. Bid generously and let us know if you win!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DJ Kat Fyte – The Cat In A Bag Mix

So this internet thing might achieve the impossibility of simultaneously being amongst hundreds of so-called friends while still being entirely alone. Thus the joy of personal connection combined with intimately shared musical taste is an experience so delightful it is only matched by the afterthought that this is partly a frustrating illusion created by the world wide web, and that in fact this connection is being made thousands of miles away from me, this time, in Boston.

Max Pearl, aka DJ Kat Fyte is our newest progenitor of the “nu whirled music” vision, coming in correct alongside other Mass. reps like Dancehall Diva Rizzla and the mother/father of the “nu whirled” Wayne Marshall, of Beat Research and Wayne & Wax.Today marks the introduction of DJ Kat Fyte the DJ and genre-destroyer, but also DJ Kat Fyte the promoter and curator.

Kat Fyte is involved in hosting touchstone DJ’s of the transnational bass movement at this year’s Boston Electronic Music Festival “Together”, taking place between February 8th and February 14th. Kat Fyte’s invites include Trash Menagerie short-list favorites DJ/Rupture, Kingdom, Kat Fyte himself, and the homie Taliesin of Dutty Artz, all corralling to put truth to power in the superhuman command of heavy bass music from the depths of the globe’s party basement.

To kick-off Together and originally mixed for Boston-based blog On A Friday, DJ Kat Fyte offers a very persuasive argument for the intersection of Dancehall rudeness and underground club music. I look forward to hearing more from this kid, as I’ll be even more thoroughly delighted to share a physical stage with him, rather than this lonely alternative.

DJ Kat Fyte – The Cat In A Bag (Mix for On A Friday)

Tracklist (45:55):

01. Balkan Beat Box – “Bulgarian Chicks (INSPKTR Bootleg)”
02. Sticky feat. Natalie Storm – “Look Pon Me feat. Natalie Storm”
03. Princess – “Frontline – Original Mix”
04. Heckmann – “mushroom man ji fi remix”
05. Killaqueenz – “Double Up feat. Lady Chann (The Only & Breakdown Remix)”
06. Malente&Dex feat. New Kidz – “Lions (Douster Remix)”
07. Shystie – “Pull It (ill Blu Funky Mix)”
08. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)”
09. Headhunter – “Prototype (Modeselektor’s Broken Handbrake Remix)”
10. Pangaea – “Memories”
11. Octa Push – “Ai Nadia”
12. K Dot – “Get Milli Get Mad (DJ Q remix)”
13. Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix) Simian Mobile Disco
14. ??? – ??? (White label)
15. Kat Fyte – “Birthday Sex (PAINFUL EDIT)”
16. Sp:Mc – “Trust Nobody”
17. Zomby – “Liquid Dancehall”
18. TEMPA T – “Next Hype (Starkey Vocal Mix)”
19. Jahdan Blakkamoore – “The General Remix feat. General Steele”

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lot 49 Producer Competition

Are you a dance music producer who wouldn’t mind a plummy record deal? Lot 49, UK dance music label, are looking for the next big thing.

The label, which covers techno, electro, tech-house and breakbeat, already boasts artists such as Dubfire, Lutzenkirchen, AudioJack, Lee Coombs, Robbie Rivera, Marco Bailey, Vandal, Audiofly, Miles Dyson, D.Ramirez, Evil 9, Infusion, Bassbin Twins & Elite Force – you could be next!

One lucky winner wins a three EP deal on Lot 49, mastered at London’s Wired Masters studios with Kev Grainger (Steve Angello, Bjork, Gilles Peterson) plus a heap of software prizes.

14 finalists will have their track featured on Lot49 Recordings “New Lot Compilation”, due out in early 2010.

All entries, which must be original dance tracks, will be judged by a prestigious panel including label owners Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes and label artists Timo Maas, Orbital, D Ramirez, James Zabiela and Steve Mac.

To enter, register on the Lot 49 website, then submit (up to three tracks) to the competition dropbox at

Last day for submissions is 1 December so get cracking.

All winners will be announced on the website on 14 December 09.

For more details about entering the competition and the prizes, please visit the Lot 49 website. The competition is sponsored by Native Instruments, Loop Masters, Soundcloud, and Wired Masters.

I talked to label boss Meat Katie more about where the idea for the competition came from:

We were just looking for new artists. In music, there’s been so many breakthroughs in technology, so the problem now is getting it heard.

I’d say 99.9% of what I get sent is what I’m not looking for. The thing is you get all these emails and they all blend into one another. We’re getting nowhere with it. Also make it clear to people exactly what we’re about. And hopefully people will listen toe our back catalogue to understand where we’re at creatively.

We’re all checking out and emailing each other – some artist in Venezuela will have a chance to have their track listened to by people who’ve produced before. It’s not just a demo drive – we have prizes as well. It’d be great if someone from the ass end of nowhere got their stuff produced.

As a special bonus, Meat Katie has given us a brand spanking new mix, the Dirty Stop Out mix (November 2009).

Meat Katie – Dirty Stop Out mix

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