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Monday, November 15, 2010

Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise Promo Mix

After 3 years of performing together in clubs from from Beijing to Miami, Streetwise and Richie Balboa finally decided to put together a DJ mix for public consumption. This 55 minute mashup covers styles from Hip Hop and Ghetto Funk to Breakbeat, Dubstep, Electro and Drum n Bass.

For those not familiar with these two UK based artists here’s a little heads up.

Streetwise’s background has taken him on a tour of almost every dynamic in the music and he now finds himself at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk scene through his website His productions under the Dancefloor Outlaw brand were released on Shanghai Disco, a sister label of the infamous Hot Cakes owned by DJ Deekline. Support from the likes of Krafty Kuts, DJ Yoda, Cuban Brothers and A.Skillz has shown The Outlaws to be firmly at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk sound. This year has also seen Streetwise take on a whole host of remix work for the likes of Tinie Tempah, Dubpistols, Fresh, The Guilty Hands and Dogtown Clash. With more releases and an imment tour of Australia, 2010 has been a busy year.

Richie Balboa has spent the last five years DJ’ing everywhere from Tel Aviv to Timbuktu. In 2010 he won the best breakthrough DJ award at the international breakbeat awards and soon after was recruited by Juno to personally craft their breakbeat podcast series. As well as DJing he manages NSB Radio – – an online radio station broadcasting the entire spectrum of broken beat music live 24/7, managing a roster of DJs based in every corner of the globe. The future see’s his production debut expected in early 2011 whilst continuing a busy live schedule, check for more details.

Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise Promo Mix Tracklisting


  1. Grinny Grandad – Good Girl (A Skillz Remix) (Streetwise Edit)
  2. Dancefloor Outlaws – Regualte (GFunk)
  3. Nick Thayer Feat NFA – Grey Sky Blue
  4. Dancefloor Outlaws – Get Your Boogie Down (Outlaws VIP)
  5. Dancefloor Outlaws – Magic Badness Ride
  6. Drummattic Twins – Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte 2010 remix)
  7. Kelis – Accapella (Plump DJs Mashup – Balboa edit))
  8. Gramophonedzie – Why don’t you (Krafty edit)
  9. Beat Assassins vs Miss Dynamite
  10. Bass Kleph vs Dizzy Rascal
  11. Vinyl Life – Hi Tops
  12. Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix)
  13. Ils & Baymont Bross – I Wunda
  14. Uffie – MCs can kiss (Far too loud remix)
  15. Chuckie / LMFAO – Let the bass kick vs Miss Dynamite
  16. Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Streetwise Edit)
  17. Deadmau5 – Technology (Streetwise Edit)
  18. Basement Freaks – Booty Jam
  19. Utah Saints – Getting Better
  20. Katy B – On a mission (Streetwise Edit)
  21. TI – ED209
  22. Lofty Longtigga – The Phone Rant
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Z-SHED – Press The Accelerator of Death!

Z-shed flyer

Hated by every council this side of Kingsland road, The Z-Shed rears it’s ugly head for another night of stinking hot bass action. Now i’m not being gorey when i talk about bleeding edge but this is definitely the night to be at if you want to be standing on the frontline where the highs speed past your ears like bullets and the  bass kicks you off your feet like a hell of a tonne of a bomb!

The Z-Shed Vs Coin Operated Vs Bin Juice – Warehouse Spesh!

King Cannibal (Warp) – lurching dancehall riddims from the belly of the bass beast
Kanji Kinetic (Boka) – One man rave machine hitting us with his brand new live set!
Squire of Gothos (Trouble & Bass) – Sheff towns gobbiest take a trip to the smoke
Pirate Soundsystem (Wide) – Things that go bump in the night
Mustard Gunn (Coin Operated)- The broken sound of rank
Onken Vs Spaceface – 92 rave Armageddon
+ Filed Under: K, Absnif, Bin Juice Dj’s, Kevlar, Squincy, Child Mo and DJ 121

Saturday 20th March, secret E2 location, close to tube links, call 07719361116 on the night for directions

And don’t forget to check out the event on that Facebook thing and MyShed


And as it’s Friday tomorrow here’s a mixtape . And if you don’t live in London and have no idea where Kingsland road is, don’t worry yourself too much – but you are missing out ;)



01. squire of gothos – out of order
02. fagget fairys – uzela (drop the lime remix)
03. autonation – sit on the bass (jerome hill remix)
04. rye rye feat. M.I.A – bang (buraka som systema’s WTF i asked for a kuduro remix)
05. baobinga & id – extravaganza man
06. foamo – everything cool (gtronic remix)
07. rico tubbs unbelievable (mr miyagi’s gangster remix)
08. laidback luke & diplo – hey! (foamo remix)
09. kid606 – mr wobbles nightmare (squire of gothos remix)
10. jackbeats feat. dyna – what
11. b-rich – make me dance (squire of gothos remix)
12. 16bit – chainsaw calligraphy (kanji kinetic remix)
13. udachi & jubilee – smoke rings (dre skull remix)
14. dave nada – apocalypse theme
15. bruce stallion – drugs=bad (squire of gothos remix)
16. dave nada – apocalypse theme (12th planet & flinch remix)
17. bruce stallion – boom

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HeavyFeet – Wild for Life!

Heavy Feet come barging in like a herd of hungry hippos, grinding to dust the left over broken china from the Bull’s Greek party the night before. They’re animals. But don’t be fooled by the name, these Hot Steppers also know their way around the dancefloor like mice in balloons…..

RHYS FACT #1: If you are on the dancefloor and you have the choice of either an elephant or a women (or man) in stilettos stepping on your foot. Take the elephant as it’ll hurt less.

Speaking of Creatures great and Small, These Manchurian producers & DJ’s do like a bit of wildlife including DJing in Seal Pits in Ibiza with non-other than MC ROLFI HARRIS. Okay i made that bit up, but as Gabrielle once whined – “things can come true”, he’s pretty down with ye sick pets! You Heard Rolf Harris’ techno track in protest to Canadians murdering Seals?!?! – Check it, it’s dark.

And If the city of Manchester were a DJ then he’d be playing the likes of The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Oasis, New Order, Joy Division & The Smiths but at some point in the early hours, the City would need to step it up a little to keep the leafy fever moving through the vein pipes of the citizen citadel. Something of the same calibre… What i’m trying to say is, these guys are the shit and they’re not even putting a Donk on it!

Check out their MySpace for their latest bangers! Definitely check out the War remix if you like drum & bass. It’s a belter! And download these tunes pronto ya pussyclart doll!

Heavyfeet – Sasquatch EP Preview

HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz – I am Here (VIP Remix)

HeavyFeet – Spring Mix 2009

Addendum – Any examples labelled as facts held within this post are purely for entertainment value. The author retains the right however, that should any “facts” in fact be “fact”, to claim that he knew all along.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Phonat Teaches Us Recycling


In six minutes, Italian producer, Michele Balduzzu, aka, Phonat, has a created an eclectic production that pieces together house, hip hop, acid, drum n’ bass, electro, down tempo and a bit of everything in between. His debut track “Learn to Recycle” being released on on London’s Mofo Hifi, is a befitting title, and the task of tapping into so many genres and doing it up right is not an easy one. Phonat is breaking rules, and pushing boundaries, perhaps that’s why this newcomer is being championed and put into rotation by the likes of Annie Mac, Jules, Herve, and Norman Cook, who describes Phonat as a guy who “f**ks with all the rules”.

Keep him on your radar for 2009, as Phonat continues on his journey to redefine electronic music.

Phonat – Learn to Recycle

Phonat on Xpressbeats
Annie Mac presents…”Tour Mix”

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is what Trash Menagerie was throwing down during the month of September. Features, interviews, parties, and plenty’a mix and MP3 download. We’re snuggling in for the busy month of October. Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet? We’re looking for ideas, so please hit us up and let us know if you’ve got any. Last year we gave you a heads up on how to MAKE YOUR OWN DAFT PUNK COSTUME. Hipster Runoff offered up a bit of inspiration, “WTF SHOULD I B 4 ALL HALLOW’S EVE”, But is it “ok” to be a Justice this year, if you were a Daft last year?

A truly scary option, the United States Vice Presidential Republican
and current Governor of AlaskaSarah Palin.
Sarah Palin Halloween Viking
Hmm, I guess she didn’t get understand the memo regarding last year’s Halloween Party. It was a Nordic theme. Looks like she still won anyway, even though she didn’t really come close to qualifying.

Sarah Palin 7 Months Preggers “I can hide my belly in a sexy, yet sophisticated, little black business suit.”
Sarah Palin seven months pregnant
Goodness, her belly is HUGE, she looks like she’s going to pop any day now, right?

This is what Demi Moore looked like when she was seven months preggers . . .

Demi Moore vs Sarah Palin Pregnant
Photo: Vanity Fair

Sarah Palin’s Witch Doctor . . .

Other potential options – “Sarah Palin Mayor of Meth”, “Sarah Palin Miss Alaska”, “Sarah Palin Soccer Mom”. Wow, and to think, the election isn’t even over yet, we’ve still got a few weeks to go . . . goodness, i’m sure we’ll have so many more choices to choose from. Maybe i’ll pull off one of those “couple costumes,” and we can go together as “Foreign Palin Policy“. One of us will be Russia, and the other Alaska, and we’ll stand on opposite sides of the room and say “I can see ya over there, behave yourself!”

“Sarah Palin Miss Alaska”
Sarah Palin Swimsuit Gunslinger

Anyway, Sarah, this song is dedicated to you . . .

Disco Villains – Move Bitch
Get more Disco Villains


2008 End of “Summery”
Division Kent – Gravity in Your Face
Dskotek Emerges From the Rabble of LA
Why Republicans Should Go Down!!!
Bloggers Beware!
Bass Welterweight Kanji Kinetic
Revolver Disco
On A Mission
London Airwaves Festival Line-up Announced!
The BOX is ON
This Juan’s for You
Sarah Palin Beauty Queen
Diesel 30th Anniversary Parties!
Mystery Jets – Half in Love with Elizabeth – Delorean Remix
The Presets & The Aria Awards – They are like . . . GRAMMY’s, YO!
Midnight Juggernauts – Into the Galaxy – DANGER Remix
Charlie Ash
Miss OddKidd – Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat – Remixes – Drop The Lime & Goldielocks
Salem – Dirt Video
Rewind Chicago 1990’s Rave – Hardcore Jungle
Uproot Andy-The Great Migration
Spitzer’s – Rainy winter in Sydney
New Madlib Album & J Rocc Podcast on Stones Throw
Death Set Live at Studio 1087 pt 1 of 2
The Rapture !K7 Mix – Unmasterd
Crying Blood Ties in VV Brown, Holland, Weatherall, Death In Vegas, !!!
Little Boots – Meddle – Designer Drugs Remix
Yo Majesty Makes it Clap
Hold On! Hot Chip Touch Too Much
PLAYBACK – Episode 1 – Andy Butler – Hercules and Love Affair
Krudmart-Steve Kream’s Autumn Love Mixtape
Hey! Hey! Its Hey Champ!
MSTRKRFT – Fist of (oh my) God Tour
Micachu live at DURRR
A Black Hole is Opening
Bang! Bang! Eche!


Bite This! Robotic Mix From Montreal’s DJ Spaz
Little Boots – Computer Fairyland Mixtape
A Very Vanilla Mix from London’s Lesser Panda
4AM Jess vs. Proper Villians
Ruffneck DJ Set @ Brockout! Chicago, 1995
DJ Trace w GQ & 5-0 @ Psychosis – Chicago, 1995
Uproot Andy – Guacharaca Migration
The Toxic Avenger Live at Piknik Electronik – Montreal
Jon Hillcock Xfm Mixes


NY’s New Favorite Place to be on Friday’s
N.A.M.E. festival 2008 – Edition n° 4 – France
NewPop + Dj Mehdi, Local Hero – Chicago!
MSTRKRFT Fist of God Tour
Somewhere In The Universe There Must Be Something Better Than Man’ 2nd Birthday – Brighton
Sinden at LOVE 9/20/08!
Atmosphere on Tour & on Kimmel
Italian Invasion – LA


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Friday, October 3, 2008

Holy Ghost VS Andy C & MC GQ – Baptazia NYE 2007

Holy Ghost VS Andy C & MC GQ
– Baptazia NYE 2007 is quite possibly the best video i’ve seen in a long time. I fell on the floor while watching this.

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