Thursday, November 19, 2009

Trash Exclusive!! Diplo’s remix – Drop the Lime’s “Devil’s Eyes”

Hey all, we’re chuffed to pieces to offer you this exclusive Diplo remix of Drop the Lime’s “Devil’s Eyes”? That’s right, exclusive to us and our droollingly finger-on-the-pulse SF neighbours, XLR8R.

You know how much we love DTL and we know how much you love him too so as always, we’re pleased to push another one of his tunes your way. And does Diplo need any introduction?

Following a Bacardi B-Live US tour with Major Lazer, A-trak, Santigold and more, Drop the Lime’s Luca was asked to record “‘Devil’s Eyes” for Bacardi.

Three remixes later (Classixx, Kanji and Luca’s very own club mix) and now we’re on to number four.

Nevermind that this initiative is a corporate-backed project – it seems the way that alcohol brands want to associate themselves with the edgiest artists and more interesting subcultures. Although having said that, it’s been awhile since I’ve received any good beer sponsored rave or party ! Is corporate sponsorship still a necessary evil or is my line of questioning too 1990 to worth batting an eyelash at?

Drop the Lime - Devil’s Eyes (Diplo B-Live remix)

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Harvard Bass

Attention fellow House heads: Gather ’round and freshen up with something very special from Harvard Bass.

If you’re even the slightest bit involved with the sound resonating from camps such as Institubes/Sound Pellegrino, or Fool’s Gold (and trust, the list doesn’t end there) there’s no possible way you’ve missed your dose of Harvard Bass – His tracks are being dropped EVERYWHERE.

His aesthetic is on a very distinct house tip. Refreshing, minimal, and injected with just enough ‘jack’ to get you moving every single time. If you haven’t yet check out this Cinco de Mayo mix – Slightly dated at this point, but an absolutely lush selection of tracks.

Harvard Bass Cinco De Mayo Mix

01. intro
02. J. Phlip – Besgrl
03. Renaissance Man – Aloha
04. Solo-Congoloid (Minimow rmx)
05. Harvard bass – 81 (Renaissance Man RMX) -
06. Frankie – Salute!
07. Lily allen – its not fair (style of eye rmx)
08. Dusty kid – Plumbi
09. Afrojack – Polka Dots
10. Idiotproof – Gorilla
11. Ramon Tapia – Just me
12. Franky Rizardo – voodoo
13. italoboyz – Downtown

Drop The Lime – Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix)

Here is Harvard Bass’ take on the Drop The Lime track ‘Set Me Free’ due to release from the dark low-end depths of the T&B label very very soon. The tune takes the jackin’ dark elements of the original and mutates them into a crisp house banger. Check it, and definitely all of the EP. It’s filled with very big tracks.

NYC, you can catch him in the mix extremely soon! Nov. 11th at ELLA for another episode of ‘No Escape from NY’ with the Trouble & Bass crew. Dress to sweat – I’ll endorse that this will be a huge show, people!

Read more on Harvard Bass, “Presenting Harvard Bass“, from May 2008 on TM.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The New Face of Death

Once upon a time there was blog house and everyone agreed on it. No matter what you liked before, be it electroclash, house, breaks, drum and bass, indie rock, disco, etc, blog house seemed to make everyone happy. But those days are long gone now and all the blog house veterans hove gone of in search of the new sound. Some have gone techno, some have gone big room, some disco, some heavy bass, some dubstep, and some have stayed behind to reap the benefits of the homogenization of the once underground genre.

The career of the now defunct blog house heroes, Guns’n’Bombs, might as well have been the index by which the rise and fall of blog house could be monitored. Their early mixtapes graced the pages of fluokids back when they were the biggest blog in town. Their first release on pioneering label Kitsuné came just as the second wave of electro blog house producers (The Bloody Beetroots, Felix Cartal, The Toxic Avenger, Hostage) we’re just getting their first tunes out there. They did a wealth of remixes and toured the world as Justice were headlining festivals and selling out massive clubs. Their second and final release, showing a completely new direction, came just after blog house reached it saturation point, turned mainstream/celebrity fodder and became a caricature of itself. And, finally, Guns’n’Bombs went their separate ways, Turbotito going the nu-disco/house route, and Johnny ‘Guns’ Love becoming the new spectre of heavy-bass-deathmetal-dubstep-breakcore-club music, Deathface.

Deathface is, bar none, the hardest music you can play in the club without clearing the dancefloor. He has managed to slide a functional groove into the collection of amen rolls, think breaks, giant hoovers, double kickdrums and other sounds of death. The sound is truly unique incorporating dubstep, rave, breakcore, electro, big room, and metal. One tune will sound like Doormouse meets Tittsworth and the next is like High Rankin meets Steve Angello. His tracks have garnered support by a diverse following from Laidback Luke to Drop The Lime to Diplo to Brodinski.

Well enough about what it sounds like. Just listen to this mix that hes sent out that has just about every Deathface tune on it and see for yourself. He’s also supplied us with the first Deathface track available to the public, “10 Percent VIP” featuring vocals from Entro whom I consider to be the best rave MC I’ve ever heard. You might wanna keep a shotgun nearby, though, because the dead will likely rise and flock to your house once these Eredunic incantations leave your speakers.

Deathface feat Entro MC – 10 Percent VIP

Deathface – The Blood Has Gone Black
01. Deathface feat Entro MC – 10 Percent VIP
02. Buraka Som Sistema – ic19 (Deathface Blogroom House Remix)
03. Deathface – Theme to Deathface
04. Deathface – Samedi
05. Mexican Institute of Sound – Cumbia (Deathface ‘un Canto al Chapo Guzman’ Remix)
06. Deathface – The mentalist
07. Deathface – Midwest Hardcorps
08. Guns’n’Bombs – Riddle of Steel
09. Circuit Freq – Supertripper (Deathface Remix)
10. Deathface feat Entro MC – Heavy Fucking Crew
11. Deathface – We Still Kill The Old Way
12. Deathface – gift of fury
13. Deathface – ride the beast

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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Drums of Death – dodfucksupanescorttune

Photo courtesy of Malia James

To say that Scottish born, now London-based, Colin Bailey, whose devilish alter ego, Drums of Death, is doing stand-out things with music, wouldn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all that he has accomplished in the past year. Here’s a quick recap – Drums of Death has toured with Hot Chip, remixed Tricky’s “Council Estate”, DTL’s “Hear Me”, and several others, worked with Peaches, and released ‘Drums of Death Steps into the Ring’ EP in September on Greco-Roman. He was invited for a chat and to play a mix on Rob Da Bank’s show, and managed to find a spot on DJ Mag’s ‘Best British Breakthrough Producer’. DOD continues to play at top nights around the world and with 2009 in sight, he’s poised to takeover. Not bad for a guy from a small fishing town called Oban.

Whether it’s the curse upon Colin that causes him to churn out music with a deadly edge or his vast range of music influences – metal, jazz, hardcore punk, two-step garage, bass, grime – that gives his music all the right elements, one thing is certain, Drums of Death is straight-up fucking brilliant! Catch Drums of Death at GASH! TONIGHT at The Macbeth (U.K.), listen to his latest remix of Escort‘s “Starlight“, and stay on the look out for more Drums of Death on Trash!!

Drums of Death – dodfucksupanescorttune

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Spektrum/Hannah Holland Remix

Hannah in Wound Magazine, August 08

Hannah in Wound Magazine, August 08

Ensuring her take over of 2009 is Trash darling Hannah Holland. Already featured here in a radiant interview, Hannah has now sprinkled some new heat on us in the form of her Spektrum remix of “HOTSTEPPA” released yesterday on Stop/Start Records. Sporting a truly dynamic sound with this House-friendly rework, Hannah’s current remix work is a true foreshadow to the power of her own productions; the most recent of which appears on Drop The Lime’s mix for Fact Magazine as well as Hannah’s mix for Trash. We are all antsy to see where else she’ll be popping up, and don’t be surprised if it’s here.

Spektrum – Hotsteppa (Hannah Holland Remix)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drop The Lime Update

If you caught Zane Lowe‘s Radio 1 show on 9th October, you may have heard him praising Drop The Lime‘s tune “Hear Me 2009” as one of the hottest songs in the world! Recently released on Beatport, you can choose your favorite amongst remixes by AC Slater, Buraka Som Sistema, Drums of Death and The Touch. With a main room residency at Fabric, it’s no wonder DTL has been spending loads of time across the pond. Last Thursday (10/23), the entire Trouble & Bass crew teamed up with Bok Bok & L-VIS 1990 for an extra smattering of bass, dub, grime, and ghetto house at ‘Night Slugs‘, held at East Village in Shoreditch. Check the photos from the night here and here.

Sometime during all of this, DTL had a chat with Tam Gunn over at Fact Magazine. I’m always peepin Fact, they’ve got the goods! Head on over to their side and see what DTL has been up to these days and what the future has in store. Excerpt below taken from DTL’s interview on Fact. It’s time to lose control!!!! And you can do so whilst listening to DTL’s latest mix for Fact, posted in our mixes section snatched by our TM Seattle rep, TheCrookedClef!

Tamm Gunn: How does playing London differ to playing New York?

DTL: “You can play anything here. I could drop the craziest bassline, and people will go off because they understand it. In America you’ve gotta trick them a little. Play some hits and reel them in, and then we can let them loose, but you don’t have to work at that here – you can just go out with a bang and people will get down man. They’re really into the music, and not just there to be seen with the music, or seen at a certain party… It’s more open minded – there’s more of a dance scene, and dance culture.”

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