Monday, November 22, 2010

Lincolnup – Subsubtropical 2

Since being in San Francisco I’ve watched my native Pacific Northwest begin to flourish as place for forward-thinking dance music. Just recently Nguzunguzu duo graced stages in both Seattle and Portland, and New Years will see a visit from uk producer and co-owner of the Hessle Audio label Ramadanman. These two artists are among 2010′s best new producers, each with their own take on what it means to be related to genres like house, uk garage, or r&b.

As much as these artists deserve our brightest accolades, so too do the promoters and DJs who play host to them. Often these individuals will make little to no money, play to empty crowds, or be driven from their venues due to any number of unfortunate circumstances. One such outfit of bass ambassadors is the Bubblin’ crew located in Portland, Oregon. Made up of DJs Ben Tactic (of the Tactic production duo with co-producer Brent Tactic) and Lincolnup, Bubblin’ has single-handedly injected faith into the hearts of Portland clubgoers.

This mix, from Lincolnup, is one that reminds the west coast (and the world) that U.S. cities are representing for a new world order of international, inter-webbed, and intergalactic sounds that undoubtedly point to the future. Mixed live, Lincolnup blends everything from Tribal Guarachero hero Erick Rincon to equally teenage Northwest-native Cedaa‘s Juke inspired rhythms.

Check Lincolnup’s tracklist and download the mix from the Bubblin’ Soundcloud below. And keep an eye on Bubblin’ and the Northwest-family in 2011 as their ripples will surely continue to be felt.

Lincolnup – Subsubtropical 2
[soundcloud url="" params="show_comments=true&auto_play=false&color=00ffee" width="100%" height="81" ]

01. Emmerson and Nehuen “Cocoa Rain”
02. KingThing “Rio She Said”
03. Kashii “Nether Where ft. Simon Lord (Mensah remix)”
04. Velour : Kick It Til It Breaks
05. Helixir : Ride The Wind
06. Warrior One : Lord Of Bashy (Doc Daneeka 2 Step Militia remix)
07. Altered Natives : Bullet Blade Knuckle Slap
08. Gallons : The Crying Man
09. Erick Rincon : Satisfaction
10. Alan Javier : Calambria 2010
11. Erick Rincon : Muevelo y Goza
12. Maxwell : Bad Habits (Dave Nada Club Mix)
13. Supra 1 : Ghoster
14. Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce : Tripped Up (Ramadanman Re-Edit)
15. Terror Danjah : I’m Feelin U
16. Distal & HxdB : Typewriter Tune
17. Cedaa : Hypnotiq
18. Glass Actor : Komodo
19. Pony Pony Run Run : Walking On A Line (French Fries remix)
20. Makongo : Angolan Kung Fu (Dubbel Dutch remix)
21. The XX : Crystalised (Dark Sky remix)
22. Clubroot : Dulcet (Bryan Zentz remix)
23. Kromestar : Love

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Blaque – 808 (Steel & Solo Remix)

Welcome to the end of the week! As a little Twitter-style, Following Friday (#ff) business I thought I’d point people to a blog that I’ve been feeling by re-posting a recent entry of theirs.

Don’t be fooled by the title, I Hate World Music, a blog that may be located in Canada (though my lazy research has yet to confirm that fact) doesn’t hate World Music. The site’s creator reminds their readers that World Music is “a catchall marketing term used for a bin in the record shop signifying stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere else in the store.” This astute observation is complimented by a rich variety of club music that inclines towards the UK-Bass variety (UK Funky, Future Bass, Dubstep, your-meme-here, etc.), but includes a healthy dose of Dancehall, Soca, R&B and Hip-Hop that circles the globe. Despite sporadic posting, this blogger’s curatorial skills are on point and it deserves your RSS subscription.

Today’s “I Hate World Music” post, and the one I’m re-upping, is a track that could make it to your weekend DJ sets or house party i-pod hookup and remove any crowd member’s doubts about your taste in party music. From Steel & Solo, a Baltimore Club (duo?) that has 0 information on their whereabouts or identity comes a knee-dropping B-more re-working of all-girl R&B group Blaque’s 1999 hit “808.” Seeing as how the UK-Bass and U.S. underground House community is hot & bothered for R&B samples, this one fits nicely into a set of diva-vocal inflected tracks, whether they’re old UK Garage or Kingdom’s Nightslugs EP.

TGIF, and please download the original of Blaque’s “808″ for context and historical purposes.

Blaque – 808 (Steel & Solo Remix)

Blaque – 808

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The symbolic analysis above was borrowed from Autostraddle‘s lengthy, biting critique of how Taylor Swift is, in fact “a feminist nightmare.” According to “Riese,” a contributor over at Autostraddle, America likes Taylor Swift because she embodies a palatable conservative ideology in the form of a complacent, repressed feminine ideal. It’s working ’cause Swift writes good songs and America is terrified that its children have been scarred by Britney Spears’s psychotic vagina and Miley Cyrus’s obnoxious adolescence.”

The author explains that Swift’s music videos reinforce gendered double standards such as the virgin/whore dichotomy, then goes on to address the fact that the narratives within those music videos are quite unimaginatively lifted  from bad 90′s teen films. And yeah, nobody’s original, but some people are more creative with their copying and reproduction than others.

Most importantly, she worries that Swift may set a dangerous precedent towards the “vanilla-fication”  of popular music, to which Rob Harvilla over at the Village Voice responds, “Are we all aware that 2008”s Album of the Year trophy went to Herbie fucking Hancock, doing Joni Mitchell covers? That Steely Dan beat Eminem? That the allegedly august company Swift now joins includes Natalie Cole, Norah Jones, “Smooth”-era Santana? Peep the past decade of AOTY victors and our virginal heroine comes out looking like the goddamn Sex Pistols.” Fair enough.

Brandon Soderberg also chimes in with a discussion of whether or not Ke$ha‘s commodified “edginess” is any better than Swift’s ernest innocence. Among other things.

Anyways, I thought the diagram was brilliant, the debate is interesting (if a little sensitive), and that in fact it is DEEPLY shameful that Swift beat out Gaga and Beyoncé for the big Grammy win.

While we’re on the subject of gender, music, and sexuality, I stumbled over to Patent Leather Daddy the other day, only to find a FABULOUS mix/compendium that’s packed with everything from Gaga remixes and Nicki Minaj to Hudson Mohawke and Marilyn Manson.  All of which is accompanied by an equally FABULOUS little film from Anthony over…  anyone know if this man is serious or not? I guess it doesn’t matter.

Anyways, the mix is an eclectic blend of off-kilter, noise-y indie vibes, ethereal 4×4 beats, and epic half-step hip-hop syrup.  It displays an unusual curatorial instinct, and manages to make me give a few moments of tolerance to jams that I would usually skip immediately.  And it’s TOTALLY PERFECT FOR GETTING YOURSELF AMPED AND READY 4 DA GYM.

Some highlights from the mix include:

Soldier of Love (Kastle Remix) – Sade

A Human Disaster (House of House Remix) – The Juan Maclean (This track takes a while to warm up when it gets in the groove pocket it really nails it and stays there for a while)

Ooops! (Hudson Mohawke Remix) – Tweet ft. Missy Elliot

Russian Roulette (LoCiti Remix) – Rihanna

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chromeo – “Night By Night” (Siriusmo Remix) d/l

Chromeo are back! To celebrate this glittering occasion we feel it is only right to bestow you with Chromeo goodies.

First things first, the terrific twosome that is Pee Thug and Dave 1 have released their new song “Night By Night” and if you haven’t heard it you are really missing out. Dave 1 comments, “for “Night By Night,” my first instinct was to create a disco song that a rock guy would have written in the early ’80s. It’s really specific aesthetics that we’re going for sometimes. There are references that inspire us, but hopefully when the songs come out it transcends that. Otherwise what we’re doing would be very boring and derivative.”

He continues, “We get tired of a certain set of influences and we reach for other ones. Our first album was very electric boogie influenced and our second album was very lush Quincy Jones. On this new one we’re going for the funky E.L.O. stuff on certain songs. I think “Night by Night” is a nice way to announce that. If you really analyze the song, it has echoes of a lot of the stuff we’ve done before. The main synth is the same as the one on “Needy Girl.” Then the guitar riff on the chorus that P plays sort of echoes the “Bonafied Lovin’” intro with all the harmonized guitars. Then in the guitar solo there are very unsubtle echoes of the Eagles’ “One of These Nights,” and we just covered an Eagles song, so it made a lot of sense in our heads.”

So there you go, Dave 1 describes it better than we ever could! But hey go and listen to the original edit of “Night by Night” below and then compare it with the delicious Siriusmo Remix of the same track and let us know which you prefer. Whichever mix floats your boat – download them here.

Chromeo – Night By Night

Chromeo – Night By Night (Siriusmo Remix)

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

“Jesus Christ.” (the indie band) – Debut Single

Tao Lin is widely regarded as the Poet Laureate of Generation Y. Carles from HIPSTER RUNOFF blog is widely regarded as the subconscious voice of Generation Y. These two influential voices have come together to form “Jesus Christ.” (the indie band).

This is not a band–this is a sound project. Tao and Carles are looking to capitalize on emerging music + audio media markets. The product is intended to be something that you can ‘authentically empathize with’, moreso than a traditional ‘indie band.’

“Jesus Christ.” (the indie band)’s tentatively titled “Is This Really What You Want?” EP is ‘slated’ for a Fall release. The two childhood friends spent 1 month recording the EP in Tao’s studio apartment. The EP is a soundscape journey through the challenges of a modern relationship. It will be available digitally, physically, and emotionally.

Is This Really What You Want – ” Jesus Christ.” (the indie band)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Penelope[s] Echo the Past, but Sound like the Present

Five minutes into Priceless Concrete Echoes I was feeling their music.  There was a soothing familiarity to it, like hearing the sounds of our generations past incorporated into the present, and the future.  The new waved sonics of “Stuck in Lalaland”; the album’s introduction, sounds something like Simple Minds and early South wrapped in the soaring transients of The Morning After Girls.  It’s well executed incremental future-pop, and sounds so effortless and relaxed while it picks you up.

The Depeche Mode-like harmonics (the soaring vocals) and Yaz-styled beats and keyboards on “Licked By Love” make it the perfect sweet 16 track for 2009.  I remember one of my sisters favorites at hers (yes, it sounds freaking silly, but she turned me onto some great music back then) was “Don’t Go” by Yaz, so naturally my mind went there upon hearing it.  The dreamy tonality of the vocals in  “Circle of Seasons” is a seeming tribute to New Order’s immortal “Temptation”.  This is a song to play on the way to your after-party, like the aptly titled “Afterhours” by We Are Scientists.  Yes; I was a sucker for Nick&Norah’s Infinite Playlist, especially after my friends back in New York called to tell me to go see it.  It only made me miss it (because we used to go to all the places in the film, hence the phone call).

Anyway, enough rambling, and pardon all of the metaphoric, goopy comparisons.  The music is just that familiar, but manages to sound completely modern.  It’s almost difficult to describe.  If you were discovering new wave back in the mid to late eighties (the days of the famed WLIR radio out on Long Island – where we discovered everybody from the Smiths to The Cure, to Erasure) you will understand the moment you hear Priceless Concrete Echoes. “Saved” would have been right at home on the Trainspotting soundtrack had it existed at the time.  They did a great job putting a dark and twisted stamp on their cover of the Beasties “Sabotage.”  Covering the Beastie’s is no easy task, but they chose to truly own their version.  It works remarkably well, and got great responses during a poker game last week.  Everybody was asking “who the hell is this with this sick cover”.  Sometimes that is the best way to gauge whether you’re just gaga over the record because of your own connections to it, or if it’s actually any good (and yes, it all remains subjective).

The hard-hitting, acid-clash basslines and wavy crescendos of  “Long Black Fly” make it a straight floor rocker, and I am anxious to see if there are any hot remixes floating around.  I see a dope Mr. C remix happening there (well, I literally don’t right now, but who knows)!  “Concrete” is anything but stiff; with its radiating vocals, dynamic slaps and claps, and a poppy mantra chorus.  It’s simply infectious.  The keys and Lynn Drum-like beats on “Your Plan for Happiness”; the albums closer, are classic Pet Shop Boys.

All in all, the music is splendid throughout Priceless Concrete Echoes.  The only drawback are the occasional flat notes.  It is not their fault of course, and this is not a shot at their skills by any means.  Had a band like this been able to work with a truly seasoned, and musically gifted producer (like Frank Filipetti or Phil Ramone) this would have been fixed with ease, and not by auto-tune or pitch shifting.  A great producer can get the best performance out of the artist, by guiding them through and beyond their own capabilities.  This small observation is not intended however to tear away the magic that the Penelope[s] managed to create on their recent effort.  This album will be humming in my ipod for quite a while.  It’s also perfect road-trip music!  Check it out, get up from that seat and monitor, and go be out in the world.  Priceless Concrete Echoes makes me want to dial up an old friend and journey, journey to some place exciting and safe.

The Penelope[s] & Morpheus – Stuck in LaLa Land


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