Monday, November 15, 2010

Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise Promo Mix

After 3 years of performing together in clubs from from Beijing to Miami, Streetwise and Richie Balboa finally decided to put together a DJ mix for public consumption. This 55 minute mashup covers styles from Hip Hop and Ghetto Funk to Breakbeat, Dubstep, Electro and Drum n Bass.

For those not familiar with these two UK based artists here’s a little heads up.

Streetwise’s background has taken him on a tour of almost every dynamic in the music and he now finds himself at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk scene through his website His productions under the Dancefloor Outlaw brand were released on Shanghai Disco, a sister label of the infamous Hot Cakes owned by DJ Deekline. Support from the likes of Krafty Kuts, DJ Yoda, Cuban Brothers and A.Skillz has shown The Outlaws to be firmly at the forefront of the Ghetto Funk sound. This year has also seen Streetwise take on a whole host of remix work for the likes of Tinie Tempah, Dubpistols, Fresh, The Guilty Hands and Dogtown Clash. With more releases and an imment tour of Australia, 2010 has been a busy year.

Richie Balboa has spent the last five years DJ’ing everywhere from Tel Aviv to Timbuktu. In 2010 he won the best breakthrough DJ award at the international breakbeat awards and soon after was recruited by Juno to personally craft their breakbeat podcast series. As well as DJing he manages NSB Radio – – an online radio station broadcasting the entire spectrum of broken beat music live 24/7, managing a roster of DJs based in every corner of the globe. The future see’s his production debut expected in early 2011 whilst continuing a busy live schedule, check for more details.

Richie Balboa and Will Streetwise Promo Mix Tracklisting


  1. Grinny Grandad – Good Girl (A Skillz Remix) (Streetwise Edit)
  2. Dancefloor Outlaws – Regualte (GFunk)
  3. Nick Thayer Feat NFA – Grey Sky Blue
  4. Dancefloor Outlaws – Get Your Boogie Down (Outlaws VIP)
  5. Dancefloor Outlaws – Magic Badness Ride
  6. Drummattic Twins – Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte 2010 remix)
  7. Kelis – Accapella (Plump DJs Mashup – Balboa edit))
  8. Gramophonedzie – Why don’t you (Krafty edit)
  9. Beat Assassins vs Miss Dynamite
  10. Bass Kleph vs Dizzy Rascal
  11. Vinyl Life – Hi Tops
  12. Big Daddy Kane – Raw (Stanton Warriors Remix)
  13. Ils & Baymont Bross – I Wunda
  14. Uffie – MCs can kiss (Far too loud remix)
  15. Chuckie / LMFAO – Let the bass kick vs Miss Dynamite
  16. Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Streetwise Edit)
  17. Deadmau5 – Technology (Streetwise Edit)
  18. Basement Freaks – Booty Jam
  19. Utah Saints – Getting Better
  20. Katy B – On a mission (Streetwise Edit)
  21. TI – ED209
  22. Lofty Longtigga – The Phone Rant
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Nick Thayer – Just Let it Go Released

Nic Thayer has been busy, real busy putting the final touches to his debut album on Passenger Records. It features some fantastic collaborations from the likes of Black Noise, as well as this it features guest vocals from N’FA, SPORTY O, Sway and MIKE BEATZ & LEX-ONE. You may remember Lex-One from the rather infectious worldwide radio and club hit Riverside (Let’s Go).

Listen to Nick Thayer – Just Let it Go

Listen to Nick Thayer – Just Let it Go on Soundcloud

Just Let it Go Tracklisting

  1. Bring On The Drums
  2. Alarm Bells
  3. Zombies
  4. Can’t Touch Me Now ft. Lex One & Mike Beats
  5. Let It Go ft. NFA
  6. The Pressure Point ft. Sporty-O
  7. Contraband
  8. Ca$h Money
  9. Reach For The Lazers
  10. Swan Dive
  11. Give Me Some More ft. Sporty-O
  12. Grey Sky Blue ft. NFA
  13. Gonna Getcha
  14. Rockin It ft. Black Noise
  15. Divide And Conquer
  16. Mercedes Benz (Nick Thayer Club Dub) ft. Sway (Bonus Track)

Download Free Nick Thayer Tunes

To celebrate the fact that Just Let it Go  is now out, he’s giving away two free 320kbps tracks for free!

Download Nick Thayer – Roll Deep

Download Nick Thayer – Ten Acre Dust

Remix Nick Thayer’s Gonna Getcha

It doesn’t end there, Nick’s been very generious and also offered the parts of one of tunes on this album yourself. To get involved, simply download the parts and get involved. All he asks is that you label your creation as this: Nick Thayer – Gonna Getcha (YOURNAME’s Remix).

Nick Thayer – Just Let it Go is availble from, Amazon, HMV and Juno Records - Go and get it people!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apply the Breaks Release Breakspoll 2010 Mix

With all the hype building for this years Breakspoll 2010 awards ceremony, things are starting to heat up!

Last year Apply the Breaks won Best Breakthrough DJ at Breakspoll and they have now have dropped a fresh mix on our laps. This mix features some heavy beats as well as a sneaky taster of an up and coming release; Bassline Skanker by group member Rob Focuz and Secure Unit.

Apply the Breaks – Breakspoll 2010 Promo Mix

01. Si Begg – The Bleeps (Shades Of Rhythm Remix)  / Mutate Records
02. DJ Defkline & Red Polo – Gimmie (A Piece Of That Booty) / Booty Breaks
03. DJ Icey – This Is For The DJs / CDR
04. Drumattic Twins – Crazy Love (Peo De Pitte Remix) / Finger Lickin’
05. Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Dekoy Remix) / CDR
06. Elite Force & Meat Katie – Dark & Deep / U&A Recordings
07. Rusko – Mr Muscle / Sub Soldiers
08. Lazy Rich – FunkJet (Jay Robinson & Supabeatz Mix) / Music Response Records
09. Beat Assassins – Put Em Up / Mofo Recordings
10. Flat Beat / Dub & Run
11. Secure Unit & Rob Focuz – Bassline Skanker / CDR
12. Posthuman – Lander (Secure Unit & Rob Focuz Remix) / CDR

Voting for this year’s Breakspoll awards ends on the 12th Feb 2010, so if you want to vote for your favourite, then check out If you’re going to go, I’d recommend buying tickets as soon as possible, because this is gonna sell out!

Breakspoll 2010 Tickets
£20 Joint ticket to both events in advance
Breakspoll £13.50 in advance
Stanton Sessions Presents Breakspoll After Party tickets in advance £15

Tickets are available from Ticketmaster

£20 Joint ticket to both events in advance
Breakspoll £13.50 in advance
Stanton Sessions Presents Breakspoll After Party tickets in advance £15
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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breakspoll 2010 Announce Line Up

The Breakspoll 2010 line-up has been announced, and there are some heavy names involved this year, with a lot of back to back and vs performances! You’d never see this line-up at a festival, so make sure you buy tickets as it’s gonna be a roadblock (as all the kids are saying these days)!

With a 4500 capacity, that will be a lot of bald headed goatee beard sporting parka wearing DJs dancing around 12 girls! Yep Breakspoll can be a sausage fest, but with a line up like this, I don’t mind a sweaty cuddle from someone into the scene like me – especially with a line up like this!

I’m shortlisted for two awards this year, Best Radio Show and Best Podcast so if you fancy showing your support, then head over to and vote for me!

Breakspoll 2010 Stats

Two massive events with a huge line up to be held in two of London’s most prestigious venues, Fabric and Matter. Both have killer sound systems and a huge, huge line up!

  • 4500 people
  • 70 artists and
  • 18 awards
  • 2 nights

Breakspoll 2010 at fabric Line-Up (25th Feb 2010)

  • The Breakspoll Awards – presented by Janette Slack & Ken Mac
  • Afghan Headspin vs Pixel Fist ft Stapleton MC
  • Apply The Breaks
  • Ben & Lex
  • Bombstrikes pres. Mooqee & Pimpsoul
  • BSD
  • Cut La Roc vs Peo De Pitte
  • Deekline vs Keith Mackenzie ft Sporty O
  • Elite Force
  • Eshericks
  • Farace
  • Featurecast
  • Flore ft Rodney P & MC Chickaboo
  • Freestylers vs Ctrl-Z
  • Future Funk Squad
  • High Rankin vs Gella
  • Left/Right
  • Karl Sav
  • Krafty Kuts vs A-Skillz (4 decks)
  • NAPT vs Beat Assassins
  • Quadrat Beat
  • Shut Up and Dance
  • Smash Hifi (ft Martin Hoerger & Leeroy Thornhill)
  • Specimen A vs Pyramid ft Miss Trouble & MC Incyte
  • Swifty B & LockUp ft C.A.$.H MC
  • Vent
  • 9B0

Stanton Sessions presents Breakspoll Aftershow at matter, London (Friday 26th February)

Working closely alongside the Stanton Warriors, Breakspoll delivers a line-up of the Worlds freshest producers spanning breaks, dubstep, hip-hop, and house, combined with the powerhouse system at matter providing an all encompassing musical assault.

Breakspoll Afterparty @ matter (Room 1)

  • Stanton Warriors
  • KOOL KEITH (Ultramagnetic MCs / The Black Elvis / the one who done Diesel Power w/ Prodigy)
  • Adam Freeland
  • Bassbin Twins (live)
  • Doorly
  • Sick Rick
  • More TBA

Breakspoll Afterparty @ matter (Room 2)

  • The Freestylers
  • Drummattic Twins
  • Lady Waks
  • Slyde
  • Adsorb
  • Richie Balboa Vs Will Streetwise Feat MC Benny C
  • More TBA
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best of 2009: Why Meat Katie loves Burning Man Festival

Black Rock City. Photo from Crave Online.

Black Rock City. Photo from Crave Online.

Of all the people I’ve been surprised to learn have gone to Burning Man Festival, it’s got to be techno/tech house DJ and Lot49 label owner Meat Katie, who’s hard-edged sets that include breaks, broken beat and minimalist I only imagined stayed within the cold walls of stripped down clubs.

It turns out that the legendary far out art and music festival-event-circus-lifestyle that takes place every year out in Nevada’s inhospitable desert made a deep impression on the DJ. One could even call it a soft spot.

I talked to Meat Katie (Mark Pember) about why, how and again why a club DJ would ever find himself at a glorified love-in with a bunch of hippies. He tells me about the the miracle of consumer-free living, porn, eggs, and why this is one festival the loo roll comes provided. PLUS check out his live mix from Rockbottom.

Meat Katie having it at Rockbottom, Burning Man 2009

Meat Katie having it at Rockbottom, Burning Man 2009

Amy Riley: Hi there, how are you?

Mark Pemberton: Okay. I was supposed to be playing in Greece, but instead I’m sitting on my sofa, sick. Where we work, we have a block of studios that I share with other DJs like Alec Metric – so now we all have the flu and having to cancel our gigs.

AR: So the question I’ve got to ask: what’s a DJ doing at Burning Man? Wasn’t it just a hippy fest?

MP: I had the same reservations about Burning Man. The thing is, I’ve got a really good association with some promoters in San Francisco called Opal. I’ve been doing their parties for the last 8 years. They got involved in Burning Man right when it got started, about 12 years ago, and then it just grew. The weird thing is they kept saying, ‘You got to come, you’d love it’ and I thought ‘hippies, no way’.

Slowly but surely, other djs were playing for them – they went there and said it was amazing. I fought it for six years – ‘you’re lying to me, it’s going to be crusties with no clothes on’. Well, it’s kinda true. There’s a lot of crusties and a lot of people naked, but it’s more than that’ (laughs).

This year I decided to go and the promoter gave all our DJs – the Saturday night. I took on the daytime shows. That video clip you see is at Rockbottom, which was on at 4 in the afternoon. Because of time, Elite Force and I did back to back sets, which was good since our music is quite similar. Doing the day time parties, it meant I arrived early. I didn’t know what to expect. People said ‘it’s not what you think it is.’ It’s not hippyfied. The art side of things is not tie-dyed – it’s amazing sculptures and fire . They have fire orchestras, half the size of a football pitch.

AR: How is the music organised?

MP: All the soundsystems have their own vibe. There’s no sponsorship – Burning man don’t give them any money. It cost 70k to put one on.

AR: Why do they do it?

MP: People put on stuff because they want to do it. We got there Monday (early) and there was forklift trucks to put soundsystems up. There’s nothing like it here.

AR: Is it like the rave scene used to be here?

MP: It’s like early raves, but it’s organized so they’re set back from each other.

AR: What soundsystem are there?

MP: It’s crews of people based around cities. A lot of people from San Francisco because that’s where it started. Denver. Crews from Florida have started coming out. They have all their own sounds.

AR: What kind of music were they playing?

MP: A lot of dubstep and glitchhop – which suited heavy electronic and desert and Mad Max anarchy. It was a nice backdrop for that. I didn’t hear a lot of trance, which I was expecting. There was a lot of minimal and techno, which I like.

When I wandered around, I discovered there was an amazing number of international DJs who made the pilgrimage to be there.  Armand Van Helden was there -he played a really underground set, not the euphoric hands in the air set he normally does and he’s not being paid 50k to be there either. He did himself lots of favors by playing there. I met Carl Cox when were were both DJing out there. We bought our own tickets and paid our own way.

AR: So is Burning Man in your top ten festivals?

MP: It’s my number 1 event – nothing even comes close. I walked out of there with my jaw on the floor. Coming back to UK and hooking up with people who had been there, everyone said the same thing. It’s such a harsh envionrment you’re in, the way people brave this terrain to be there and do this, you get something from it. I don’t want to sound like a hippy, but I gained something from it and the benchmark was lifted to unrealistic level for anywhere else.

AR: What do you like most about Burning Man?

MP: That you can’t spend any money.  When you go to normal festivals, you don’t even realize how caught up you get in spending money and you don’t realize how branded and corporate it is. At Burning Man, you’re not being sold anything. All they do is provide a a perimeter fence around the site and you have to make your own fun. It’s a totally different type of experience to any other festival, where you go based on the lineup so you make a decision based on what you’re going to get – at Burning Man, there’s no lineup so you go. I’d be happy to go even if I wasn’t playing.

They supply toilets as well, and not once where there was no toilet paper and they were always clean, which is quite an achievement.

Punters at Burning Man 2009. Photo from Crave Online.

Punters at Burning Man 2009. Photo from Crave Online.

AR: Any advice you’d give to punters?

MP: Prepare properly. If you want to go, don’t just turn up with your camping gear. Its important where you stay, but people are so friendly. Goggles, face masks.

AR: Oh what, people need to dress like that? I thought they were just trying to look cool with those stupid vests.

MP: I know you look stupid, but the sand is everywhere, it’s unbelievable. And then you get the sand storms, the white outs where you can’t see your hand. I was walking to our camp and there was a white out and it was like being sandblasted and there’s some people having sex and we just walked around them. You couldn’t see them until you were right up close.

You have to queue to get on the site – it’s not like Glastonbury where you can stay in Bath or Bristol – you’re there for the duration – seven days – it swells out on Thursday and Friday. Some people say there for two weeks.

AR: Where there a lot of drug casualties?

MP: I got a sore throat half way through, just from dust. I went to the medical centre there – it was all run by volunteers, it was like M.A.S.H – and I didn’t see anyone there freaking out on drugs. It was mainly people who fell off vans. When the doctor saw me, I gave him ten dollars, and they went to Reno and picked up my prescription for me. They say Black Rock City is the only place in America where you get free medical care (laughs).

Meat Katie live from Rockbottom, Burning Man 2009

Lot49 are running a competition to discover a new producer for a lucky 3 EP deal as part of their New Lot competition, which closes on 1 December. For more details, check out our post on the competition or go to the Lot49 site.


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Monday, November 16, 2009

Lot 49 Producer Competition

Are you a dance music producer who wouldn’t mind a plummy record deal? Lot 49, UK dance music label, are looking for the next big thing.

The label, which covers techno, electro, tech-house and breakbeat, already boasts artists such as Dubfire, Lutzenkirchen, AudioJack, Lee Coombs, Robbie Rivera, Marco Bailey, Vandal, Audiofly, Miles Dyson, D.Ramirez, Evil 9, Infusion, Bassbin Twins & Elite Force – you could be next!

One lucky winner wins a three EP deal on Lot 49, mastered at London’s Wired Masters studios with Kev Grainger (Steve Angello, Bjork, Gilles Peterson) plus a heap of software prizes.

14 finalists will have their track featured on Lot49 Recordings “New Lot Compilation”, due out in early 2010.

All entries, which must be original dance tracks, will be judged by a prestigious panel including label owners Meat Katie and Dylan Rhymes and label artists Timo Maas, Orbital, D Ramirez, James Zabiela and Steve Mac.

To enter, register on the Lot 49 website, then submit (up to three tracks) to the competition dropbox at

Last day for submissions is 1 December so get cracking.

All winners will be announced on the website on 14 December 09.

For more details about entering the competition and the prizes, please visit the Lot 49 website. The competition is sponsored by Native Instruments, Loop Masters, Soundcloud, and Wired Masters.

I talked to label boss Meat Katie more about where the idea for the competition came from:

We were just looking for new artists. In music, there’s been so many breakthroughs in technology, so the problem now is getting it heard.

I’d say 99.9% of what I get sent is what I’m not looking for. The thing is you get all these emails and they all blend into one another. We’re getting nowhere with it. Also make it clear to people exactly what we’re about. And hopefully people will listen toe our back catalogue to understand where we’re at creatively.

We’re all checking out and emailing each other – some artist in Venezuela will have a chance to have their track listened to by people who’ve produced before. It’s not just a demo drive – we have prizes as well. It’d be great if someone from the ass end of nowhere got their stuff produced.

As a special bonus, Meat Katie has given us a brand spanking new mix, the Dirty Stop Out mix (November 2009).

Meat Katie – Dirty Stop Out mix

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