Thursday, April 23, 2009

Goodbye Horses

“Would you fuck me? I’d fuck me. I’d fuck me hard.” Who can forget the scene from the 1991 film, ‘Silence of the Lambs’, where serial killer Buffalo Bill, plays dress up, applies make-up, and tucks his penis between his legs, whilst dancing in front of a video camera to, “Goodbye Horses”? A collision of an evil psyche and a beautiful song that permeated in the minds of all that viewed this scene. “Goodbye Horses” was written and performed by William Garvey and sung by female songstress, Q Lazzarus in 1988.

The lovely Fan Death have done a fine cover of “Goodbye Horses”, to commemorate their first upcoming European tour, kicking off 30 April at The Deaf Institute in Manchester. This post would not be complete without the video scene of Buffalo Bill getting pretty for the skinning.

Fan Death – Goodbye Horses

Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (Extended Version)

30 Apr 2009 Topman Ctrl curated by Ladyhawke at The Deaf Institute Manchester
03 May 2009 Heaven – Vice Party London
08 May 2009 Wah Wah Club Venice
09 May 2009 Rocket Milan
14 May 2009 Great Escape Festival Brighton
15 May 2009 Erste Liga Munich
16 May 2009 Razmatazz Barcelona
19 May 2009 Les Inrocks Festival Paris
21 May 2009 Cookies Club Berlin
23 May 2009 Paradiso Amsterdam
24 May 2009 Dot to Dot Festival Nottingham
25 May 2009 Evolution Festival- Evolution Weekender Newcastle/Gateshead
27 May 2009 Bloomsbury – w/Florence and the Machine SOLD OUT London
28 May 2009 Bloomsbury w/Florence and the Machine SOLD OUT 2nd Night London
30 May 2009 Adventures Close To Home – Moshulu Aberdeen
31 May 2009 Optimo 31 at Sub Club Glasgow

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Justice “A Cross The Universe” New York Premiere, Review, & Contest

Justice – A Cross The Universe – Trailer from industreate on Vimeo.

I saw the New York premiere of “Justice’ A Cross the Universe” last week. It’s a documentary of the band shot & produced by award winning directors Romain Gavras (“Stress”), and So Me (“D.A.N.C.E.”, “DVNO”) during the last 3 weeks of their Myspace sponsored tour in North America.

The screening was supposed to start at 7, I got there 20 minutes late, I thought I was going to miss it, but it was just starting. Members of the Ed Banger gang were in attendance, Busy P, So Me, SebastiAN, Amandine, of course Justice – Xavier and Gaspard.

I really thought one of best “characters” was the enduring, Christian bus driver. 100% Americana, 55 – 60 years old, reminiscing about singing in the church choir, practicing his vocal exercises, snapping shots of mountains with his camera phone, dealing with blown tires, and “crap” . . . literally.

Now throw the bus driver in with Justice, and their tour manager, “Bouchon“, English translation = bottleneck, stopper, plug. Bouchon has an obsession with guns, (I swear on one occasion he was in a Walmart shopping for one.) I think he is the most “gangster” French person i’ve come across in awhile, if ever. He’s definitely over the top.

Justice Music kissing

And last but not least, Justice. Some of my personal favorite moments – Xavier & Gaspard kissing – Gaspard having sex with an Asian girl that allegedly looked like Xavier. The duo shopping for 8 mil homes. (Can they really afford that?)

Justice A Cross The Universe

Lots of drunk girls freaking out, singing “We Are Your Friends” at the top of their lungs, lots of “OMG I love you guys!”, puking, fights, blood, and hotel room pillow fights. I learned that Xavier can play the piano, and quite well, he is also caught on film serenading Anthony Keidis from Red Hot Chili Peppers with his band’s own song “Under the Bridge“. The look on Keidis’ face is priceless. There are also cameo appearances by Diplo (using the bathroom), the Ed Banger clan, and various other “scensters”.

Justice A Cross The Universe Gaspard

It was an entertaining movie, certainly one for the fans, and it gives you more or less accurate inside look at what it’s like on tour in the land of Justice. It’s well done, considering the time restrictions it took to film, produce, and release the documentary by December 9, 08. The tour they were shooting ended in April of 08. Gavras and So Me do a great job of capturing the intensity of Justice‘ live performances. Quick cuts from revving up back stage to being right in the middle of a live dynamic sonic assault.

After the premiere, everyone headed over to hear Justice DJ at Webster Hall with SebastiAn and Busy P, who rounded out the night with old school Chicago House. Fun was had by all, and I felt like I was living a scene right out of “A Cross The Universe“.

If you live in Chicago, there is a screening of “A Cross The Universe” at The Metro on Nov. 14th, there are other screenings to coincide with their DJ gigs around North America, for more info visit UR CHICAGO.

As we speak, there is a contest running “Justice for All” – win a trip to Chicago on New Year’s Eve to hang out with Justice and So Me and party at Revolution Number 9, or take home cash. All you have to do is create a video, and get the most votes. The final winner will be chosen by Justice, So Me, Busy P, and other special folks. Maybe they will like your work so much you’ll shoot their next documentary?

Sign up and get full info at, create a video of what you did that was “Great in 2008“, then upload your video to and tag it with “JST4ALL” and “TRASHMENAGERIE“.

As Big Stereo points out – “This is a contest for us too! We wanna hang out with you in Chicago so this is important, ha!*

* Trash Menagerie note to Big Stereo and the rest of ya’ll, may the best blog win!

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rain Rain Go AWAY, It’s Halloween I want to play!

Photo crtsy. of Google

Photo crtsy. of Google

Happy Halloween Guys and Ghouls!
With today being pumpkin day, I though I’d throw out some treats.
HARD Haunted Mansion is sold the fuck completely OUT so don’t even bother trying to get on someone’s list or even through the door. Won’t happen.
Oops! I guess that was a trick, huh?
Real treat (like Twix level) is that Trash Menagerie is going to interview the one and only SOULWAX tonight! Not only are they playing as Soulwax, but they are scheduled (weather willing) to perform a two hour set as 2 Many DJ’s! Expect us to shed some light on that awesome film they just had premier, “Part of the Weekend Never Dies

Happy Halloween!!!
P.S. I’ve decided to go as Anna Karina. What about you?

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