Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Giles Deacon Collaborates with Isklar

Those of you with a passion for fashion are in luck. This winter sees Giles Deacon, the most innovative and dynamic name in British fashion, present the Isklar Tote. This bag is the product of a collaboration between the exquisite London designer and Isklar Mineral Water.

This delicious bag provides a new twist on everyday affordable luxury that is inspired by the pristine world of Isklar Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water. Mixing practicality with style the tote offers fashionista’s a slice of Scandinavian beauty.

Giles’s work is renowned for a superior craftsmanship that is coupled with a distinct sense of whimsical fun and in the new collaboration this unique spirit compliments perfectly the ideals of the Isklar brand.

“The best thing about fashion is the fun that you have playing and experimenting with things. I am always on the look out for new, interesting brands with which you can get creative and have a bit of fun. With Isklar I felt there was a real story to be told – one with strong visual qualities that transferred seamlessly into fashion design, but also one that felt a little special and a little magical.”

There will only be 100 of the bags made – so go go go! The totes are available NOW to buy from here this month – with one bag hand signed by Giles himself that will be purchased at random by one lucky fashionista. The totes will be retailing at £95 and come with two bottles of Isklar, with 50% of proceeds going to Oxfam, a charity chosen by Isklar and Giles.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


Our friends at Mishka just jumped on board to sponsor the second edition of “BRANDED”, so we’ve got 200 $10.00 (1/2 off!) to give away!!!!! CLICK HERE to nab them while they last! We’re also going to have Mishka giving away free merch, so try & get there early!

Friday June 19th @ The Congress Theater, Chicago

GUNS N BOMBS presenting the debut of DEATHFACE

Photos by Clayton Hauck – EVERYONE IS FAMOUS


included with your ticket is a comp subscription to Time Out Chicago! (19.95 value ; )

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Friday, May 8, 2009

Talking fashion with Little Boots

Photo of Little Boots courtesy of Jonas Brensen

It’s true we love Little Boots, probably a bit too much! However, I think there’s always room for another post on this pint size popstrel. This time we talk fashion. It was a quick Q&A but it was beautiful all the same. Known for her ethereal disco chic this girl can certainly dress……..

KMD: We admired your style in Dead Disco but now it’s simply magical. Who inspires you stylistically?

Little Boots: Brigitte Bardot, Dee Dee Jackson, David Bowie, Studio 54, Space.

KMD: Any secret shopping havens we should be aware of?

LB: That would be telling.

KMD: To you, what encompasses great style?

LB: Thinking outside of the box without being over the top.

KMD: Favourite Designers?

LB: Alexander McQueen, Antipodium, Poltack & Walsh, Felder & Felder, Vivienne Westwood, and Marc Jacobs.

KMD: Shoes vs Handbags – which?

LB: I’ve always gone for shoes but have just got a new Mcqueen handbag which makes me feel a million pounds so maybe bags.

KMD: Fashion passion?

LB: Shoes and bags!

KMD: Who would you like to makeover if you had the choice?

LB: My Dad!

Little Boots will release her debut album, “Hands” on 8th June. To celebrate the fact that her lead single ‘New in town‘ is available for pre-order here – we have a remix of this fabulous track by The Golden Filter. Check it out, it’s delicious.

New In Town – Little Boots – Golden Filter Remix

Alternatively catch the new video below:

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Coachella (countdown): Belvedere 1X

Music Loves Fashion and we all <3 booze and shakin’ it, so this Coachella party should be bangin’!

Belvedere 1X (the new all night party brand designed by graffiti artist Andre Saraiva for Belvedere) and Music Loves Fashion are getting together with culture staples BPM Magazine and House of Hype to throw down practically non-stop party, fashion, and music at the Palm Springs Riviera Resort and Spa in Indio, CA this weekend.
There will be gifting suites from recession survivors Vitamin Water, 55 DSL, Rocketdog, etc. Outside of the present rooms is an A-list who’s who of DJs for your ear splitting amusement at the VIP nighttime parties that are scheduled to last until 6 AM… and restart at 10 AM for the daytime events.

This will be one of the more A-List parties happening at Coachella this year, so if you want to go plan ahead. Oh- and if you absolutely need it, they will have VIP helicopter service and bus shuttles to and from the festival. So pack your chopper gear and fork over the cash because the proceeds are going to ONE X ONE, an organization that focuses on helping children with education, hunger, health care, etc.

Party for a good cause and dance the night away this weekend. And if you see me, come up and say hi.


Belvedere 1X Coachella preview

Mr. IX from Mr. IX on Vimeo

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jonathan Kelsey Designs for Vauxhall

British shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey completes his Vauxhall Collective commission with a dazzling driving set – Wowza. Jonathan Kelsey is a shoe demi-god whose beautiful shoe designs you may have lusted after for Mulberry, hey I would have lots of pairs if my shoe allowance would have allowed me too! But hey, you can now buy the luxury driving set by the designer including a delicious key fob, driving gloves, and steering wheel cover in his trade mark metallic leather and heavy black stitching. My personal faves are the studded gold leather driving gloves which I may actually wear out rather than preserving their greatness for the car!

Jonathan was asked by Vauxhall to design a piece on the theme of the Great British Road Trip, as part of the Vauxhall Collective programme 2008/09 - a scheme to support up and coming creatives in the UK. Jonathan commented, “When I first got the brief from Vauxhall, I started to think about the idea of a road trip, so I decided to focus on the pleasure of the road trip, being out on the open road and the idea of driving being a stylish adventure. I wanted to create something that had a very luxurious feel to it and also celebrated the glamour of roadtrips in days gone by.”

Buy them here.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

J’adore Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh has had a mad year already and it is only March! His first ever Paris collection was shown only days ago with his first ever menswear collection showing less than a month before, so with Pugh stronger than ever we had to look into the rumours of Pugh designing for Dior Homme.

Now since Dior Homme parted with Heidi Slimane there has been trouble in the ranks. The way Slimane and Dior Homme fitted together was nothing short of perfect. When Slimane left a replacement was found by the name of Kris Van Assche but he never could fill the shoes of the late designer. It seem that although talented Assche and Dior just didn’t gel, he could never get into the head-space, the vision that is Dior Homme and the collections that followed showed.

So how excited were we [and the rest of the fashion forwards] when something very suspicious began to happen. You see Gareth Pugh won the ANDEM award, the prize? 150,000 euros. Hearing that he wanted to branch out into menswear we though that is how he would fund it, but shockingly no.

It has turned out from sources in the industry that Dior Homme have payed for EVERYTHING, that’s the show fee, materials, costs literally everything. Yet have not issued a press statement or other official document on the subject. Our estimations calculate that Dior Homme must have spent in the region of 50,000- 100,000 euros on the young designer already.

So this has left us all hoping, praying, Gareth Pugh for Dior Homme? The result would be perfectly monstrous.

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