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Monday, September 27, 2010

Frikstailers U.S. Tour; New EP

I rarely share my DJ schedule with you (it’s not top secret, or very heavy) but I’m super honored and excited to be opening for Buenos Aires’ duo the Frikstailers (pronounced “Freak Stylers”) this Wednesday, September 29th at the Nectar Lounge here in Seattle. I’ll be playing alongside Seattle badman DJ Darwin of Mad Rad fame, and it’s only $7 if you snag tickets right now!

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the work of Buenos Aires label and club night ZZK (pronounced Zizek), then I’d do yourself a favor and backtrack to their excellent “Cumbia Digital” compilations that have come out over the past 2 years. Through various conduits of musical excellence and taste, namely DJ/Rupture and Geko Jones of Dutty Artz or Disco Shawn and Oro 11 of San Francisco-based label Bersa Discos, Latin America’s decades-old Cumbia style has been elevated to international intrigue and recognition.

Self-described as “Cumbia Digital,” or Digital Cumbia for the non-Spanish grammar folk, ZZK has defined itself as a truly pioneering force behind the re-invention of a sound the was born in the folk traditions of Columbia to a sound that is inspired by everything from Dancehall and Hip-Hop to Dubstep and House. ZZK’s roster of artists is perhaps overwhelming at first glance, but few artists rise to distinction like the Frikstailers.

Released earlier this month, the Frikstailers’ latest EP “Bicho de Luz” is an infectious whirlwind of sounds and styles, samples and shuffles, and is a great snapshot of what to expect from them on their North American tour. Few sounds seem to be uniting genres and styles like Cumbia, and with American producers like New York’s Uproot Andy or Austin, TX’s DJ Orion traveling the world with their own Cumbia styles, few genres seem to be maintaining the freshness that Cumbia has been maintaining over the last year.

Available for download are a couple goodies from the Frikstailers duo. The first is a free high-quality download of the track “Dancehallete” from their “Bicho de Luz” EP. Also, available today via XLR8R magazine is a Frikstailers remix of international-renowned Colombian band Bomba Estereo.

Frikstailers – Dancehallete

Bomba Estereo – Fuego (Frikstailers Remix) [Via XLR8R]

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lamin Fofana – What Elijah Said EP/#Calypso Mix

Google “Lamin Fofana” and you may discover that I’ve been a Fofana proponent for the last year, giving his “Fatmata Was Here” mixtape the shine back in August of ’09. Lamin’s mixes have always ranked in my most-played; their disregard for seamlessness and love of space tug at the strings that stretch from head to heart. Mix structures and sonic intersection aside, Lamin’s mixes often showcase what an eager and omnivorous music listener he his. From Rap nerdery to ambient aesthetics, to his musical affection for his Sierra Leonian heritage, it’s no surprise Lamin is now making music that defies categorization.

Out today on Lamin’s homefield, Dutty Artz turf is his first EP What Elijah Said. Featuring 4 of Lamin’s original productions, the depth and range of Lamin’s sound palette is staggering for a first outing. The EP is at times haunting, at times celebratory, experiences that are often the result of Lamin’s use of complex rhythms and punchy percussion. Vocal samples thread through the record as well, stretching each song’s resonance beyond beats and into metaphysical realms worthy of discussion. Asked to describe the EP, Lamin quoted Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam founder who said,

“Yet, he would refer to the Mother Plane, a mysterious space ship with superior beings, giant black gods or something like that, that patrolled the universe, keeping an eye on the devil and ready to rescue Black Muslims from Armageddon.”

A couple weeks back XLR8R magazine debuted Lamin’s “Dance In Yr Blood” for a free, high-quality download and I will re-up it here to pique your interest. I also received a brand new mix from Lamin today entitled #Calypso (yes, hashtag and all), that is in keeping with the impeccable taste of his previous mixes and is sure to further intrigue newcomers into the musical world of Fofana.

What Elijah Said is out now on Dutty Artz and can be found at Boomkat, Juno, and iTunes.

Lamin Fofana – Dance In Yr Blood

Lamin Fofana – #Calypso

#Calypso Track List:
Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl
Lucky Dragons – Realistic Rhythm
The Big Pink – Tonight (oOoOO Remix)
Ikonika – Yoshimitshu
Scissors and Sellotape – Chapter 4
Mount Kimbie – Carbonated
Svpreme Fiend – Heartache VIP
Shed – Ostrich-Mountain-Square
Spoek Mathambo – Control
Oneohtrix Point Never – Preyouandi
Mike Ladd – Planet 10
Mark Pritchard – Heavy As Stone
Digital Mystikz – Unexpected

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Exclusive Slime Recordings Interview and Promo Mix

With our ear to the ground, Trash are always  on the look out for new music. When we hear of a new label, we really start to get excited! When they offer us an exclusive promo mix showcasing what the label is offering, we really lose our minds! With that we managed to catch up with Slime Recording’s label manager and find out what’s been going on.


What made you choose the name Slime Recordings?

Slime is the musical ooze that comes from squishing genres together! A nice big dollop of this stuff is good for lubricating your ears and opening up the aural pores to exciting new sounds. It also makes you irresistable to the opposite/same sex (delete as applicable).

How long have you wanted to start the new label?

A good while for sure. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for a long time but it was about finding the right artists first. I was blessed in that I’d worked in the club promotion game for a bit and met quite a lot of artists through that who had the right elements to be on Slime. So it all came together quite easily in that respect.

What sort of sound will the label be concentrating on?

In terms of genre, none. No specific style, no specific sound. I am totally resistent to the label becoming fixed to one certain thing, mainly because that isn’t how I listen to music. I love all music styles, from the sublime to the ridiculous! All music has merit to me. The unifying thread in these releases is combining music that’s fit for the dancefloor with music that’s fit for the head too, that you don’t have to dumb down dance music to make it more accessable to people. Some of it’s upbeat, some downbeat – but there’s no set pattern, I want to keep people on their toes!! My hope is that people who like one Slime release because it’s a certain genre will then try the next release, and although it might not be something they’re familiar with, will give it a listen and open themselves up to new things.

Are the artists from just the UK, or have you got anyone else from further afield?

Not at all, it’s a global thing! You’d end up with quite a skewed sound if you concentrated solely on the UK. We have artists from Northern Europe and much further afield due up soon. In this day and age there’s more opportunity than ever to communicate with artists around the world, so it seems short-sighted not to embrace that.

Are you going to be releasing anything on physical merchandise?

Not in the short-term. Initially I think there has been some stigma attached to digi-only labels, that they are somehow less credible than those that release vinyl, but that is changing rapidly. Some of the most important labels right now are 100% digital. [plug]The only physical merchandise we have is our lovely range of t-shirts![end/plug]

As a label manager, how specific are your requirements for your artists sound/releases? Do they have to produce a certain style/genre etc or do they still have 100% creative license?

Who am I to say anything to an artist about that?? They produce what they want! When you start putting requirements or restrictions on an artist, ask them to perform in a certain way, you are robbing them of what makes them special in the first place. I trust all the artists I work with implicitly to produce amazing music, regardless of style or genre. If one of them turned around tomorrow and said they were going to just produce mongolian throat singing jazz fusion metal I would be happy in the fact that it would be the best mongolian throat singing jazz fusion metal track you’d ever hear!

Who have you got lined up for releases in the coming months? Anyone we should be looking out for?

Loads of great stuff coming up for you all. West coast house flavours, UK Funky bits, some more future garage business, techno, broken beat, electronica, wonk, dubstep, rave breaks, bassline….the list goes on! And you should be looking out for all our artists!! Phaeleh, Antoni Maiovvi and Submerse are the three breaking through into the big time right now, these guys are going to be EVERYWHERE in 2011. [sic] our techno specialist is really building a name for himself too, he’s a producer with a really unique take on that sound. Kontigo is another new producer who is one to watch, this guy’s tracks are boxfresh and totally sick. Same goes for Kallendar, who is making music totally without genre parameters, so refreshing to hear his tracks. Dekoy is perhaps the most important producer to watch right now, I cannot stress enough how much this guy is a whole different level in terms of his approach to music – and is going to do big big things in the future, you heard that hear first folks!!

Who is the next release from?

Materia, a fantastic producer from Stockholm. This guy’s skills are mind-blowing. His track is the first ever feminist house anthem! It’s going to unite the planet’s sisterhood!! Ladies get ready!!

When will this be out?

With any luck, middle of September. Watch this space!

Where can people find out more about the label?

Our website is at, from there you can hit us up on soundcloud, myspace, youtube, twitter, blah blah blah, the social networking goes on and on and on….come and say hello!

Are you looking for new artists to break?

Of course!! That’s the best part of running a label, hearing fresh music! Send me your tracks, any style, any sound. Unlike some labels, I guarantee I will listen to everything sent and give you feedback too, because there’s nothing worse than pouring your heart out into the void and getting nothing back in return is there? Just don’t send me any mongolian throat singing jazz fusion metal, I’ve got enough of those tracks already thanks.

How can they get in touch with you? is the one! Don’t be shy!


  1. [sic] – Chomp (Original Mix)
  2. Dekoy – Isolator ([sic] Remix)
  3. Antoni Maiovvi – Spinning in Cyberspace
  4. Submerse – Stay
  5. Dekoy – Isolator
  6. Antoni Maiovvi – Hot Biology
  7. Submerse – 1UP
  8. Dekoy – Lazerface
  9. [sic] – Chomp (Phaeleh Remix)
  10. Dekoy – Launch Pad
  11. Submerse – Oh Gosh
  12. Submerse – All I Need

[ Download ]

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