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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Crooked Clef – House Is Burning

Artwork arranged by Sara Sheridan, developed by me.

I’ll never forget seeing Paris Is Burning for the first time this Winter and struggling to contain the thought-flow that emerged. What I grabbed on to most about the film and vogueing culture was how much the concept of Realness (I use caps for reasons) in Harlem’s black homosexual community applies to the fluidity of identity and expression in today’s digital music culture. Realness is obviously bigger than remix and dance music culture and is timeless, though it’s important to remember the timeliness of technology’s opportunity for a grand variety of expression, sharing, and interpretation. Below is a short clip of the film for those unfamiliar.

Dressed in so many styles and sounds, House music continues its tradition as a malleable sound to this today. From South Africa to Monterrey to London, House is hardly recognizable as House, its ashes are everywhere. Nightslugs label-head Bok Bok said in a recent XLR8R interview, “‘House [and] bass is a simple way to explain exactly what’s going on without getting too specific or reductive…’” So rather than play the genre game, lets just call it House and you decide for yourself.

This mix features kids in the Netherlands with their block-Bubblin’-beats, underground House innovators like Mosca and Dubble Dutch, some new faces of Cumbia like DJ Orion and María y José, as well as 4/4-Africa (reductive, i know) from Chief Boima and Debruit. Tracklist and Soundcloud dl below.

House Is Burning by The Crooked Clef

UPDATE: The Crooked Clef – House Is Burning (Direct Download)

1. NGUZUNGUZU – El Bebe Ambiente (Self-Released)
2. DJ Du Marcel – 2º Round (Self-Released)
3. Orion – Sueltala (Orion Edit) (Self-Released)
4. María y José – Duro Duro (Self-Released)
5. Fourt Tet – Sing (Mosca Remix) (Domino)
6. KG – 808 (Self-Released)
7. R1 Ryders – Rubberband VIP (Self-Released)
8. Thunderbird & Mivo – Super Bubski (This My Shit) (Self-Released)
9. De Schuurman – Nu Ga Je Danse (Self-Released)
10. Ralvero – Party People (Self-Released)
11. DJ Posh-E – Dada Supercat (Self-Released)
12. Marcus price – Var E Naaken (Girl Unit Remix) (Palms Out)
13. DJ Mike Q – The Ha Dub 2009 (Self-Released)
14. Dyna feat. Rix Richardson – Drum Along 2008 (Self-Released)
15. Magic Sysem – Zouglou Dance (Self-Released)
16. Debruit – Nigeria What? (Civil Music)
17. Chief Boima – Baobab Connect (Dutty Artz)
18. DJ Sdunkero – NDI (Self-Released)
19. Egyptrixx – Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix feat. Shyvonne) (Nightslugs)
20. Anti – G – Full Up (Self-Released)
21. Brenmar – Kicked Beneath Too (Self-Released)
22. Samo Sound Boy – Taking It All (Palms Out)
23. DJ Miki – Desire On (Total Freedom Editorial) (Self-Released)
24. R. Kelly – Be My #2 (Dubbel Dutch RnB Edit) (Self-Released)
25. Deadboy – Way That I Luv U (Well Rounded)

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