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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Old Skool Hardcore

GIF stolen from Rave City

‘Kay, so I’ve been AWOL for a minute now because of a particularly gnarly finals week, but I’m back with some goodies.

First of all, you should be knowing and stay knowing about Blog to the Oldskool, your one-stop shop for long-forgotten but still totally sick rave gems from circa ’90-’95- yeah I know, I was literally in diapers- curated with love by DJ and producer Dev/Null, whom you may know for his work as one of the world’s most talented breakcore / spatterbreaks / grindcore producers.

Anyways, this man rips extremely rare vinyl to high-quality mp3, offers it for download, and provides us with a few sentences about what we’re hearing and where it came from. He is a true raver.

Dude this guy has breaked-out bass-face rave jams by the barrel, from incredibly dated but still ridiculously entertaining Old Skool Hardcore darkness to uplifting, euphoric ragga mash-ups that had me two-stepping around my living room like an asshole.  This shit CREATED the dance-music clichés,  with the dramatic piano chords and the pitched-up vocals, etc. so check out the blog if you wanna get “skooled” on the history of club music.  Here are a few high-quality highlights cross-posted for your listening pleasure.

Action Man – Sleeping Lion

Clark + Dillinja – Dark Science

DJ Exodus & Woody – Feel the Vibe

Princess of the Posse – Do the Right Thing

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