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Saturday, March 20, 2010


So I’ve been signed up for regular updates from Boomkat (the awesome Manchester-based record distributor that specializes in electronica, reggae, and various other breeds of contemporary art/party music) for about a year now, and every week they come through with a genre-centric 14-tracks package, a compilation of the best and brightest representing one genre, sub-genre, musical discipline, or even one significant musician.  The series has included packages from individual geniuses like Vladislav Delay, Rustie, and Roska, as well as comprehensive anthologies of long-buried rave genres like early 90s hardcore jungle. (Sorry junglists!)

This week, they’ve decided to showcase the sounds of urban Scandinavia’s best-kept secret, an intriguing sub-genre known simply as Skweee! It’s kind of like IDM, except it doesn’t suck.  It’s got the complicated, cerebral rhythms and sparkling lead synthesizers of IDM, but with glitch-hop coherence and consistent attention to the low-end presence.  Alot of the stuff in this package brings an interesting throwback lo-fi approach, sounding like it was dubbed to tape and re-recorded through giant guitar amps.  Perfect for bedroom listeners and ketamine-fiend warehouse ravers.

Here in Boston, the sound has started to pick up alongside wonky styles, glitch-hop, dubstep, and other variations of quirky bass music and now we’ve even got an on-topic monthly party night, aptly titled Lost in Bass, with residents Dsub, Professor Pious, and Stickem.  You can check out the associate blog at the link above, which sports event listings, live mixes from the residents (and their favorite artists), along with other goodies.

Here’s a mix from our man Dsub, originally released by the Boston-centric blog On a Friday, recorded live at one of Boston’s best party nights, Bassic, a monthly dubstep/future-bass residency that has brought in the likes of Appleblim, Starkey, Caspa, The Bug + Warrior Queen, Headhunter, Untold, Martyn, and more!   Just so you’re aware that Boston doesn’t sucks as much as they say it does.

This mix is fucking ba-na-nas.  It really clicks in at around 40 minutes, big ups to DSub and Jason Bergman over at On a Friday.  Download it here. Or stream it below.

Dsub Bassic Mix

No tracklist right now, being that it’s recorded live, we were all hella drunk, and I don’t think anybody bothered to write down what got played and when.  But you can expect a carefully assembled selection of glitch-hop, skwee, dubstep, and half-step fidget jams for your aural pleasure.  Enjoy.

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posted by Max Pearl at 2:10 pm  


  1. are all yall based out of boston? been reading this blog for so long and nice to see some hometown pride! xx

    Comment by CQ — March 20, 2010 @ 4:14 pm

  2. I am. Our other writers are from Seattle, NYC, Milwaukee, and the list goes on. We’re all over the place!

    If you’re in Boston and you like good music you should come to the Enormous Room in Cambridge on Saturday, some friends and I will be spinning dance party records all night!

    -Max P. aka DJ Kat Fyte

    Comment by Max Pearl — March 23, 2010 @ 8:14 pm

  3. What’s the song on 22:30?

    Comment by martin — March 26, 2010 @ 1:18 am

  4. Actually i would really apriciate if you could write the whole tracklist. Awesome mix!

    Comment by martin — March 26, 2010 @ 1:20 am

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