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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rumble Lounge at Rodan, Chicago

Celebrate fall and it’s darkness at the monthly takeover of ‘Rumble Lounge’ at Rodan, Chicago, where minimal, subtle and moody sides of dubstep and techno and the increasing overlap between the two are explored. A night for casual listeners, aficionados, and the curious alike to enjoy a relaxing environment and appreciate the texture in the more subdued stylings of dubstep, dub-techno, uk funky, minimal house and techno with DJs Olin and akademy. Last month was fantastic, this month should be even better. Nuff said. Peep aKademy’s mix below for an array of deep dub step/future dub/deep tech house and Olin’s mix of deep house/tech house and a bit of future dub.

Rumble Lounge
Wednesday, Dec 9th

Olin (Klientele, Trustus)
aKademy (Opaque Project)

1530 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago
Details -

1/2 price sake with the purchase of any makimono
$5 Bartender’s choice cocktail
$2 PBR

aKademy – Microseism

01. Silkie – The Horizon
02. Breakage – Rain
03. Scuba – Aesaunic
04. Blind Minded – Tekatek
05. Stimming – Stormdrum
06. Claude Von Stroke – Vocal Chords
07. Radio Head – Nude (Justin Martin Remix)
08. Joy Orbison – J. Doe
09. Alys Be and Mr Lager – Tell Me
10. Giant – Rain Mind
11. Indigo and Synkro – Turning
12. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Get Hustlin
13. Emalkay – Angie Got Stoned
14. Shortstuff – Relapse
15. James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof
16. Guido – Beautiful Complication
17. Thee-O & Merlyn Martin – Refugee (aKademy Dub)
18. 6Blocc feat Buju Banton – Murderer
19. Skream – Angry
20. Rob Sparx – The Funk (Synkro Mix)
21. Submerse – 94
22. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City
23. Florence And The Machine – You Got The Love (The XX Remix)

Olin – Rumble Lounge promo mix

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Roska Remixes ‘Bangkok’ by Boris Dlugosch

wax figures are freaky

The name Boris Dlugosch brings back fine memories of 2001, whilst spending fun filled days and sleepless nights on the island of Ibiza. My good mate Lori was obsessed with the Boris Dlugosch feat. Roisin Murphy track “Never Enough“. It was heard everywhere on the island and it became our theme song during those careless summer days. I haven’t been up on the happenings of Boris Dlugosch since about that time, so it was good to receive the latest remix of Boris’s tune, “Bangkok,” (co-produced/written with Raik Fargo of Hey Today!) remixed by Roska, and the sixth release on Erol Alkan‘s label Phantasy Sound. Nice one!!!! Keep your eyes peeled for the very limited 12″ vinyl edition in late November! Buy it on itunes, buy it on Beatport!!

Boris Dlugosch – Bangkok (Roska remix)

Roska dates –
Dec 3 2009 – 8:00P OFFMODERN at Corsica Studios – London and South East
Dec 3 2009 – 10:00P Night Slugs Presents Fantastic 4 – ROSKA/SCRATCHA/MALICE/ILLBLU + 4 LIVE PA’S London, London and South East
Dec 11 2009 -  10:00P Dougnut Presents at The Loft, Bristol
Jan 9 2010 – 11:00P The Rumble at Ikonist, Malmo
Jan 22 2010 – 8:00P TBC at Switzerland, Zürich
Jan 29 2010 – 11:00P Hifi Club, Leeds, Midlands
Jan 30 2010 -  8:00P Myhouse? at TBC, Birmingham, Midlands
Feb 5 2010 -  8:00P Freaks & Geeks, Brussels

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Best of 2009: Why Meat Katie loves Burning Man Festival

Black Rock City. Photo from Crave Online.

Black Rock City. Photo from Crave Online.

Of all the people I’ve been surprised to learn have gone to Burning Man Festival, it’s got to be techno/tech house DJ and Lot49 label owner Meat Katie, who’s hard-edged sets that include breaks, broken beat and minimalist I only imagined stayed within the cold walls of stripped down clubs.

It turns out that the legendary far out art and music festival-event-circus-lifestyle that takes place every year out in Nevada’s inhospitable desert made a deep impression on the DJ. One could even call it a soft spot.

I talked to Meat Katie (Mark Pember) about why, how and again why a club DJ would ever find himself at a glorified love-in with a bunch of hippies. He tells me about the the miracle of consumer-free living, porn, eggs, and why this is one festival the loo roll comes provided. PLUS check out his live mix from Rockbottom.

Meat Katie having it at Rockbottom, Burning Man 2009

Meat Katie having it at Rockbottom, Burning Man 2009

Amy Riley: Hi there, how are you?

Mark Pemberton: Okay. I was supposed to be playing in Greece, but instead I’m sitting on my sofa, sick. Where we work, we have a block of studios that I share with other DJs like Alec Metric – so now we all have the flu and having to cancel our gigs.

AR: So the question I’ve got to ask: what’s a DJ doing at Burning Man? Wasn’t it just a hippy fest?

MP: I had the same reservations about Burning Man. The thing is, I’ve got a really good association with some promoters in San Francisco called Opal. I’ve been doing their parties for the last 8 years. They got involved in Burning Man right when it got started, about 12 years ago, and then it just grew. The weird thing is they kept saying, ‘You got to come, you’d love it’ and I thought ‘hippies, no way’.

Slowly but surely, other djs were playing for them – they went there and said it was amazing. I fought it for six years – ‘you’re lying to me, it’s going to be crusties with no clothes on’. Well, it’s kinda true. There’s a lot of crusties and a lot of people naked, but it’s more than that’ (laughs).

This year I decided to go and the promoter gave all our DJs – the Saturday night. I took on the daytime shows. That video clip you see is at Rockbottom, which was on at 4 in the afternoon. Because of time, Elite Force and I did back to back sets, which was good since our music is quite similar. Doing the day time parties, it meant I arrived early. I didn’t know what to expect. People said ‘it’s not what you think it is.’ It’s not hippyfied. The art side of things is not tie-dyed – it’s amazing sculptures and fire . They have fire orchestras, half the size of a football pitch.

AR: How is the music organised?

MP: All the soundsystems have their own vibe. There’s no sponsorship – Burning man don’t give them any money. It cost 70k to put one on.

AR: Why do they do it?

MP: People put on stuff because they want to do it. We got there Monday (early) and there was forklift trucks to put soundsystems up. There’s nothing like it here.

AR: Is it like the rave scene used to be here?

MP: It’s like early raves, but it’s organized so they’re set back from each other.

AR: What soundsystem are there?

MP: It’s crews of people based around cities. A lot of people from San Francisco because that’s where it started. Denver. Crews from Florida have started coming out. They have all their own sounds.

AR: What kind of music were they playing?

MP: A lot of dubstep and glitchhop – which suited heavy electronic and desert and Mad Max anarchy. It was a nice backdrop for that. I didn’t hear a lot of trance, which I was expecting. There was a lot of minimal and techno, which I like.

When I wandered around, I discovered there was an amazing number of international DJs who made the pilgrimage to be there.  Armand Van Helden was there -he played a really underground set, not the euphoric hands in the air set he normally does and he’s not being paid 50k to be there either. He did himself lots of favors by playing there. I met Carl Cox when were were both DJing out there. We bought our own tickets and paid our own way.

AR: So is Burning Man in your top ten festivals?

MP: It’s my number 1 event – nothing even comes close. I walked out of there with my jaw on the floor. Coming back to UK and hooking up with people who had been there, everyone said the same thing. It’s such a harsh envionrment you’re in, the way people brave this terrain to be there and do this, you get something from it. I don’t want to sound like a hippy, but I gained something from it and the benchmark was lifted to unrealistic level for anywhere else.

AR: What do you like most about Burning Man?

MP: That you can’t spend any money.  When you go to normal festivals, you don’t even realize how caught up you get in spending money and you don’t realize how branded and corporate it is. At Burning Man, you’re not being sold anything. All they do is provide a a perimeter fence around the site and you have to make your own fun. It’s a totally different type of experience to any other festival, where you go based on the lineup so you make a decision based on what you’re going to get – at Burning Man, there’s no lineup so you go. I’d be happy to go even if I wasn’t playing.

They supply toilets as well, and not once where there was no toilet paper and they were always clean, which is quite an achievement.

Punters at Burning Man 2009. Photo from Crave Online.

Punters at Burning Man 2009. Photo from Crave Online.

AR: Any advice you’d give to punters?

MP: Prepare properly. If you want to go, don’t just turn up with your camping gear. Its important where you stay, but people are so friendly. Goggles, face masks.

AR: Oh what, people need to dress like that? I thought they were just trying to look cool with those stupid vests.

MP: I know you look stupid, but the sand is everywhere, it’s unbelievable. And then you get the sand storms, the white outs where you can’t see your hand. I was walking to our camp and there was a white out and it was like being sandblasted and there’s some people having sex and we just walked around them. You couldn’t see them until you were right up close.

You have to queue to get on the site – it’s not like Glastonbury where you can stay in Bath or Bristol – you’re there for the duration – seven days – it swells out on Thursday and Friday. Some people say there for two weeks.

AR: Where there a lot of drug casualties?

MP: I got a sore throat half way through, just from dust. I went to the medical centre there – it was all run by volunteers, it was like M.A.S.H – and I didn’t see anyone there freaking out on drugs. It was mainly people who fell off vans. When the doctor saw me, I gave him ten dollars, and they went to Reno and picked up my prescription for me. They say Black Rock City is the only place in America where you get free medical care (laughs).

Meat Katie live from Rockbottom, Burning Man 2009

Lot49 are running a competition to discover a new producer for a lucky 3 EP deal as part of their New Lot competition, which closes on 1 December. For more details, check out our post on the competition or go to the Lot49 site.


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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mackaveli summer mix

Summer seems like a long faded memory now that the dark, rainy days of November dominate the UK. It’s a bit shit.

It’s times like this that I reach for all the summer tunes and mixes, staying indoors with cups of tea and plans for next year’s getaways. Here’s a two-step/garage mix from London DJ Mackaveli which I meant to post up ages ago.

Better late than never still holds true in this case.

Check out his myspace page for his Fabriclive promo mix and Curb Crawlers mix, or catch him live on 12 December at Hyp! Hyp! Hyp! at London’s Plan B, along with MJ Cole, Bok Bok, Brackles, Ben UFO, Tombcrew, Shortstuff, Warlock and Noyeahno.

Mackaveli Summer Mix [Fairtilizer]

01. Indigo & Synkro – Inhale
02. Sbtrkt – 2020
03. Mstrkft feat John Legend – Heartbreaker (Brackles Remix)
04. Shortstuff – A Rustling
05. Octa Push – Laike Likes It
06. Davinche – Phaze
07. Sbtrkt – Lovinyou
08. Stagga – Lopside (Doshy Remix)
09. Joy Orbison – Wet Look
10. Sully – Jackmans Rec
11. Sully – Phonebox
12. Aardvarck – Nosestep
13. Nepa Allstar – The Way (Sbtrkt Remix)
14. Hot City – Head Work
15. So Solid Crew – Oh No (Instrumental)
16. Dem 2 – Artificial Love
17. M Dubs – Over Here (Iron Mike Vocal Remix)
18. Masterstepz – Melody

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chamboché remixes Crystal Fighters

One of my biggest crushes of the year, is Crystal Fighters, known for their frenetic, Basque-dance sound and memorable gigs. If you didn’t see them Thursday night at Santos Party House or Friday at Glasslands, on their 3 day stint in NYC, catch them TONIGHT at Le Poisson Rouge!

The very much loved, “I Love London”, by Crystal Fighters, will be released on 12″ and digital on Kitsuné on 30th November, with remixes from In Flagranti, Matt Walsh, Brackles, Lorcan Mak, 80kidz and Qoso. Another remix of “I Love London”, by way of rising UK producer, Chamboché, who grew up sandwiched between the coast and the valleys of coastal Mid Wales, popped up in our in box a few days ago. Growing up surrounded by nature has given Chamboché a leaning towards crafting slower, more organic and melodic sounds, fused with pop sensibilities. Recently signed to Under The Shade, with works in the pipeline, expect to hear more from Chamboché in the coming months ahead!

We have a little surprise for one serious loving Crystal Fighters fan (besides me)!! We’re giving away the 12″ of “I Love London”!!!!! All you have to do is send your name and address to us at: trashmenagerie AT gmail DOT, com with the subject headline – “I Love London” single!! We will choose randomly and notify the winner via email by 1st December. Good luck!!

Crystal Fighters – I Love London (Chamboché remix)

CRYSTAL FIGHTERS around the world!

Nov 21 2009 8:00P LE POISSON ROUGE, New York, USA
Nov 27 2009 8:00P Guess Who Festival (Live), Amsterdam, Holland
Nov 28 2009 8:00P Suprette Festival (Live), Nethceul, Switzerland
Dec 4 2009 8:00P Mixmag Tour (Live), Canterbury
Dec 5 2009 8:00P Mixmag Tour (Live), Custard Factory, Birmingham, UK
Dec 6 2009 8:00P Razzmatazz Tour (Live), Barcelona, Spain
Dec 11 2009 8:00P Fabric (Live), Kill ‘Em All, London, UK
Dec 12 2009 8:00P Radio Le Mouv (Live), Paris, France

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dumbsteppaz – Overrinsed Remixes

To say I don’t like mashups would be like saying I don’t like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Even though it’s high in saturated fat, I can find no argument to dispute the shared presence of fudge brownies and chocolate chip cookie dough. Now, while eating an entire pint of such a concoction may be ill-advised, it can be nourishing in an existential, nihilistic sort of way.

Managing to co-exist in proximity to the Brainfeeder crew of L.A., Dumbsteppaz appropriate the sounds of Hip-Hop and Reggae by way of Bristol muscle-wamp, L.A.-style. Dialed down to free-weights instead of the benchpress of Dubstep’s most testerone-filled sounds, Dumbsteppaz have released a free package of mashup remixes involving Ludacris, Jeremih, 6blocc, and Sade. Each is a heaping scoop of Half-Baked, too rich to eat at once, but can be justified with any balanced diet. Enjoy.

Dumbsteppaz – Overrinsed Remixes (via Mediafire)

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