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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Spooky with Tiga this Halloween!

Photo by Qarim Brown

Tiga returns to London’s The Matter this Halloween, wow what a way to celebrate!

The Matter and Bugged Out welcome Tiga and his Turbo Records pals for a night of ghoulish fun. Not only will attendees get to dance their pumpkin calories away to the dirrty electro beats of Tiga, they will also be able to take in the tasty sounds of In Flagranti, Dan Beaumont (Disco Bloodbath), Optimo, Matt Walsh while catching live sets from Miike Snow, Sel A and Rebolledo.

The evening kicks off 10pm and will last until dawn (7am). Advance tickets are available now here for £15.

Get your Halloween costumes at the ready as there is a competition for the best dressed attendee. The winner will receive a bottle of Champagne and NYE tickets for The Matter. So get your zombie freak on now!

To get you in the mood for a freakishly good Halloween listen to this Tiga remix of Miike Snow’s “Blue Black”.

Miike Snow – Black and Blue (Tiga Remix)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Graffiti Breakz Presents… The Resurrection

Stuck for something to do this Halloween in London? Well somewhere at an undisclosed location, evil scientists have been developing a serum of broken beats, basslines, Digital visual and spray-can art, so potent it will raise the dead. After what has seemed like an age Graffiti Breakz is proud to present the effects of our serum…

…..We give you Graffiti Breakz – The Resurrection.! Sat 31st Oct ’09 (Halloween)

Graffiti Breakz has gained the reputation of being one of the only events in London to successfully combine Breaks, Hardcore Breaks, Drum and Bass’ Live music and Live Graffiti art all under one roof

Now with a larger venue and longer opening hours we will be adding to the mix Dubstep’ Electro/Dubstep, Live Breaks acts, Full Graff art Instillations, Full Graff Art Galleries, More Giveaways, Brighter Lights, and Louder bass to create a vibe re-born; stronger and more electric than any Graffiti Breakz so far..

All 3 rooms will be in session to their full potential. As you enter the rhythm factory you‘ll be met by the artwork of some of London’s leading artists showcasing at the Graffiti Gallery.

As you pass the gallery instillation, and live 6’x4’ Artwork being created in the front bar you arrive in the main room bursting with Live Acts’ DJ Teams, visual displays and much more.

Drifting further into the East London venue, you will find dirty dubstep, kick driven breaks, and the addictive rumble of dark and dirty bass.

Gracing the stages of the 2 Dance floors we have a line up that includes award winning Djs; Apply The Breaks, pioneering producers; Ctrl-z, inspiring funk soul band; Junkyard scientists, and leading the way in the live breaks scene; Diverted. With Duel Calibre’s tear-out sound belting through the 7k rig there’s be something to wake every corpse

Ctrl Z –
Diverted –
Duel Calibre –
Apply the Breaks –
SNC Audio –
DJ Disowned –
Junkyard Scientists –
Flux Pavillion –
Silly Pundit –
The Tank
Ocarina –
Mark T –
DJ Skywalker –
Slugs & Boyson –
London Culture

MC’s / Hosts on the night:

MC Cutter –
Bass 6 –

Check out the Blogs on the face book groups or Graffiti-Breakz website for competitions, and ways to get involved with Graffiti Breakz from the inside!

Just a quick note…there will be GB merchandise giveaways on the night for the Graffiti Breakers with the most Gruesome Halloween outfits!

After 2 years of successful parties at The Purple Turtle in Camden we have taken time out to regroup and come back at the scene ‘which is our passion’ with a fresh and expanded ethos that insists on bringing the best music and the best visual experiences together to produce a night that cant be forgotten.

When: 31st October 2009

Where: Rhythm Factory
16-18 Whitechaple Road
E1 1EW

What Time: 20:00 – 06:00
How Much: £8 B4 9 / £9 in adv / £10 on the door / NUS £9 all night.
Ticket From: Rhythm Factory / / …more tbc.
Phone: 07595 741 731

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Chromeo – “Night By Night” (Siriusmo Remix) d/l

Chromeo are back! To celebrate this glittering occasion we feel it is only right to bestow you with Chromeo goodies.

First things first, the terrific twosome that is Pee Thug and Dave 1 have released their new song “Night By Night” and if you haven’t heard it you are really missing out. Dave 1 comments, “for “Night By Night,” my first instinct was to create a disco song that a rock guy would have written in the early ’80s. It’s really specific aesthetics that we’re going for sometimes. There are references that inspire us, but hopefully when the songs come out it transcends that. Otherwise what we’re doing would be very boring and derivative.”

He continues, “We get tired of a certain set of influences and we reach for other ones. Our first album was very electric boogie influenced and our second album was very lush Quincy Jones. On this new one we’re going for the funky E.L.O. stuff on certain songs. I think “Night by Night” is a nice way to announce that. If you really analyze the song, it has echoes of a lot of the stuff we’ve done before. The main synth is the same as the one on “Needy Girl.” Then the guitar riff on the chorus that P plays sort of echoes the “Bonafied Lovin’” intro with all the harmonized guitars. Then in the guitar solo there are very unsubtle echoes of the Eagles’ “One of These Nights,” and we just covered an Eagles song, so it made a lot of sense in our heads.”

So there you go, Dave 1 describes it better than we ever could! But hey go and listen to the original edit of “Night by Night” below and then compare it with the delicious Siriusmo Remix of the same track and let us know which you prefer. Whichever mix floats your boat – download them here.

Chromeo – Night By Night

Chromeo – Night By Night (Siriusmo Remix)

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Monday, October 26, 2009

LCD Soundsystem – Bye Bye Bayou (Ernold Sane Re-Rub) d/l

After hearing that LCD Soundsystem have new material we nearly actually exploded with excitement. But hey, we are still here and have been dancing our socks off to the band’s new-old track “Bye Bye Bayou”. This cover version of the Suicide track is delectable.

If you were one of the lucky ones to grab your free download of the track from the band’s website well done. We have a remix of the track by Ernold for your listening pleasure. Check it out below and let us know whether you rate this mix.

LCD Soundsystem – Bye Bye Bayou (Ernold Sane Re-Rub)

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Kingdom – CMJ & Mix

Thanks, again, to the Swedes for providing us (Americans) with a fresh look at American culture. Discobelle, our Grindin’ Blog Network papa-bear, has just posted a boiling new mix from NYC club-phenom Kingdom. After doing an interview with us way back when he was just a fledgling, it now seems that we’ve inspired him to become even greater than he already was. Ha. Now a member of Fool’s Gold’s finest, and with production coming out an Acephale Records, Kingdom is no longer a mere peasant, he is in fact, ruling the land.

If you’re embarrassed about leaning hard into below-the-waist dance moves whilst in public places, I recommend you don’t download this. If his L-Vis 1990 remix isn’t enough, the Brandy-sprinkled refix of Roska‘s Elevated Levels will surely bring your awkward hands up mid-bus ride. Always featuring a sultry line-up of guest female vocalists, along with tracks that will make you search the high-deserts of the internet to obtain them, there is no doubt you will be getting grimey half-naked in your boots with this one.

You can find Kingdom invading Public Assembly in New York City tomorrow (Saturday the 25th) with a who’s who of Trash Menagerie favorites including, Prince William, Dubbel Dutch, Math Head, and Chaz Requina & Leif. Hosted by Chaz, Tiny, and Vice Versa, this party is brought to you by the good people of Unit.One, Broken Teeth, and Palms Out Sounds. There is absolutely no question that this event is a showcase of the brightest club-music talent in New York City, and I will doing my best to re-create the event in my bedroom.

Kingdom – Discobelle Mix October 2009

01. Kingdom – Wine & Stomp (Intro)
02. Jam City – In the Park (Kingdom Refix ft. Allure)
03. Bok Bok – Ripe Banana
04. L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Kingdom Remix)
05. Cooly G – Jus Wanna
06. KG – 808
07. Roska – Elevated Level (Kingdom Edit ft. Brandy)
08. Marcus Price & Carli – Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom Remix)
09. Dubbel Dutch – Throwback
10. Lil Silva – Different (Kingdom Remix ft. Jazmine Sullivan)
11. DJ Makency – Ragga Jump
12. DJ Alan Rosales – Claps
13. KS-20 – Fun-key (Instrumental)
14. Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex
15. Kingdom – Mindreader ft. Shyvonne (Bok Bok Remix)
16. Lenny Fonata – Spirit of the Sun (Bump & Flex Mix)
17. DJ Corlando – Passa Passa (Kingdom Remix)
18. Kingdom – YOU
19. Terror Danjah – With U ft. Shola Ama
20. Young Dot – DPM Remix / Threat Misses – Juke Ya Girl (Kingdom Remix)
21. The Dream – Fancy

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sweatshoppe – Rollin Out a Way to Paint with Video

SWEATSHOPPE, The Landing from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

Graffiti’s acceptance in the high art and commercial worlds has ensured longevity to a select number of pieces. Of course, governments painting over what gets thrown up on walls outside of galleries continue to impose a state of impermanence to the rest of street art. Taking such temporality into their own hands, more and more artists are making use of the increased accessibility of projectors. Call it a reclamation of control or just pure tech nerdery, there’s a growing scene of digital graffiti artists.

The newest breakthrough in this scene is Sweatshoppe‘s “video painting” style, captured in their first video “The Landing” [see above], where they essentially wheat paste moving images on walls.

What makes it different from previous “Guerilla Projection,” “Photon Bombing,” or “Urban Projection” pieces is that they are able lay their projections on a surface, paint-stroke by paint stroke–as opposed to just projecting the entire piece at once. They’re not the first to recreate the act of throwing paint up, for which most accredit Graffiti Research Lab. However, they’ve taken projected video and applied it to the physical act of bombing–which is one for the history books.

SWEATSHOPPE, 4spots, the landing extras from SWEATSHOPPE on Vimeo.

Sweatshoppe describes itself as “a new multimedia performance collaboration…that works at the intersection of art, music and technology.” One of the men behind the collective is non other than New York video artist Bruno Levy, whose previous work has been blogged right here on Trashmenagerie! The other half of Sweatshoppe is Blake Shaw, a young and wickedly talented interactive video artist currently based in Vermont.

I had a chance to catch up with Bruno and ask him more about this new project.

Waxyjax: How did you and Blake meet?

Bruno Levy: We met in Kathmandu. I had a little restaurant and he told me he wanted to throw a rave, the place was packed at maximum capacity (30 people), and that’s when I knew we could could take it far.

WJ: You made a name for yourself as a VJ with Squaresquare. What are your
goals for sweatshoppe?

BL: As a VJ, I reacted to someone else’s music. SWEATSHOPPE’s goal is to
create a whole interactive performance that leaves its viewers “sweaty”.

WJ: What can you reveal about the inner workings of “video painting”?

BL: Blake wrote the software in Max. The paint roller does not use any sort of paint, it simply contains green LEDs. The software tracks the color green and outputs the x y position which are sent to drawing commands and the strokes are textured with video. I could go into direct detail but I don’t want to expose our secrets just yet [wink]. The paint roller is an actual paint roller that we sort of “pimped-out” with faux-fur, green LEDs and an on/off button. We plan on eventually releasing the software–but only after it is much more refined, buffed up with features and user-friendly.

WJ: What was the toughest part of that whole process?

BL: Remembering to bring all the cables.

WJ: I’ve asked around and no one can think of any other artist who’s done something like this. What kinds of attention have you gotten so far?

BL: So far its been nothing but positive. I’m just happy to create something very unique–we use software written by Blake, video created by me, music by us both and we get to perform with a glowing paint roller. It’s tactile and, to me, is more interesting than just clicking on buttons. I’ve already been approached by arts publications and organizations to do performance demos at their events. Can’t say who exactly since we’re still talking.

WJ: What’s next?

BL: We want to take this idea further, use it more with the architecture, and start layering video. Also we are developing lots of other software that will enable us to play with video and sound. We are making music, working out and sweating.

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