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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Death Set’s Beau Velasco, Dies in Brooklyn, NYC

Late last night (Sunday 9/27/09) my boyfriend alerted me to a tweet via The Death Set, with some very sad news. “R.I.P. my dear brother, friend and band mate Beau Velasco. For all those who wish to pay their respects I will let know soon.”  “Noo.” I thought. It couldn’t be. Another young and talented individual, gone. Disbelief hits all over again…It’s been a rough couple of months for many.

We’re saddened at the untimely loss of Beau Velasco, one of the founding members of The Death Set. It seems like just yesterday, I had asked Johnny Siera some questions via email, for the feature I was writing, TheMotherFuckinDeathSet. He told me about his journey from Australia to the states with is friend Beau. The hard work, fun and good fortune that they were experiencing with The Death Set, and how it all came to be. Beau’s creativity will forever be heard in the spazzy, electro-punk music we came to love a great deal and seen in his many art forms. Our deepest sympathies to Beau’s family and friends, The Death Set, and those that knew Beau and shared in his life.

“R.I.P. my dear brother, friend and band mate Beau Velasco. We are all so devestated that I will keep this short. We love you and you will be missed. You affected us all so much in the most positive ways. Our lives would not be as is if not for you. We love you. For all those who wish to pay their respects we will let the details known soon.” – via Johnny Siera from The Death Set’s Facebook page

“Beau Velasco, beloved brother and co-founding member of The Death Set, passed away Sunday, September 27, in Brooklyn, New York. Beau co-wrote the Worldwide album with Johnny Siera, with whom his partnership reaches back beyond The Death Set’s beginnings, to Black Panda from Gold Coast, Australia. The Death Set moved from Sydney to the US in 2005, but Beau took a back seat from touring a while later. This original core lineup of the band had recently rejoined to write and record the next record and to resume touring together. At the moment, few details are available about the circumstances of Beau’s passing, but information will be shared as soon as possible, including about immediate plans for The Death Set.” – via The Death Set site

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Monday, September 28, 2009


The Seclusiasis label’s latest release features none other than Street Bass affiliate BD1982. If you’ve been into this man at all in the past, then this release should be quite the delight. “shottas pon de corner” features vocals from 77 Klash over the instrumental used for BD1982′s banger of a ‘Blueberry Afghani’ remix, making it more rude than ever. The release also features “Space Boots”, which receives the treatment from many producers including grime lord of the starkbots, Starkey. Check it all out here.

BD1982 – Space Boots

BD1982′s grime charged tunes never cease to intrigue me. Combining textures of various samples that showcase an endless count of musical influences of all forms with that rigid upfront Street Bass sound being pushed by the likes of Starkey and Dev79. While I attempt to describe what you’re getting yourself into, the most exciting thing about this producer is his ability to approach you from a completely different angle from one tune to the next.

BD1982 – Get Along

BD1982 – What We Seek

BD1982′s next LP is expected to drop this fall/early winter on Seclusiasis, and will undoubtably be another distant and inspiring handshake with the Street Bass sound. “Lets Talk Math” is inspired by 90s dancehall and Goblin, with expected appearances by 77 Klash and California based musician Low Leaf. So, be sure to have an eye on this man in the months to come.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Tokyo, next month BD1982 will be playing a UK Garage/2-Step/UK Funky/heavy-bass music party started by 100mado of Back To Chill called “Root 138″, paying homage to the early 2000s garage tune “138 Trek” by Zinc. And catch him again in November with the Back To Chill crew for the Low End Theory meets Back To Chill Tokyo party.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Australia! Cassian makes you dance.

Picture by Vlad (CC)

Picture used under a CC licence. Copyright by *vlad*.

Australia never ceases to amaze me. For a person like me, so susceptible to electronic music with a sweet and warm touch, it must be paradise. I don’t even have to dig deep to find great artists that just make me smile and fall in love with their music.

My latest discovery from down under is Cassian (who some people may know in his former guise as CSK OK and not to be confused with Cassius), who delivered a fantastic remix of Miami Horror‘s “Make You Mine” not too long ago.

Miami Horror – Make You Mine (Cassian Remix)

Cassian’s manager Jerry just sent over this minimix which serves to promote the Bang Gang 12s compilation that’s out soon.

Cassian Minimix for Bang Gang 12in

If you live in Australia, make sure to go to one of the many Bang Gang 12s parties coming up in October.

And while we roll with Cassian, here’s his remix of “Destination” by Damn Arms.

Damn Arms – Destination (Cassian Remix)

Damn Arms, of course, was the former project of G.L.O.V.E.S. who I introduced here earlier.

Oh, Australia, I love you! Some day, some day, I’ll make you mine.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cassius – “Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes” – Don Diablo Remix

I’m a very happy girlie as one of my ultimate faves Cassius is back on the scene, releasing the single “Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes” November 5th.

The single set to be released on Cassius Records has remixes from Radioslave, The Subs and Reset! Also included is the funky and fabulous remix from Don Diablo featured below. When you listen to this remix we can guarantee that you will be dancing your socks off….seriously it’s so good that I wish it was summer as this would be the perfect accompaniment to a bangin’ summer party (damn England and it’s crass weather)!

If you need another Diablo fix keep your eyes peeled for his future single “Where I Belong” which will be out soon with a special remix package and snazzy video to boot!

Cassius – Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes – Don Diablo Remix

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We get sent lots of music through to our email address and this little treasure side stepped all other possibles to get to the top of the pile today. This remix of The XX’s“Night Time” by What Kind of Breeze Do You Blow (WBDYB) is delicious.

We hate to admit it but we don’t really know enough about our remixers of choice today, but what we do know is that this remix is definitely worth a listen. At double the length of the original track it still manages to retain the drama of the original whilst adding a touch more sparkle.

Be on watch for WKBDYB?’s first single “Love Of Luxury” pushed to late October with remixes from Lake Heartbeat and Tronik Youth.

What do you think?

The XX – Night Time (WKBDYB Remix)

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Daniel Haaksman – Kid Conga (The Phantom Remix)

It’s tempting to shine brightly on new talent, to wash them thoroughly in hyperbole, and then forget and look for who’s next. Fortunately this hasn’t been the case for Warsaw’s The Phantom, who appeared here a few months ago with his UK Funky/Tropical tune entitled “Cambodia.” Receiving praise from the Nightslugs family in East London, as well as Trouble & Bass‘s Supra 1, The Phantom has built upon his first original production with a skanking and deeply heavy remix of Baile Funk ambassador and Berlin-based DJ Daniel Haaksman‘s tune “Kid Conga.” With official remixes from Trash Menagerie favorites Rob 3, Schlachtofbronx, and Zombie Disco Squad, this tune has made a meaningful splash, referencing the sounds of Kuduro, Baile Funk, and UK Funky. Check The Phantom’s interpretation, for free, below.

And if you ain’t know about Daniel Haaksman, you can educated, it’s true. Thanks to bass ambassador and expat extraordinaire Maga Bo, you can do your research via video, as he has compiled a series of interviews with various influential bass ambassadors, including Diplo, DJ/rupture, and Ghislain Poirier. Daniel Haaksman version below!
KID CONGA REMIX by The Phantom

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