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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My Girlfriend is a record label

Everybody in the know about Valerie and the new romanticism movement in synth music seems to be going crazy for “Poly”, the new song by Sferro. Sferro is not only a musical mastermind, he also runs a record label called “Girlfriend Records”, for which he has assembled quite an impressive roster of artists.

The most prominent one being Pelifics who we have introduced to you before. His song “Wish It Could Last” is premiering right here, right now:

Pelifics – Wish It Could Last

Another name to watch out for is Le Prix. This project hails from Sweden, the motherland of catchy pop tunes.

Le Prix – Hockey Enemy Weapons Denied

And then of course, there’s Sferro himself. Here’s the first mp3 (clip) of his gigantic tune “Poly”.

Sferro – Poly (Clip)

If you’re as much into this stuff as I am, stay tuned for more by Sferro as his EP is due to drop sometime this year.

Also, keep an eye on other future releases on Girlfriend Records such as a compilation coming out this fall, which features the tracks by Pelifics and Le Prix above.

Give some love to Sferro, Pelifics, and Le Prix.

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