Friday, July 31, 2009

Brighton’s Geometri present a double mix series and Evil Nine remix

A few months ago, I went with the Fusion photographer, who wanted to get some informal shots of two DJs and producers living in Brighton – Jean Marc and Ben, otherwise known as JFB  (Battlejam) and one half of electro/breaks producers Geometri. JFB is legendary in Brighton and an old friend, but it was the first time I’d met Ben, who only came into the scene recently, in 2007, producing with old friend Carlos Gonzalez, choosing the name Geometri in homage to their shared love of mathmatics (a bit of a running theme).

Inspired by the French sound that was all the rave back then and nudged by Brighton breaks labels, the pair began to slowly work on a series of tracks and remixes, with the angle that they didn’t want to push out work just for the sake of garnering attention vis a vis insta-blog hit, but actually wanted to get it right the first time. The idea is to develop an album worth of tracks, which they would never perform live. It’s been a few years, but the approach is admirable in a time where so many throw-away remixes are launched into the blogosphere.

It’s fair to say their time has come. Geometri’s first single  ’19.5º’ was released on 989 Records on 7 July 2009. people are lining up for their other singles like flies to honey.

’25th Century Disco Dirt’, was recently featured on ‘Digital Northerner 4′ on Fat Northerner Records, and ‘Cydonia Rocks’ has just been picked up for a US mix series on Lyon Records. Even more thrillingly, Geometri’s remix of  FutureFlash’s ‘Summer Love’ has been released on Beatport label Grooved Music.

The boys were featured in Brighton’s premiere listings mag Brighton Source, with a download link to their popular tun ‘Airwolf’, which is clever reworking of the  classic 80’s TV series theme tune.

For your delection, Geometri are featuring their officially Evil Nine sanctioned remix of “Set It Off”, plus a double summer mix Euclidean and Fibonacci, described as a before and after party set. Perfect for summer parties, Pimms, and a nice game of rounders.  Enjoy !

Evil Nine – Set It Off – Geometri remix

Geometri -Fibonacci Mix

Geometri – Euclidean Mix

Fibonacci Mix Tracklisting:

01. Fischerspooner – “Supply & Demand”
02. The Outrunners – “Cool Feeling” (Anoraak RMX)
03. CSS – “Move” (Cut Copy RMX) EDIT
04. Alex Gopher – “Aurora” (Riot in Belgium & Knightlife RMX)
05. Kaiser Chiefs – “Never Miss a Beat” (Cut Copy RMX)
06. Autokratz – “Stay The Same” (Alex Metric RMX)
07. Cobra Dukes – “Leave the Light On” (The Twelves RMX)
08. GRUM – “Runaway”
09. Steige – “Cytise” (Geometri RMX)
10. Evil Nine – “Icicles” (Evil Nine’s Graveyard Smash) EDIT
11. La Roux – “Quicksand” (Beni RMX)
12. Beni – “My Love Sees You” (Coco Walsh & Etienne De Crecy RMX)
13. Evil Nine – “The Night”
14. Freeland – “Mancry”

Euclidean Mix tracklisting:

01. Evil Nine – “Set it OFF” (Geometri RMX)
02. Gooseflesh – “Blow Up” EDIT
03. Alex Metric – “Caller”
04. GRUM – “Woah” (Geometri RMX)
05. Just A Band – “Girls Get Down”
06. UNKLE – “Restless” (Fake Blood RMX)
07. Duotone – “You Better Dance” (Dub) EDIT
08. Shameboy – “Rechoque” (Alex Gopher RMX) EDIT
09. Come Klar – “Mostro 2″
10. Alex Metric – “Shirley You Can’t Be Serious”
11. Make The Girl Dance – “Baby Baby Baby (No Kiss With Gloss RMX)
12. Freeland – “Under Control” (Alex Metric RMX) EDIT
13. Freeland – “Under Control” (Evil Nine’s Graveyard Smash)
14. Freeland – “We Want Your Soul” (Geometri RMX)
15. Geometri – “Airwolf”

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Monday, July 27, 2009

There’s a beast hidden between the flowers.

I had first heard of Digitalfoxglove when he did a remix of “D.I.S.C.O.TEXAS Theme” by Xinobi and Moulinex. Apparently that remix and the quality of his own original productions which followed caught the attention of French  label boss Freak You (see more on him here). And the wine connaisseur did the right thing: he convinced Digitalfoxglove to be on the roster of On The Fruit Records – a haven for synth lovers.

With a lengthy intro of about one minute, this piece of music is a real gem that takes you on a journey through an exciting summer night.

Digitalfoxglove – Beasts and Flowers (feat. Freak You!)

Digitalfoxglove is definitely a name to watch out for in the future. Follow him on Twitter!


Freak  You also sent over a remix he did for Muddyloop. Check it out!

Muddyloop – Hey You (Freak You Remix)

Give some love to Freak You on Myspace. And buy his “From Nowhere” EP on Beatport.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Three of a Kind: Monkey Safari, SOLO and Matt Walsh

I’ve got three mixes that have been burning holes in my i-Tunes player, and it’s disgraceful not to share them with you all.

The first one is a Fabric mix from Matt Walsh, London electro DJ and producer who holds residencies at Turbo, Bugged Out! and new night “High Horse” with Casper C and SkullJuice.  Matt, who chums it with Tiga and Brodinksi, also produces with Steve Cook as Clouded Vision; his latest remix of Peaches “Lose You” with Alex Jones, label owner ofHypercolour Records will probably have hit your consciousnsess by now, as it’s already been picked up in a Radio 1 Essential Mix

Matt Walsh’s mix, which was in advance of a June set at FabricLive, has a slower disco shuffle start, that moves through some great house and tech house sounds and veers the tempo right up. I’m told the mix is meant to reflect the way he warms up the crowd; he says: “This mix is pretty typical of what you might expect from the latter portion of a warm up set, when the dancefloor has filled, and the energy goes up a notch.”

The mix ends naturally with his Peaches remix, which is a softer dancefloor tune, with helium-edged undertones that suggest that the party is still not over. Although it’s too late for the Fabric gig, you can catch Matt tomorrow at Matter playing alongside Tiga.

The second mix is from Italian born, London bound  SOLO, who’s own productions are very much in the vein of the techie latin tribal sound, with tracks such as “Congoloid”, “The Big Stef” and “Joga Bola”- by the way, who kicked off this whole neo-modernist phenomenon?

Luckily for me,  SOLO’s playing at Blogger’s Delight at Audio here in Brighton, but for those in Europe, he’s got a full schedule this autumn, with gigs in Amsterdam, Geneva, Paris and London, of course, with a return to Fabric in November.

The last mix comes from Monkey Safari, two German brothers from Halle who call their sound ‘jungle samba techno’.  DJing mainly around Germany, the pair are releasing their Monkey Safari EP in September on What! What! Records. Relatively obscure in my part of their world, I had a listen to their tracks on their myspace – only a few but they sound good and will await their upcoming release to see if they’re pushing their own original sound.

Their upbeat Rumble in the Jungle mix features their own tracks “Chant” and “Got Da Feet’ and remixes, plus a wide range of genres, covering the ‘sound of the moment’ (eg tracks featured on some of the other mixes in this post), plus other favorite artists such as Rico Tubbs, Yo Majesty, Wu-Tang and more.

Matt Walsh Fabric mix June 2009

SOLO Fabric mix June 2009

Monkey Safari – Rumble in the Jungle mix

Tracklistings to follow after the jump….. (more…)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Phantom – Cambodia

The amount of bedroom electro producers that clog my inbox are nearly enough to screw in a disco-ball, nearly. I thank the progressive work of Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990 for inspiring a few fresh young things to get their UK Funky on and holler at a brotha. This tune from The Phantom out of Poland, channeled the heatwaves of Cambodia, and is entitled “Cambodia.” As far as I know, this is the only Tropical flavored Funky tune to arise from another part of the world besides the UK, and is indeed the most exciting. The song has been featured on Bok’s “Nightslugs” show on and has had a couple of respectable nods from Jackmaster of Dress 2 Sweat and L-Vis 1990 himself. Keep ‘em comin’ son!

The Phantom – Cambodia (128 version)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HeavyFeet – Wild for Life!

Heavy Feet come barging in like a herd of hungry hippos, grinding to dust the left over broken china from the Bull’s Greek party the night before. They’re animals. But don’t be fooled by the name, these Hot Steppers also know their way around the dancefloor like mice in balloons…..

RHYS FACT #1: If you are on the dancefloor and you have the choice of either an elephant or a women (or man) in stilettos stepping on your foot. Take the elephant as it’ll hurt less.

Speaking of Creatures great and Small, These Manchurian producers & DJ’s do like a bit of wildlife including DJing in Seal Pits in Ibiza with non-other than MC ROLFI HARRIS. Okay i made that bit up, but as Gabrielle once whined – “things can come true”, he’s pretty down with ye sick pets! You Heard Rolf Harris’ techno track in protest to Canadians murdering Seals?!?! – Check it, it’s dark.

And If the city of Manchester were a DJ then he’d be playing the likes of The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Oasis, New Order, Joy Division & The Smiths but at some point in the early hours, the City would need to step it up a little to keep the leafy fever moving through the vein pipes of the citizen citadel. Something of the same calibre… What i’m trying to say is, these guys are the shit and they’re not even putting a Donk on it!

Check out their MySpace for their latest bangers! Definitely check out the War remix if you like drum & bass. It’s a belter! And download these tunes pronto ya pussyclart doll!

Heavyfeet – Sasquatch EP Preview

HeavyFeet ft. Bubbz – I am Here (VIP Remix)

HeavyFeet – Spring Mix 2009

Addendum – Any examples labelled as facts held within this post are purely for entertainment value. The author retains the right however, that should any “facts” in fact be “fact”, to claim that he knew all along.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Melt! 2009 Was Incredible

The 2009 edition of Melt! festival went down last weekend at Ferropolis in Germany. It was an incredible fest with good music, good people and not so good weather. As promised before, here are some impressions (pictures below the text). (more…)

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