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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

When Edwin Met Cyndi

I am really into this romantic movement in electronic pop music right now. I think it’s got a lot of heart and it’s somehow really honest. And apparently in this movement there’s a lot of collaboration and friendship between artists too.

Edwin Van Cleef, who goes by the same name as a character in World of Warcraft, is a “Valerie approved” musician from Leeds, UK. He has just done a remix of “Flashback” by Cyndi Seui. Our favorite Thai pop producer returns the favor by doing a remix of Edwin’s “All I Have To Offer”. Both results are sheer pop bliss, heart warmingly romantic and they make you want to dance through the night.

Cyndi Seui – Flashback (Edwin Van Cleef Remix)

Edwin Van Cleef – All I Have To Offer (Holiday in Saturn Remix by Cyndi Seui)

And to really keep you dancing in circles in your livingroom, Edwin has sent us a great mix he put together for Trash Menagerie, so beautiful, ahhhh. Before you pick it up though, go give some love back to Edwin Van Cleef and Cyndi Seui!

Edwin Van Cleef – Disco Menagerie

Track List:

01. Starsailor – Four to the Floor (Thin White Duke Remix)
02. Chili Hifly – Is It Love (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
03. Pelifics – Forever (Hemingway Remix)
04. The Diogenes Club – SDI
05. Heavinz – Ride (Matt Hughes Remix)
06. DJ DLG & Laidback Luke – Ambition (Livyo Remix)
07. College – Fantasy Park (Moulinex Remix)
08. Kap10kurt – Mission Complete (SymbolOne Remix)
09. Evil Nine – All The Cash (Alex Metric Remix)
10. The Rapture – HHouse of Jealous Lovers (Tenderlions Remix)

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  2. dj dlg – ‘ambition (livyo)’ cant stop listening to that shit!

    Comment by leon — April 7, 2009 @ 2:17 am

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