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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Justin Faust remixes Cyndi Seui

Just when I thought I could let go of 2008 Cyndi Seui sent me Justin Faust‘s remix of “Breakin Into Bitz”. Bavarian synth magician meets Thai pop wonder. What else can we expect from this mixture than an amazing, sugary tune to warm our hearts and make us dance into twothousandfrigginine?

Cyndi Seui – Breakin Into Bitz (Justin Faust Remix)

Happy New Year everyone!

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Discoballistic plays with mirror balls

Yet another dance music project from Belgium is getting ready to destroy dancefloors across the globe. This time it is Discoballistic, a mysterious phenomenon inspired by “neon lights of synth trance and laser guns”. Their Myspace says they’re from Australia, but don’t let that fool you. I’m sure it’s the country of Goose and Soulwax that has given rise to Discoballistic.

As far as I can tell, they are really into mirror balls. Mirror balls galore, multi mirror balls! Download their original track of the same name here:

Discoballistic – Multi Mirror Ball

Discoballistic have also been busy remixing other artists’ work. I really, really like their touch on “NASA” by Futurecop!

Futurecop! – NASA (Discoballistic Remix)

Also, they have given “Bikini Crazy” by beach-pop outfit Sunset Cruisin a nice spin. Go get Sunset Cruisin’s EP here.

Sunset Cruisin – Bikini Crazy (Discoballistic Remix)

To wrap this post up, I give you a remix, for which Discoballistic have given their signature sound of chopped vocals to “Deep In The Forest” by Keenhouse, whose remixes have been featured on this blog before.

Keenhouse – Deep In The Forest (Discoballistic Remix)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Reign – Hard House Banton


coy. via dude's myspace.

Before 2009 comes blistering into view, one last heads up is in order. If you’re like me and can’t seem to ride the UK wave fast enough, you get drowned. So while my inbox follows suit and the system of discernment becomes less efficient, artists like Hard House Banton float effortlessly to the top of the heap. Representing yet another new sound and not yet featured here on Trash, but hovering just under familiar wavelengths (i.e. Garage/2-Step) is UK Funky. More House than Garage, UK Funky has shown its face on the Crazy Cousinz masterpiece “Do You Mind” and continues to find homes on sets from Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, and fellow bloggers the Curb Crawlers. So when you’re going to your playlist on Wednesday night, don’t think twice about using a set opener like “Reign.” The word “epic,” also comes to mind. See you in another day, of another rotation, on earth.

Hard House Banton – Reign

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Favorite Holiday Drink and Song

‘What a curious feeling!’ said Alice; ‘I must be shutting up like a telescope.’
- Alice in Wonderland

The holiday season has been in full tilt the past month and New Years is right around the bend; it’s the perfect time to celebrate the end of another year and the start of a new. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite holiday drink and song, and some of our favorite artists have shared theirs as well! (a few interesting drink concoctions you’re going to want to try) Wherever you may be as 2009 chimes in, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!

Amy Riley – Simple champagne, very cold. In my last year at university, I bought a case and when I turned in my last paper, I drank a bottle every day for 6 days.
Audio Pimpstress – Rave Juice – because it gives me that “Electric Feel”
BisouK – Veuve Cliquot, bc my bday is also NYE. On other nights, Johnny Walker Blue
Lovestar – St – Germain (a french liqueur made from elderflowers) w champagne or Plymouth Gin. Song: I’ve been listening to In Flagranti – “I chatted up the nympho secretary”. Cheers!
Local Hero – Sam Smith Taddy Porter, Knob Creek or Henriot Song: Tomb Crew – “Jingle Hells Bells bmore stoopid remix”
PD Williams – Mulled Wine, what else? It’s winter! Still listening to “Walking On A Dream”, in various remixes.
Terence Teh – My Christmas drink – espresso martini. no homo. Failing that, a string of gin and tonics w/ cucumber. Then champagne. Then a pint of Guinness. Christmas song this year has to be Ron Browz – “Pop Champagne”.
TheCrookedClef – Alaskan Amber-Winter Ale (made w/ spruce tips, obv.)
Waxyjax – Hot Spiked Cider
4am Jess – Fernet Branca… I can’t stop!!

AC SLATER – My fav holiday songs are the Peanuts Christmas songs. and theres nothing better on the Christmas season than a nice box of wine. it’s pretty much bottomless and in the family setting you can’t beat the discreetness and pure class.
ANGEL ALANIS – Drink: Jose Cuervo Song: “Grandma got ran over by a rain deer”, cuz I like violence
BALTIMORODER – Drink: Hot Toddy Song: Wham “Last Christmas”
BIRD PETERSON – Drink: White Russian Song: Donny Hatheway – This Christmas
CONGOROCK – Drink: Chinotto (made by san pellegrino), vintage soda, still unbeatable
CRYPTONITES – Drink: Bloody Mary :) Song: Paul McCartney “Wonderful Christmas Time”
DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS – Drink: Apple Cider mixed with Henny over ice. Song: “This Christmas” by Donny Hathaway
DEAD KIDS (MIKE TITLE) – Song: “La isla bonita”, drink is a crisp lager beer
DEADLY RHYTHM – Favourite Festive Drink: Champagne or this cocktail with cinnamon liqueur called a Mammas Pie, which tastes exactly like christmas! Favourite Festive Song: “Good King Wenceslas” is the best christmas carol or Tomb Crew have a pretty funny bmore remix of Jingle Bells!!
DESIGNER DRUGS – We have been listening to Milke – “Love Get Out of My Way” for the last 24 because we are remixing it. We have been drinking coffee and water but we drank a lot of Jack Daniels on the plane from LA Sunday night. Probably getting some Jameson for the studio on Christmas.
DJ ANNALYZE – Drink: Crème de menthe and hot chocolate Song: “Jingle bell rock” or “Rockin around the xmas tree”
DJ AYRES (THE RUB) – “Hedgehog” – Hennessy and egg nog
DROP THE LIME – This winter i am deep in: Hot Toddy’s with Arabian honey and Kentucky White Rye. Holiday song is: “Chestnuts roasting on an open liar” – mr. fritz
DRUMS OF DEATH – I don’t really have a holiday drink of choice tho white russians are always dope. Xmas song: the pogues – “Fairytale of New York”, easy… It’s genius.
FAN DEATH – Drinks: Rum and Hot Cider Our Fav holiday xmas song is: Cristina: “Things Fall Apart” xo
FELIX CARTAL – mulled wine
FOAMO – holiday drink – jagerbombs… cos im in australia at moment for Christmas and it’s like their national drink ha, love it. holiday song – last couple years, i’ve loved listening to sebastiAn remix of “editors-camera” … for some reason sounds christmassy to me ha!
FRANKMUSIK – My fave holiday drink would have to be a bloody mary. It just warms the soul on chilly nights I guess! And its like a meal in a drink ha ha!
FUKKK OFFF – Drink: Vodka redbull Song: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Queen
GRUM – Mulled wine…I love the stuff. Merry Christmas!
GUNS N BOMBS (J. LOVE) – Drink: Pumpkin eggnog Song: Ed Rush and Optical “Kerbcrawlers”
HOSTAGE – My seasonal tipple this year is Jacques Belgian Fruit Cider. I like it because it’s so juicy and unoffensive it’s perfect at any time of the day and we all know that during the holiday season that’s gotta’ be a boon in any festive tipplers book! DEEELISH! Song: Boney M – Mary’s Boy Child. Gotta love germanic mime-artists Boney M for their calypsoesque take on festive bollocks.
HUORATRON – Drink: “Get over it” – 1 part Prozac, 1 part Viagra, 2 parts tequila, 2 parts Ginger ale. Listenin’: Alice Donut – Mule
JACK BEATS – Drink: chocolate nesquick Song: “Rocking around the christmas tree (jack beats festive remix)”
LADY FOURSQUARE – Drink: Beaujolais Nouveau Song: “Christmas Is Coming” from the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack by the Vince Guaraldi Trio
MARTELO – Fav drink is gonna be jaegerbomb (?! I know, I know) but my good friend, nolan, who I only really see at Xmas when I visit my mum makes us all drink em. I swear it’s the only time I drink that shit but it’s become weirdly associated with Xmas!! Fav song… Tough one. Feels like they stopped making the good ones in the eighties…. Except one!! Stay Another Day – East 17. I have the cd single with 7 mixes. Amazing.
MATH HEAD – I like to drink tequila
MICACHU – my fav drink at xmas is hot toddy. my fav song at xmas is metal gear by cannibal ox
NICK CATCHDUBS – Raspberry Lime Rickey. XXXChange tried to invent the Hedgehog (Hennessy + Egg Nog) the other night but i wasn’t with it. Favorite all-time holiday song is Wham! “Last Christmas” tied with The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping” but this year I gotta go with the So So Def remix of Mariah Carey “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (Lil Bow Wow is drawn like one of Bebe’s Kids in the video!)
NICKY DIGITAL – Drink: Apple cider
NICK HOOK – Drink: Nigori and Apple Cider, any song by obie trice
PASE ROCK – Drink: Hot cider and whiskey
PONY PONY RUN RUN – Drink : caipirinha Song : Chic – “Everybody dance” joyeux noël – Gaëtan & PPRR
PROPER VILLAINS – Drink: Milk Song: “Grandma Got ran over by a Raindeer”
RED FOXX – Drink: Sizzurp is my favorite holiday drink cuz you have to spend alot of time with your family and watching christmas movies and stuff and getting drunk u just get the rage but if you get ur lean going u are just spacing out chilling and its funn Song: The only good Christmas song is the George Michaels “Last Christmas” or whatever but most likely I’ll be listening to lots of Bartok and Salem.
ROY MONSTER – Drink: Crown Royal on the rocks
RUSKO – Favourite drink: manischewitz wine, favourite xmas song: “dreidel, dreidel, dreidel”. BIG UP MY HANUKKAH MASSIVE SHALOM RUDEBOY
SLEATER BROCKMAN – holiday cocktail: the BROCKTAIL – half a rockmelon, cut into pieces 1/4 of a pineapple, cut in to pieces, apple juice, a cup of vodka, a shot of lychee liquer, and a shit ton of ice cubes, blend for like a minute and party like mad song” Willie D – Bald Headed Hoes
STEED LORD – Our holiday drink is called “Malt & Appelsin”, its a mix of orange soda and malt extract. It’s an Icelandic drink and only available here. And people almost fight over it here on how its mixed. We do it like this. First pour the “Applesin” 60% and then the “Malt” 40% and keep it mad cold! Favorite X-Mas song….. Kali loves “Driving Home For Christmas” by Chris Rea… the boys love “Christmas In Hollis by Run-D.M.C.
THE BLOODY BEETROOTS – “in the Bassano de Betteraves” the bloody beetroots kick it with Tagliatella, 50% grappa and 50% China Martini, Tommy personally prefers the Distillato Capovilla, in all flavors.
THE RAPTURE (MATTIE SAFER) – Drink: Hot Apple Cider Song: “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey
THUNDERHEIST – Drink: bloody caesars Song: John denver – please daddy (dont get drunk this christmas)
TOMB CREW – Our favourite tune of the festive period?? gonna have to throw some bias in there and go for…Tomb Crew – “Jingle Hell’s Bells Bmore stooopid Remix”. We’d love it if you could post it on the blog too!! and as for festive drinks….still gonna be red bull cos we’ve got about 20,000 shows over christmas! and red is kinda festive…ha:)!
TOXIC AVENGER – For the drink, I’d say hot chocolate… just right after an ice cold vodka! And I’d say Road to discovery by Midnight Juggernauts for the song, it’s the best thing to listen to when it’s snowing!
TRONIK YOUTH – i love a bit of amaretto and my fave xmas song is flaming lips ‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So)’. It’s the best most recent song. happy holidays xxx
UDACHI – Drink: Cognac and Song: “Feed the World”
XXXCHANGE – Drink: Hedgehogs (Hennessy + Egg Nog)

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Cryptonites deliver a little mix for Christmas

Cryptonites from Switzerland sent over a little mix for Christmas. It’s very diverse with some Evil Nine, some Fatboy Slim, some Cool Kids, some disco and some house. Just like their set at Caravan Disco last Friday, very exciting! You gotta listen to the mix yourself to figure out the tracklist.
One of the boys used to be a house music DJ. He went by the name of… nah, I won’t tell you. I think he wants to get rid of that part of his past. :-)

Cryptonites Minimix December 08

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kap10Kurt spreads the heat

I’m pretty sure most of this blog’s readers know Kap10Kurt. Everyone else: think of big synths and driving beats! He has remixed songs by Dave Gahan, Grafton Primary and others. His latest single “Mission Complete” has already received great attention in the blogosphere.

This Friday, 26 December, Kurt will be DJing at Caravan Disco in Switzerland, a night hosted by… me! :-) Our buddies Cryptonites will also be playing at the Christmas edition of Caravan Disco. The line up is made even more exciting by Friends With Displays who are an awesome DJ crew from Eastern Switzerland. Watch out for them!

As a little teaser, Kap10Kurt sent us his latest DJ mix to share with you.

Kap10Kurt – WinterHeat Mix

The tracklist reads like this:

01. wot (k10kEdit) – captain sensible
02. shirt off (k10kEdit) – blänk
03. Paula you’re sued (k10kEdit) – prolifics
04. hold her – grafton primary
05. kids (k10kEdit) – mgmt
06. falling rockets – cicada
07. kelly (m83/k10kRmx) – van she
08. alderaan (k10kEdit) – neon neon
09. good bad ugly (k10kEdit) – erasure
10. see the light (calvinHarris rmx) – the hours
11. our time (k10kRmx) – ocelot
12. cocked locked – monosurround
13. heaven (k10kEdit) – psychedelic furs
14. tender touch (genuine guy rmx) – dolby anol

Don’t forget to download Dolby Anol‘s remix of Kurt’s latest single, which – as far as I know – hasn’t been on any other blogs before.

Kap10Kurt – Mission Complete (Dolby Anol Remix)

P.S. I almost forgot: Merry Christmas everybody!

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