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Friday, October 31, 2008

Rain Rain Go AWAY, It’s Halloween I want to play!

Photo crtsy. of Google

Photo crtsy. of Google

Happy Halloween Guys and Ghouls!
With today being pumpkin day, I though I’d throw out some treats.
HARD Haunted Mansion is sold the fuck completely OUT so don’t even bother trying to get on someone’s list or even through the door. Won’t happen.
Oops! I guess that was a trick, huh?
Real treat (like Twix level) is that Trash Menagerie is going to interview the one and only SOULWAX tonight! Not only are they playing as Soulwax, but they are scheduled (weather willing) to perform a two hour set as 2 Many DJ’s! Expect us to shed some light on that awesome film they just had premier, “Part of the Weekend Never Dies

Happy Halloween!!!
P.S. I’ve decided to go as Anna Karina. What about you?

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Baltimore’s Babes – Devlin and Darko

Take two kids out of Baltimore, mix in talent and taste, throw in a ton of different styles of music and you get the bumpin’ duo Devlin and Darko (also known as the DJ’s behind Spankrock).

Word hit the street that Chris Devlin and Ronnie Darko were going to be pit-stopping in Los Angeles to play an Xbox party along with New York legend Stretch Armstrong. With that in mind, Trash Menagerie had to twist-arm Devlin into squeezing in a mini-interview shortly before hitting the decks and we held back no bars in asking questions ranging from professional to semi-absurd.

First things first…
bK: Enlighten our readers for those unfamiliar with Baltimore. What is it to you?

CD: Many things. It means friends, family, and where I cut my teeth as a DJ. Oh- and great Crabcakes.

bK: What encompasses the work you do with Spankrock?

CD: Ron and I are the Dj’s for the next record. We co-produced a track with another Baltimore guy and we DJ Spankrock’s live shows

bK: What’s your favorite shit to mix right now and what are you absolutely sick of?

CD: Fave would be Yeah Yeah Body Rocks … What I hate is listening to is an hour of distorted basslines. Those are good in moderation.

bk: What music is in your head when you are doing the following activities:
1. Having sex
CD: Circus music
2. Before you play
CD: Frack n Smack
3. When you’re jacking off
CD: My iPhone reverberating youporn
4. When driving
CD: I don’t drive

bK: How is your relationship with the Windish agency?

CD: It’s pretty good

bK: If your music with Spankrock was a baby- who fucked to make it an what was the situation?

CD: Two wayward souls lost on Route 40 and they were wearing stockings.

bK: What party would you say really excites you?

CD: Big Day Out in Australia. We’ve only been once so far, though.

bK: What are the top 3 songs that influence your work that are pre-1980?

CD: I would have to say…
- Chic- Everybody Dance
- Pink Floyd- Money
- Jimi Hendrix- Stone Freak

bK: If your music was walking down the street, describe how he/she would be:

CD: A gremlin with an umbrella in the daytime in June

bK: Who are you jonesin’ to play with musically?

CD: Shawn Shaffie

bK: Who the fuck is Shawn Shaffie?

CD: The future. He was in Baltimore.

Shortly after this small series of questions took place, Devlin joined Darko and hit the decks. Within 30 minutes the music was pounding and people somehow managed to pull themselves away from playing Xbox to shake it… fantastic set by this duo, they’re definitely one to see again!

Devlin and Darko – 50 ways featuring Amanda

Devlin and Darko- We Make It Good Mix Series Vol. 2

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends

Directed by Jordan Kim, 2007

If you were listening to good music in the 90′s, more than likely your ears crossed paths with one of the greatest independent labels, Ninja Tune. Birthed in 1991 by Matt Black & Jonathon More of Coldcut fame, London-based Ninja Tune has been a place for an eclectic mix of artists that create innovative, quality music. 17 years later, Ninja Tune is still at the helm of electronic music and constantly forging ahead in music exploration.

Eclectic rings dead true of Ninja artist Daedelus, who at 15 years of age, had his first Eureka moment when he got a taste of UK rave and hardcore listening to a pirate radio station. Named after an ancient Greek legend, Daedelus has played in local rock, jazz and ska bands, later Dj’ing the leftfield side of drum and bass, all the while cultivating what would become a sound unique to Daedelus. Fast forward to the present and the recent September cover feature for XLR8R magazine, shows the position Daedelus holds in music today. He certainly has had quite an extraordinary year!

Like wine and cheese the fine pairings are never ending at Ninja Tune. The Death Set prove they can do anything, as their take on Daedelus’ “Fair Weathered Friends” is an ecstatic dance-floor number that pops, while Mumdance & High Rankin keep the magic drummy with a dubstep shuffle.

Daedelus on Trash Menagerie, April 08

Daedelus – Fair Weather Friends (The Death Set Reset)

Daedelus – For Withered Friends (Mumdance and High Rankin Remix)

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

This Sweet Love

Design by Alexandra Ferrarini aka. Kabuki

There’s a wonderous feeling in the air due to the sweet, charming lyrics and endearing music coming off the guitar strings and laptop of James Yuill. Touted as one of the UK’s buzzed about acts for 2009, you’re going to want to fill your ears with ‘Turning Down Water For Air‘, the debut LP, released 13th October on Moshi Moshi, by the multi-instrumental Londoner.

Plain and simple, ‘Turning Down Water For Air‘ is good, imaginative music, with gems like the second single, “This Sweet Love“, a heartfelt song that encourages you to “be the greatest man in history, the greatest man that you can be”. Though it seems James Yuill was born to sing about life and its relationships, he’s come a long way since a year past when his days were spent at an agency picking out music for TV adverts. Those days are behind him and we’re pleased.

There’s enough dance energy to all this ‘folktronica’, and picking up the tempo on “This Sweet Love” is Norwegian DJ/producer Prins Thomas. Drums of Death and Ruff N Jam had their hands on the tune as well and I must say, Drums of Death really turns this one inside and out!! Listen here.

Lastly, for those that missed the coverage on James this past August over at Discobelle; he won their remix competition for Roots Manuva’s “Buff Nuff”, and in September he showed his Dj skills for their Mixin’ It Up series. Listen to both and download off James’ site and stay updated on all things James Yuill via his blog!

James Yuill – This Sweet Love (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mad Pizza and Hot Dog

The Mad Pizza and Hot Dog have been getting down across U.S. cities whilst on the Mad Decent tour with Diplo, Abe Vigoda, Boy 8-Bit, Telepathe, and some special guests!! Check the entire gang on the rest of their tour dates, listed below!!!!!!

10/30/2008 Richards On Richards, Vancouver
10/31/2008 Nectar Lounge, Seattle
11/01/2008 Hawthorne Theater, Portland
11/03/2008 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco
11/04/2008 Echoplex, Los Angeles
11/05/2008 Club Red, Tucson
11/07/2008 Emos, Austin
11/08/2008 Palladium Ballroom, Dallas
11/10/2008 Masquerade, Atlanta
11/11/2008 Cats Cradle, Carrboro
11/12/2008 Black Cat, Washington DC
11/13/2008 Sonar, Baltimore
11/14/2008 Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia
11/29/2008 The Warehouse Project, Manchester
12/05/2008 Paradiso, Amsterdam
12/06/2008 Transmusicales Rennes (FR)
12/20/2008 Foreign Cinema Restaurant, San Francisco

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drop The Lime Update

If you caught Zane Lowe‘s Radio 1 show on 9th October, you may have heard him praising Drop The Lime‘s tune “Hear Me 2009” as one of the hottest songs in the world! Recently released on Beatport, you can choose your favorite amongst remixes by AC Slater, Buraka Som Sistema, Drums of Death and The Touch. With a main room residency at Fabric, it’s no wonder DTL has been spending loads of time across the pond. Last Thursday (10/23), the entire Trouble & Bass crew teamed up with Bok Bok & L-VIS 1990 for an extra smattering of bass, dub, grime, and ghetto house at ‘Night Slugs‘, held at East Village in Shoreditch. Check the photos from the night here and here.

Sometime during all of this, DTL had a chat with Tam Gunn over at Fact Magazine. I’m always peepin Fact, they’ve got the goods! Head on over to their side and see what DTL has been up to these days and what the future has in store. Excerpt below taken from DTL’s interview on Fact. It’s time to lose control!!!! And you can do so whilst listening to DTL’s latest mix for Fact, posted in our mixes section snatched by our TM Seattle rep, TheCrookedClef!

Tamm Gunn: How does playing London differ to playing New York?

DTL: “You can play anything here. I could drop the craziest bassline, and people will go off because they understand it. In America you’ve gotta trick them a little. Play some hits and reel them in, and then we can let them loose, but you don’t have to work at that here – you can just go out with a bang and people will get down man. They’re really into the music, and not just there to be seen with the music, or seen at a certain party… It’s more open minded – there’s more of a dance scene, and dance culture.”

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