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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bang! Bang! Eche!

Design by Shayna Quinn

The frenetic music of the five-piece electro-pop-indie-rock band from Christchurch, New Zealand, Bang! Bang! Eche! (pronounced Bang Bang Etch), grabbed my attention even more than the slutty giraffe pictured on the cover of their self-titled EP. Their energetic shows with shouty vocals and dance-punk synth stabs make the hip kids dance wildly, jumping up and down like they’re on a pogo stick out of pure excitement. If fantastic noise-filled, high energy shows are your cup of tea, then you’ll fit perfectly amongst the raucous rabble at a Bang! Bang! Eche! gig.

“When the beats drop on the floor, you’ll be gaggin’ for some more…”- ’4 To The Floor’. Born to the world on May 7, 2007, Bang! Bang! Eche! have settled in nicely with their current line-up: Charlie (guitar), Perry (keyboards), James (drums), T’Nealle (bass) and Zac (vocals). We get the Bang! Bang! part, but what does Eche at the end of it mean? BBE’s guitarist/synth player, Charlie explains. “ECHE is native Maori for “awesome partytimes”!!! It actually connects quite well with our lyrics, as our lyrics for the EP were all about what will happen on the 21st of December 2012. Some people see it as the date of the apocalypse, but they are mainly just crazies who spend waaay to much time stayin’ up all night, drooling over conspiracy vids on YouTube while buzzing hard on Adderall. We see it as a celebration. Test Icicles will have gotten back together and we will be opening for them. With Anoraak. Or something like that. Either way, it will be awesome, and our lyrics were just trying to convey the atmosphere we can feel in our hearts when we dream about this future event.” Long live Test Icicles.

Of their lyrics, BBE says, “Now we’ve started writing really hiphop influenced songs, and the lyrics are more abstract.. we don’t even really know what they’re about.. We think we like lyrics better that way, it’s less “HERE KIDS, RELATE TO THIS”. No longer a secret to be kept just for Nu Zilland, Bang! Bang! Eche! are pushing their sound to new territories, including NYC for CMJ this coming October, followed by Europe and the U.K.! But before heading out, catch them Oct 17, 2008, for their last show in NZ with Modular’s Bang Gang Dj’s at the SOHOMO Birthday Extravaganza! Some serious banging is about to go down. Prepare for some face melting.

10 fun facts about BANG BANG ECHE!!!!!

01. We started out in March 07, after some bands that we were previously in (a hip hop crew, an indie-house duo and an angry punk band) had disbanded!
02. Since then we’ve been touring NZ non stop, playing with superduper bands like Chk Chk Chk (NY), So So Modern, Cut Off Your Hands, Die Die Die, the Mint Chicks, and the Shocking Pinks etc etc!
03. Our synth player Perry used to be a prodigal drum & bass DJ named ‘Vitamin P’ when he was 6.
04. We released our debut self-titled EP in May 2008! You can download the whole thing for free, from our myspace at
05. Our first two ever singles ’4 To The Floor’ and ‘Nikee’ went straight to #1 on the bNet (NZ college network). The third single ‘Time Mismanagement’ followed shortly after at #4, and even got to #2 on the mainstream Radioscope charts!!
06. Our bassist T’Nealle is fucking brutal. Her reputation in underground fighting circles is unparalleled. Usually she disappears for a few hours when we have just played a show and comes back with a blinging gold belt like wrestlers have, but waaay more ghetto. She has eight pairs of grills that all say “CRUNQ”. (T’Nealle is also said to have written two albums of new material in one week. crazy? yes.)
07. In late October, we are moving to New York to live with our hot managers Moose and M-Liz for a few weeks!!! We are playing at the CMJ Music Festival – you can see us at the CMJ NZMusicCommision Showcase with Cut Off Your Hands, the Ruby Suns, and Die Die Die.
08. After NYC we play some dates in Europe, and stay in London for 2 weeks! Check myspaz for dates!
09. At the same time in London, the ’4 To The Floor//Fingers In The Till’ 7” vinyl is being released by Zarcorp Records!
10. After Europe, we then return to NZ to play the Rhythm & Vines festival in Gisbourne on new years eve!!


Bang! Bang! Eche! – Time Management

Bang! Bang! Eche! – Nikee

Bang! Bang! Eche! – 4 To The Floor

Bang! Bang! Eche! – (You and Me) As Thick As Thieves

Bang! Bang! Eche! live at Mighty Mighty

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Black Hole is Opening

With all this talk of the LHC creating a black hole that will envelop the earth I think it’s about time that I write about the latest of up’n’coming Chicago producers, Black Holes. They are rather new to the scene here but they show little sign of n00biness. They are clearly some of the best producers to arise from our fledgling electro scene and certainly a welcome change from the mash-up and b-more that dominates the city’s hipster nights.

I’m not trying to belittle their abilities here, but describing their sound is rather simple. They sound like Crookers. So here’s where you think to yourself, “Why would I listen to this if I can listen to Crookers?” Well, firstly, Crookers is good and these kids are almost just as good. Two Crookers is better than one, my grandfather always told me. Secondly, I’m not sure if you guys are old enough to remember but about a year and a half ago (feb 7, 2007; about 8 years ago in blog years) I remember the fluokids posting a little tune called “Massive” by a then unknown duo called Crookers (later released on Pottymouth Records) that was somewhat overlooked because the general consensus was, “Oh, no big deal, they are just trying to sound like Switch.” Well, look where that got them. And I feel like Black Holes are capable of the same thing in the near future if they keep plugging away and develop their own sound so, when you download and play these tunes out now, you will have future ammunition for when they get big and you want to assert your authenticity. Although, now that I’ve said that, does it negate ones ability to use this as snob-fodder?

Anyways, they have certainly caught folks ears here in Chi and elsewhere. They were tapped to open for MSTRKRFT on their upcoming Chicago tour date. They also happen to be the winners of the Trouble & Bass Little Jinder remix contest that recently took place. Here’s a couple of their tunes to whet your appetite and you can hear their winning remix on their myspace.

Black Holes – War Drums

Black Holes – I’m A Beast

Hollywood Holt – Caked Up (Black Holes Rmx)

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Micachu live at DURRR

Past flyer design by Gina Baber

Micachu performing live at DURRR on August 11, 2008. DURRR happens every Monday night at The End, West Central Street, London, WC. Previous Micachu on Trash!

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Monday, September 29, 2008

MSTRKRFT – Fist of (oh my) God Tour

This weekend kicked off MSTRKRFT‘s North American Fist of God Tour starting with Friday night in boiling LA at the Henry Fonda theater and WHAT A SHOW!

It being an all ages event, the youngins were all afresh in their scandalous attire, nymph-like dance moves, and damn did they get there early. By 10pm the place was packed and it was a sold out show!

Italy’s Congorock kicked things off with fun groovey dance beats, followed by Felix Cartal throwing down teeth gritting hard tracks that had people jumping like a mosh pit, then LA Riots, A-Track, and finally the night capped off with MSTRKRFT. Different from a normal MSTRKRFT show? Yes. In their set they included a lot of tracks that are going to be on their upcoming album!

With that many dj’s playing, I thankfully only heard one very noticeable track twice: “Bounce Low feat. NORE”.

This tour is worth the money to go to, it’s quality and the lineup is almost festival like. They’re going all over the US, so check the myspace page of MSTRKRFT for tour dates, etc. in your city.

Oh- and the follow up show on Sunday night at the El Rey was also great, the visuals looked really fantastic so kudos to the tech guys on that. The after party at LAX was a continuation of fun times with MSTRKRFT hitting the decks alongside Steve Aoki at the Banana Spilt Sunday party. Highlight of the after party: people having a big enough sense of humor to play fantastically cheesey club hits from the early 2000s.

Check MSTRKRFT’s MySpace for Fist of God tour dates!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hey! Hey! Its Hey Champ!

Here’s a great video from Chicago’s, Hey Champ a hot new trio in the scene making some fresh tunes. The video is for the band’s new single “Cold Dust Girl”. This is one of those sneaky songs that you hear at night and wake up in the morning with its melodies still infecting your thoughts. Then you immediately want to hear it again. It’s just that fresh.

The first exposure to the world for the trio was when a blog accidentally posted their remix of Scenario Rock‘s “Perfect Love Antidote” as Ed Banger’s distorto super producer Sebastian. When the remix was discovered that it was really Hey Champ, the trio’s take on the song was strong enough to gain plenty of acclaim. It is even available on itunes (Europe only) and was put out by a major label Sony.

Their sound can easily be compared to the likes of Van She, Cut Copy, Fred Falke and Les Rhythmes Digitales. Mixing rock with elements of house all based over an abudant amount of synth action. Sometimes playing out as a full band and sometimes doing dj sets, Hey Champ is paying their dues quickly. Already featured in UR Magazine with an upbeat, good times mix. Gaining bookings more and more and even getting rapper Lupe Fiasco attention enough for him to write about them on his blog. It is also entirely possible that the group will be scooped up at anytime by a record label.

Enjoy the video and the mp3 and check the groups myspace to keep updated.

Hey Champ! – Cold Dust Girl

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Krudmart-Steve Kream’s Autumn Love Mixtape

Even though September is coming to an end, streetwear supply company Krudmart’s September mixtape will continue to beone of my favorite mixes of the fall season.

Entitled, Autumn Love, Krudmart head honcho Steve Kream hand made this wonderful mix that stresses the feelings of fall. It’s getting darker earlier, the air is getting colder, leaves are changing colors and both sexes are wearing more clothing but romance, sex and love seem to be the highest this time of year.

Besides having great taste in music, Krudmart has great clothing and wares for purchasing. You can pick up a Mishka shirt, a pair of APC jeans, Sabre Vision Sunglasses, and head out on the town with Autumn Love playing on your headphones.

Krudmart also has a blog and twitter

1. The Jets – Crush On You
2. Fred Falke – Wait For Love
3. Holy Ghost – Hold On
4. Nicolette Larson – Lotta Love
5. Sebastien Tellier – La Ritournelle (Metronomy Mix)
6. Hercules & Love Affair – Blind
7. Herbert – The Audience
8. Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
9. Morgan Geist – Most of All
10. Spiller – Groovejet
11. Human League – Don’t You Want Me Baby
12. When in Rome – The Promise
13. Masters at Work – Deep Inside
14. Pnau – Baby (Breakbot Remix)
15. The Juan Maclean – Love is in the Air
16. Knee Deep – Big Love
17. Puzique – Don’t Go
18. Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
19. Luomo – The Present Lover
20. Royksopp – Remind Me
21. CSS – Lets Make Love (Spank Rock Remix)
22. Felix Da Housecat – Ready 2 Wear
23. The Similou – All This Love

PS cover art was made by Curtis Vodka.

Krudmart September Mixtape – Steve Kream – Autumn Love

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