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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You’re gonna cry- SALEM

After all the flash in the pan, 5 minutes of fame, 130 bpm garbage cluttering an itunes playlist, a music fans yearns for something truly fresh. Something, that won’t be a joke or embarrassing to find 6 months later. Something that you’ll run to tell your friends about or keep secret as your own personal audio treasure.

Salem delivers, in more ways than one, giving the listener everything they didn’t even know they need. Shrouded in mystery, with two cryptic myspace’s and no real place of origin (they claim Chicago, New York, and Michigan.) One would think that this would be a technique to add to already building hype but it becomes increasingly apparent that Salem are just accidentally building to their hype. They are just young group of artists drawing from there influences creating a unique experience for themselves and their listeners and everything that happens in between is just chance.

The music is haunting and beautiful, perfect for headphones or blasting on the boombox during bedroom love sessions. The group describes themselves as a blend of “black metal, Southern rap, early goth, screw, and juke”. While that description could easily make for the worst mash up, bandanna wearing bandanna, all over print bullshit, It’s only serves as a reference point of the actual creation process of the music. While its unfair to pin point comparison groups, Salem is a must have for fans of my bloody valentine, cocteau twins, christian death or even dj screw. Something so simple and obvious yet totally inventive and new. Salem operates on many parrells building a wide array of fans including indie web media’s Pitchfork and countless more.

They have an upcoming 7″ to be released on Acephale Records. It will be pressed on white vinyl with a limited amount of 500 with no represses. The 7″ is titled “Yes, I smoke crack” and will feature the songs; redlights, snakes, deepburn, and dirt.

No word on digital release but this is one to have on vinyl.

North American Pre-Orders are available through paypal here.

And International Orders here.

and both myspace pages here and here.

This is their cover/tribute to Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia” for Trash Menagerie readers listening pleasure.

Salem – Brustreet

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  1. ‘haunting’ is a very fitting adjective. they have an interesting sound.

    i’m not sure if i can convey the likeness, but i can see some smashing pumpkins influence in there, too.

    ‘usleep’ is a nice track as well (off of their myspage page).

    Comment by nicko — June 5, 2008 @ 5:20 pm

  2. [...] It wasn’t that long ago I was singing the praises of chop’n screw’d goth kids, Salem, on here. [...]

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