Monday, June 30, 2008

Latest June Mixes!


There’s no denying that the latest MIXES have been keeping our ears extremely happy and have caused some serious dance fever action! Each mix is sure to bring out the inner wild side of you! If you’ve missed any of the recent 6 listed below, do yourself a favor and work your way up from the bottom to the top and have a listen. Before you know it, they’ll be over far too quickly and you’ll be begging for more! With the exception of the smooth, minimal Acid Girls mix, these are the bass heavy sounds of the summer season! Peep the MIXES section to the upper right for more JUNE MIXES and keep checking back for more!!

Drop The Lime at Fabric
Foamo’s Summer Mix
Crookers Radio 1 essential Mix
A1 Bassline
Acid Girls – NLLR Mix
Tomb Crew – NLLR Mix

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Sunday, June 29, 2008



Yes ladies and gentleman, KMD is a very happy girlie as the delicious duo that is The Presets are heading over to play some spellbinding shows in the UK!

So now after dancing my butt off to their fabulous new album ‘Apocalypso’ I’m very excited that I will actually get to sample these new juicy tracks live.

If you are based in the UK get your tickets now here. Just in case you aren’t sure where they are playing look at the lovely list I put together below:

Tue 1 Jul – Thekla, Bristol
Wed 2 Jul – The 444 Club, The Rainbow, Birmingham
Thu 3 Jul – Scala, London

If you’re off to the Birmingham gig, trashmenagerie fave Deluka are also supporting – see you there.

Oh and if your lucky enough to live in London you can watch the guys in action at an exclusive and very FREE instore at Rough Trade East on Friday July 4, kicking off at 7pm. Very limited tickets are available and can be obtained by dropping by the store to pick one up anytime from now until 10 am next Friday, on a first come first served basis.

Oh if that’s not enough check out this awesome track from ‘Apocalypso‘ – ‘This Boy’s In Love‘. Now go – get the album, rush to the instore and dance dance dance.

The Presets – This Boy’s In Love

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

IDJ Smiles on Berlin Lars Moston’s ‘Jack It’

idj front cover - summer 08

Lars Moston’s ears must have burning when his latest track “Jack It” got a big thumbs up in International DJ Magazine (IDJ) Summer 2008. The track, which was featured last month on TM, was especially recommended and got 4 out of 5 gold stars.

IDJ Reviewer Larry Nelson writes:

“While the majority of the music currently coming out of Berlin remains painfully grey and deep, there’s a small culture of electro freaks bubbling away in the city. Shir Khan’s Exploited label is the most obvious source, but Moston’s close behind with his Freakz label. A wonky, tripped out number, the main hook is just one word ‘jack’ and a beautiful bassline which rumbles and tickles in all the best ways. For a little more swing to your set flip for Daniel Dexter and Nhan Solo’s rub – meaty beats all the way. peeps!”

When Moston was asked about the review, he admitted he’d not heard about it. “Did I?” he asked surprised. “What for?” He was chuffed -although he pointed out that, unfortunately, Freakz Me Out is not his label. He could be forgiven for not keeping up.

Moston’s latest remix of Human Resources‘ 1991 old school classic “Dominator” has been getting loads of props. It’s released on house music veteran Bryan Cox’s label, Crux records – others on the fidget house label include Chamillionaire, Trash Fashion, The Bulgarian, 3 Is A Crowd, Gaetan, Chew Fu, Pette Vaydex, Shax, Bryan Cox, Mightyfools, Hostage and so many more I’ll get tired writing them out.

Gigging wise, Lars is doing his normal Germany rounds (below), but is also planning to be in the UK this autumn, which I eagerly await!

5 Jul 2008 – Parkhaus, Lübeck
11 Jul 2008 – Dusted Decks, Grimma
20 Sep 2008 – Taste @ Muffathalle (with Daniel Dexter & Nhan Solo), München
10 Oct 2008 – Suite 15, Regensburg
11 Oct 2008 – Bauhaus, Landshut
15 Nov 2008 – Famous Breaks (Moston & Malente), Gdansk (PL)

I’m featuring “Jack It!” again and also throwing out a track that’s getting a lot of playtime on my i-Pod, “Ever Since I Heard The Sound”, which was released last May (2007) on Plastique Base Records, and is just a perfect electro house tune.

Jack It! – Lars Moston

Ever Since I Heard The Sound – Lars Moston

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Destroy Disco – Fly or Bounce

Very few tracks these days can have such a great effect on the crowd to where people are immediately running up to the dj and asking for a song id. Destroy Disco has created one of these “must have songs” and its called “fly or bounce“.

Destroy Disco is a trio of djs from Sydney, Australia. While they have a long history as djs they have less than a few years as producers. It didn’t stop “fly or bounce” from being one of the hottest tracks around with crappy camera phone recordings of the tune popping up all over you tube. It even got the remix treatment from Laidback Luke and frequent plays by malente and crookers just to name a few. It is a crucial track for summer. It crosses fidget with enough elements of big room house to make a great crossover track and flexible enough to play at Pacha and crobar to studio b and cinespace.

And now we’re in luck because the track was officially released on June 18th on Secure Recordings packed with some heavy duty remixes by Jokers of The Scene, Bart Bmore, RogerSeventytwo and kruh.

And its available now through beatport for you to purchase and enjoy. Click here or here. Rest assured that it is worth every cent of your money, with the original track being amazing and the remixes are even more crucial. My personal favorite being a tie between the Jokers of The Scene remix and the Bart Bmore remix. The whole thing just creates a great excitement for the future of Destroy Disco.

And to celebrate the release of this monumental record, the Destroy Disco boys sent Trash Menagerie some tracks as a thank you to all their fans.

Destroy Disco – Ready for the Floor

Destroy Disco – Hello

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DJ Kue is for Lovers


DJ Kue seems to be a name that’s been popping up all over the place these days. His crowd friendly fidgety electro disco house has an incredibly broad appeal and his tight productions have been spotted in some the biggest DJs sets. This San Jose producer has been making tunes since 2004 but has been a well respected DJ in the bay area for 15 years. Most recently he has been added to DJ Dan‘s label In Stereo and has shown quite a bit of success from his first release, My Way. He’s been kind enough to provide to you what I feel is the best tunes he’s made thus far, Lovers Break, with its bouncy bassline and funky sample breakdown this one has been a hit with everyone who’s gotten their hands on it. It was, just the other day, featured on Guns ‘n’ Bombs most recent mixtape; the series thats been such a mainstay in the rise of bloghouse. DJ Kue presents a bright future and will be poking his touch on many future remix and original projects.

DJ Kue – Lovers Break

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008



WOWZA GUYS AND GALS – Listen to this brand spanking new remix!

Seriously, the chic and fiercely talented twosome that is Justice have remixed the already fabulous ‘Electric Feel’ by MGMT.

I have nothing else to say, just put your dancing shoes on, make some space, and dance like no-one’s watching!!!

MGMT – Electric Feel (Justice Remix)

To purchase this remix click here.

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