Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Young Lust and LA


I first caught light of Londoner, Hugh Frost aka, Sportsday Megaphone, off his friend Nic Nell‘s page as well as past features on Big Stereo and BiBaBiDi. His remix of Envelopes, “Party”, was a pleasant surprise. Who doesn’t like a good party?! This one was full of his trademark bleeps and blips!

His latest tune, “LA”, showcases his talent for creating a song heavy in lyrics, yet maintains a catchy, pop feel. Love the intro. “LA is about the inhuman philosophy toward people with mental illness advocated by the church of Scientology. It was written about the time I spent working in LA for American Apparel at their factory downtown”, says SM. Not your typical first thoughts whilst thinking of the city of sun and dazzle.

As for “Young Lust”, SM says, “It’s about not seeing someone for ages and meeting somewhere, (in this case a borrowed house) and making a mess and not caring – that kind of thing!” You don’t have to convince us, we’re cool with making a mess and forgetting our manners, especially if it’s due to lustful affairs…

Look out for the seven inch single “LA”/”Young Lust”, out 16th June, off Sunday Best, as well as Sportsday Megaphone’s debut LP, ‘So many Colours / So Little Time’, due out in August, loaded with a long list of remixes! For more Sportsday Megaphone, check his remix page, Sportsday Megamix.

UK Live dates + June dates with I WAS A CUB SCOUT coming soon!
MAY 13 / Edinburgh / The Ark / w Envelopes
16 / Brighton / The Great Escape Festival / w Alphabeat

Sportsday Megaphone – LA

Sportsday Megaphone – Young Lust

Lyrics to “LA” here!
i could see the factory
where i worked
from the window of my house
just a short bike ride away
through industrial estates
and the people watching on the way
sleep were they fall
land where they may
are they posing?
lying drunk?
under piles of old boxes

and up the block
a church of gold
those who attend
truly devout
they think the homeless
dug their holes
it’s up to them to climb back out
and rolling in their SUV’s
believe in aliens
but not psychology
and no thanks
no painkillers please
the prey that pays
becomes stress free

this is the USA
and if you’re not on the team
then you can stay on the street
for the rest of your life

this is LA
and if you’re not sound of mind
then you can go outside
and you can fucking die

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