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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

“Music For an Accelerated Culture”


This cool limited edition boxed set is looking mighty dreamy!! Almost like a pillow that you could lay your head on and dream of hearing great music coming out of it! Chances are, you will. “Music For an Accelerated Culture“, is the debut album for the Leeds 5 piece, grindie pop outfit, Hadouken! The album drops 5th of May on Atlantic Records (U.K. only) and will contain nine new and two older songs. Play it loud!!

For those that were to desperate to hold out for the album and ended up with 1 of 2 advance leaked versions, shame on you! The hour for the REAL one is near and it doesn’t include any fake tunes! Patience is a virtue. Also available on itunes, U.K. including 2 remixes!! Buy the real deal and continue supporting the artists!!

If you’re fiending for some of their favorite older tunes, which they compiled on a mixtape sometime last year, you can still download it here and have a listen. The video to their latest single “Declaration of War“, came out sometime in April. What a chune! Watch it here and expect to either fall in love with the Hadouken! or hate them for being too cool. Check the following links to stay up on the band, with events happening up and down the U.K. throughout the entire spring/summer!!!
Hadouken! MySpace
Hadouken Remixes

Per Hadouken!’s site regarding the limited edition boxed set
Fans who purchase the limited box set will automatically have a years membership to ‘Aerials’ an exclusive community with sole access to an avalanche of Hadouken! music and privileges throughout the year. Check the limited boxed set link above to see what those goodies are!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

KMD Gets Sexual with Sebastien Tellier!

KMD gets sexual with Sebastin Tellier - An interview
Photo by Laurent Bochet

This is an interview, not a segment taken from ‘diary of a call girl’!

Amongst my favourite French things are Chanel, Lanvin, Jean Paul Gautier and now it seems French Electro is lavishing at the top of my CD collection. Artistes such as Daft Punk, Justice and the Kitsuné massive have been flourishing there for a while, but it is the elegantly harmonious album ‘Sexuality‘ by Sebastien Tellier that is having its moment to shine in my CD player at present. Yes, I said ‘CD Player’…I am an old fashioned girl at heart!

I felt it was time for me to have my own time out with Mr. Tellier, and ask him a few delish questions. Brace yourself this is a quickfire round of questions…….here goes….

Kimberleysmobiledisco: What inspired ‘Sexuality’?

Sebastien Tellier: I found inspiration in my sexual fantasies.

KMD: Do you think this album is a departure from its predecessors?

ST: For a long time I though that politics ruled the world, but two years ago I discovered that it was in fact, sex.

KMD: Who are your main influences?

ST: I have too many influences to mention them all, but Beach Boys, Mamas and Papas, and Stevie Wonder are some of my major influences.

KMD: What was the first record you ever bought?

ST: It was a Jackson 5 Compilation.

KMD: What was the last record you purchased?

ST: Another compilation, by Lucio Battisti: Ancora tu

KMD: What was it like working with Guy on this album?

ST: I’d been a fan of Guy-Man for a long time. He really put a lot of effort into this album, it was perfect. In the studio, we were excited and quite serious at the same time.

KMD: How did this partnership come to fruition?

ST: Throwing ourselves into this album together was a real adventure, we didn’t really know if it was going to work or not. However, we were both happy with the finished product.

KMD: If you could work with anyone who would it be and why?

ST: Most of the people I want to work with are directors, instead of musicians. I’d really like to work with John Woo, Zach Snyder or even Micheal Mann.

KMD: Any plans to play at any UK festivals this year?

ST: I will be playing Bestival, and hopefully some others too. I’m really comfortable with the English audience.

KMD: Any plans for a UK tour in the near future?

ST: Sadly, the UK tour isn’t scheduled until the autumn, so I’m going to have to be patient.

KMD: If you could change one thing about the world right now, what would it be?

ST: My body.

KMD: You have quite an eclectic style, is it influenced by any particular designers or individuals?

ST: I try to imbue my music with a sense of mystery and craziness.

KMD: Sum up your perfect day off

ST: Relaxing with my friends, some good wine and then perhaps go out to a club or something.

KMD: What interests you outside music?

ST: Boats and TV series’.

KMD: What is your favourite film?

ST: 300

KMD: Do you have any regrets?

ST: Yes, I’m full of them, but I no longer have the time to think about them.

KMD: Who are your favourite bands currently?

ST: Bee Gees, Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin

KMD: What do you think of the state of ‘new music’ today?

ST: It’s like the rest of the world – there’s loads of it.

KMD: If any of our readers haven’t seen you live before what can they expect from one of your shows?

ST: I’m going to try and take my audience on a huge sexual journey. I’m going to try and hide in the background, so as to avoid breaking the fantasies of the audience.

KMD: Sum yourself up in three words

ST: Cautious, cheerful and nostalgic.

KMD: What does the future hold for you?

ST: I hope to reach artistic perfection.

You gotta lurve him……now I feel like gettin’ sexual!

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hold Me Back!


Swiss Dj duo, DJ Questionmark and DJ Atomik, of Round Table Knights, (RTK), have nailed it on the dancefloor with their refreshing disco-electro-indie rock track and EP, “Hold Me Back“, off Murda Boy Rec. The catchy lyrics, “dance all night”, sung by the lead singer of the band Labrador City, is exactly what you’re going to want to do!!

Hold Me Back“, has had some fine remix action from 2 of our favs – Cape Town’s, The Bulgarian and Brooklyn’s Passions! The Bulgarian Remix and Passions’ Splatterhouse Remix are equally fantastic in their respective ways! We’ve got The Bulgarians fine fidgety rendition of it – yayyy! The EP also contains an additional remix of RTK’s “Popular Culture” by indie rock band Must Have Been Tokyo.

Filmmaker Amaury Berger and design studio Foederation have created the music video for “Hold Me Back”, which tells the story about an unforgettable night walk.

Check the RTK MySpace for tour updates and new music!!!! Purchase “Hold Me Back” on Beatport or Juno!

Round Table Knights – Hold Me Back (The Bulgarian Remix)

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekend Update

tomb crew

I had the craziest weekend that definitely prepared me for the spring (then summer please hurry). I got a great share of BBQ food, good friends, and some new and inspiring music. On Friday night Trouble and Bass was absolutely wild. I am a big Rusko fan so I was super content with his dubstep set, it was exactly what I needed. But little did I know that the DJ Crew following him would unexpectedly tear the roof off the place. Tomb Crew is killing it. I want you to stop reading this for a second, go to their myspace page, check out their tour dates, download the mixes on their page and get back to me……I’ll wait. Ok, now that that is done we will move on.

Saturday night I wound up at a BBQ that turned into a complete drunken dance party, which brought me to bar hopping somehow. I stopped by Hugs in Brooklyn to check out my favorite blog/mix partner in crime Woodman Djing along with Egg Foo Young AKA Michna. Michna is the newest addition to Ghostly International and it couldn’t be more perfect for him. His song titled Triple Chrome Dipped is on the new Ghostly Swim compilation. I love Ghostly, and I love Adult swim, so of course I am all about this. There is even a video for his song!!!! You can download Ghostly Swim for a short time here so get on it people.

Somewhere during this weekend there was a secret sneaky peak at a new and wonderful discotastic band that has a name involving the son of Zeus and a single with a title meaning not being able to see. I may or may not have been there. Hmmmmm. “I heard” it was amazing. Big things for them soon. You’ll see.

I completed my weekend with cuban food and a sneak preview of Iron Man and now I am ready to sleep for a few days. XOXO

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Sirens Soundin Off!!


Dizzee Rascal‘s LP, “Maths & English“, (XL Recordings) has been out in the U.K. since mid summer 2007 and finally hits the U.S. shores tomorrow, 29th of April!! (via Def Jux) The album is Dizzee’s third and is said to be one of his best, although “Boy in da Corner”, was true to his South Bow (East End of London) roots in every way. Straying a bit from the previous brash, in your face music of years past, “Maths & English” is a bit more relaxed, with American influences and a pop tinge to it.

The second single off the LP, “Sirens“, recounts feeling shaken after robbing a couple and soon after, hearing the sirens coming. “Blood when you hear the sirens coming, I can hear the sirens coming, better run when you hear the sirens coming, I can hear the sirens coming”.

With the track getting some remix support from a few artists, allowing it to cross into a greater audience, Chicago duo, War Games, (House legend Angel Alanis and Local Hero of the Trash Menagerie crew) in particular, doesn’t compromise the distinctiveness of Dizzee’s identity. They’ve turned “Sirens” into a dance floor monster! Replacing police sirens with rave sirens, whilst keeping it true to its rugged edge they maintain a polished and clean sound. This one isn’t for the docile being.

Keep an eye out for War Games in the near future as they have a few projects on the verge, including more remixes, original tunes, as well as upcoming projects from the NoiseFloor Crew. Now check the video of Dizzee being hunted by the Brits…

Dizzee Rascal – Sirens (War Games Remix)

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Reason to Love NYC

Eli Escobar photo by Roxy Cottontail

I finally discovered Neon Neon and I’m totally into it. I didn’t know anything about them until I received this official remix of I Lust You from Eli Escobar. It’s lovely isnt it? I can safely say that Eli is definitely one of the best producers and DJs in NYC. I am also going to hold Mr. Escobar responsible for me loving the Britney Spears album because his remix of Gimme More featuring Amanda Blank started it. First Britney then Neon Neon. Awesome. He also has a great blog. Read it. Love it. Bookmark it. If you are in Australia please go check him out while he is there. His tour dates are on his page. And if you are in NYC you should know already.

Neon Neon-I Lust You (Eli Escobar Remix)

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