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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Blipvertz/Boolash: no, this isn’t an assault on your country

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Got my hands on the new release (17th March 2008) from a local favorite, the Brighton Breaks label, for which Northern breaks/electro recluse Sam Hell teamed up with the ever-so-young, but wise-beyond-his-years breaks head Rektchordz, and boy are you in for a treat!

I’ve written about SH plenty on these pages, but Rektchordz is definitely one to get cozy with. The boy’s credited with a hefty stockpile of tracks and remixes he’s out on BreaksFM, BombTraxx, Unstable, Trans:Verse, to name a few and they’re all belters.

Blipvertz – Sam Hell & Rektchordz [Brighton Breaks]

“Blipvertz” starts with Sam Hell’s signature big chunky breaks, followed by a casual assault of bleeps. The track has a one-minute intro before it all totally kicks off. Turn up your speakers and get ready for it.

Subliminal? Quite possibly. For those who were born before 1980, the reference might not be lost on you; “blipverts” were the lightning-fast tv commercials that overloaded viewers’ nervous systems and killed them on ’80s Reaganomics-inspired tv show Max Headroom.

Boolash – Rektchordz [Brighton Breaks]

“Boolash” (Rektchordz works alone on this one) is a super-catchy, quite minimal tune with a funky bass groove throughout. I like it a lot and I’m sure you will too. I will be very surprised if I don’t hear this one played out incessantly this spring. Very surprised.

Love ‘em and buy ‘em is the new catchphrase. I expect a sensory overload when I hear both tunes on speakers better than my shit ones, that’s for sure.

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