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Monday, March 31, 2008

Santogold – Radio One – Sound Check – WMC

Santogold – Radio One – WMC.jpg, originally uploaded by Trash Menagerie.

Santogold – Radio One – Sound Check @ WMC

Check, check, one, two, one two . . .

WMC - fun, but hectic! How many parties can you fit in during one week?!?!?

Santogold performed live on Annie Mac’s Radio One BBC show on Thursday, here is behind the scenes peek at sound check – 10:00 AM, not an easy one to pull off let me tell ya! She went live at 5:30pm later that day to quite an enthusiastic crowd : )

Santogold performing L.E.S. Artists Live


More Radio One WMC highlights & footage

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Romanoff Romanoff!

Romanoff are back in Brooklyn after playing two shows in Rome and have set the wheels in motion for their NYC/European summer tour. As promised since the last feature, Beards, Balls and Romanoff, they’ve returned with their latest tune, “Zombie Bite” and tell us the “track is an homage to a 90s trance joint that we love”. I love the bit half way through where the music is going along, then they toss in that Waaoo! party sounding sample. Cool, I like this track, it’s a good time. If you’re in Brooklyn tonight and you fancy heading out for some action, stop by “Ohhhhh Snap”, where Romanoff have teamed up with a few other acts such as Loosh Shus and Neon Coyote. Addy: 3rd ward. 195 Morgan – Bushwik.

Romanoff – Zombie Bite

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Missing out on WMC in NYC?

Photo from The 2007 Armory Show, credit: David Willems

Stuck in New York, bombarded by drunk text messages from Miami–what’s a party goer to do? Well, not to fear, WMC may have sucked a good number of the city’s DJs, promoters and speaker huggers down to South Beach this week–but there’s still plenty going on.

In fact, maybe you should give your ears a rest and check out the art fairs happening all over the city. You’ll likely catch me at the Carl Berg booth of the LA Art Fair to check out a couple pieces by my pal, the talented Francis Ireifej (he makes his pieces using lasers n sh*t–I’m serious).

If you still need a bit of music on the itinerary, check out some modern dance infused with traditional Japanese performance art by the Saeko Ichinohe Dance Company

As previously mentioned here on Trash Menagerie, Todos Santos is playing tonight at Savalas. They’ll do their live set in the earlier part of the evening, followed by DJ sets all night long.

Saturday night’s alright for scoring free wine at the Williamsburg Armory After Hours Celebration–where the streets of Williamsburg become flooded with art goers and alcohol as both flow in and out of the galleries in the neighborhood until 11pm.

Vintage DJ

After that, theDanger and friends will be throwing an afterparty at Supreme Trading. They’ll have some art-party elements you might come to expect–e.g., trapeze artists and stilt-walkers. But they’re throwing in an extra something for you music nerds with Vintage DJ (pictured above). The guy uses old record players as turntables, and plays a swell mix of classic funk, soul and rock n roll to boot!

If you can’t make it out to Williamsburg on Saturday, Passerby in Chelsea is worth checking out. Like all great, unpretentious bars in the city, it’s closing down to make room for some real estate development. According to NYHappenings, they’re opening up the back room and Rub n Tug will be DJing.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Femme are Definitely Not Pussies!!


Beyond listening to the music that arrives to the Trash mail, I like reading the bio’s that often accompany it. Especially those sent from other countries where the translation is way off and sounds like a garbled mess in English. They make me laugh. Then you get the pretentious, tangled verbage that you can’t understand and don’t bother reading. Inject something like, “FEMME are definitely not pussies” and I’m kinda interested.

Formed about two years ago, FEMME have been playing sold out basements in their hometown of Montreal, and spreading their sound to Ottawa, Toronto, NYC and beyond. They describe themselves as, “electro-glam-rock that are quite in touch with their feminine side – A dark, romantic, twisted dancefloor blackhole, where Nine Inch Nails and N-Sync get it on and spawn a wild and fresh electro, rock infused jam”. Well I don’t know much about N-Sync – Clearly they’ve got their personal take on the eighties coldwave and boy-bands.

Their first EP release, “Bathtub Clashes“, out 22 of April on Saboteur Records, contains two original FEMME tracks, “Bathtub Clash” and “Crimes and Nightcalls”, plus remixes (and 2 exclusives to Trash!) by Cosmo, Rawalpindi and CFCF (+ CFCF Remixes). On “Bathtub Clash”, they sing about random, obscure things like giant bathtubs, placebos, infection, and black water. Nothing has to make total sense these days, especially when there is a nice vocal behind. Cosmo and CFCF give the tune two totally different sounds.

FEMME are currently honing their art with live sets in the U.S. and Canada, and are in the process of recording their first full album, set for release in early 2009 on Saboteur. We may never know if Julien and Sidney of FEMME really are pussies, but I like their attempt at showing their ‘macho’ side, “We’re NOT pussies!!!!!!” (Guaranteed they’re going to be hearing the pussy thing repeated to them over and over if that bit stays in the bio.)

FEMME – Bathtub Clash

FEMME – Bathtub Clash (Cosmo Remix)

FEMME – Bathtub Clash (CFCF Remix)

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Heartsrevolution C.Y.O.A. April Release!


There are several reasons why I am quite fond of HEARTSREVOLUTION:

1. The obvious – Their unique D.I.Y. vision
2. They have icecream trucks full of delicious, international candy / mixtapes / icecream / tshirts!!!!!
3. After doing my 1st feature on them, Adventures with Heartschallenger, to show their appreciation, they sent me LMTD edition VINYL + stickers – Gasp!!!!
1 GLOW in the DARK split 6″ with Crystal Castles and a WHITE HEART shaped C.Y.O.A. single!!!
4. Their graphic designer, KATE MOROSS, is one of my favorites!!!!!
5. The 2nd write-up, I introduced the excellent, Heartsrevolution – C.Y.O.A. video! Shortly afterwards, they sent over their totally fantastic C.Y.O.A. tshirt + some cool REVOLUTION buttons!!!!!!!
6. Their “Switchblade” release out the 21st of April is a 10″ COTTON CANDY PINK VINYL with HOLOGRAPHIC LASER FOILED SLEEVE and NEON INNER PRINT!!!!!!! LMTD edition of 500!!!! (a must have)

HOW FUCKING ACE IS THAT?!?!?! Thanxx to everyone at HEARTSREVOLUTION!!!!

Finally, the anticipation is over!! The brand new HEARTSREVOLUTION – “C.Y.O.A.” EP on iheartcomix Records, will be available for ALL to get their hands on, the 15th of April!!! Once again, the 12″ includes remixes by Brodinski, Lazaro Casanova, CFCF, Lauren Flax and Dan Oh.

The Flossy duo out of the midwest, have remixed their version of “C.Y.O.A.”, as well as another superb remix that came out after the contest, by Local Hero and Angel Alanis!! It’s too bad this one wasn’t submitted in time, because I believe it’s one of the strongest out of the entire lot. I like how the focus wasn’t just on the vocals, rather the entire track. It’s got that extra bit of bang to it and totally kicks off at 1:29! Play it loud, play it on the dance floor, prepare for destruction and a HEARTSREVOLUTION TAKE OVER!!!!!

Heartsrevolution – C.Y.O.A. (Flosstradamus Remix)

Heartsrevolution – C.Y.O.A (Local Hero & Angel Alanis Remix)

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Hey You, Yeah You!!!!


HEY YOU, YEAH YOU! I don’t give a FUCK what YOU do… What you do… I’m gonna do my thang and she gonna do her thang, we gonna do our thang, so FUCK YOU!” Nicely put, keeping to a calm, yet haughty demeanor – I like that.

If you’re one of the many that have escaped to Miami for the WMC, then you’ll have your pick of seeing either LE CASTLE VANIA at the JAKUL8 party tonight at Indra with DJ FUNK, DROP THE LIME, ACID GIRLS, OCELOT, LOCAL HERO, LADY FOURSQUARE, etc. or the URB party featuring, KILL THE NOISE, LA RIOTS, TOMMIE SUNSHINE, DJ HELL and more! Both parties have excellent lineups and chances are, you just might hear “HEY YOU”, in the mix!!

Dylan, Le Castle Vania, has been super busy touring around planet earth and continuously working on his masterpieces, including the upcoming “Bombs”, remixes EP, for London’s Scanners off Dim Mak Records. Whoever snagged one of the sampler CD’s at SxSW – lucky you!! He also has remixes for Treasure Fingers, Grum, Walter Meego, Shinichi Osawa (with Lies in Disguise), as well as an EP of originals in the works. Keeping to his signature dancey, grinding disco punk, catchy synth leads and electro style, LCV has remixed another solid tune by Kill the Noise, “Hey You”. Love the build up on this one – perfection!! Thx Dylan!

Kill the Noise – Hey You (Le Castle Vania Remix)

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