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Friday, November 30, 2007

Mad youth about town!


We’ve been cooing over Lillica Libertine’s remixes and productions for some time now. We’re going to continue on with that, and there in no question why – because he is unstoppable! Others seem to be doing the same, “Lillica Libertine is more FUN than a 4-pack of energy drink with an unsupervised helium tank and two kitties that are like “play on playa play onnnnnnnn” between meows”, as put by Waffles+Falafels.

They also had a thing or two to say about the TRASH lot, “Trash Menagerie smells so GOOD the guinness book has it listed as the world’s most awesome scratch n’ sniff”, and “Trash Menagerie is so RAD it grinded shibuya town square on a hoverboard carrying a silver-haired gloomy with a deep tan and nobody batted a fake eyelash until it got struck by lightning at 10:04 pm on November 12… 1955?”. We’re chuffed!

As Lillica continues on creating those raging beats, hear his latest, be on watch for his EP release on 14 January, and his stateside arrival sometime in March 2008!!!!! Booking agents, promoters, get on it, make it happen in your city!!!! Ye shall be rewarded.

Lillica Libertine – Acid House

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Friday, November 30, 2007

To Whom It May Concern in Berlin…

I am writing this letter to demand that you cease and desist all activity that could be construed as defamation of image of every other metropolis on planet Earth.

Your residents dedicate one of the highest number of hours per year to merrymaking, proclaim Wednesday the start of a weekend that shamelessly continues until Sunday, and have exceeded their allowance of pure, unbridled debauchery by a rate of at least 100 hours per week. Furthermore your music venues, boutiques, art galleries and illicit event spaces have trafficked the world’s most talented visionaries to you city. In addition, these conspiracy centers exercised a gross abuse of their ability to draw and attract a diverse, aesthetically pleasing and amiable clientèle, while unabashedly failing to meet their pretentiousness quota.

This is a violation of the copyrights owned by the 90s. Therefore, you are hereby ordered to discontinue your non-stop offerings of superlative music, art, design, and dancing, in accordance with the Developed World Metropolis with Low Crime Rates Cool Factor Agreement. Section 59, Paragraph 18.

It has also come to my attention that two of your instigators, Paul Snowden (founder, Wasted German Youth) and Liz McGrath (international woman about town) are releasing a publication under the incendiary name BANGBANGBERLIN.

bangbangberlin paul and liz

Berlin instigators Paul Snowden and Liz McGrath.The aforementioned quarterly “fanzine dedicated to the people who make [Berlin] the turbulent affair it is for all residents and guests” will be in stores internationally starting mid-December and will undoubtedly cause further defamation of image of every other metropolis on planet Earth at an exponential rate.

BangBangBerlin group photo

Be warned, that if action is not taken before the first issue of BANGBANGBERLIN is sold, I will file suit against you and your conspirators to seek any and all legal remedies afforded to me by law.

waxyjax, aspiring member of the If-You-Can’t-Beat-Em-Join-Em Club

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Vancouver est une bombe


You loved “Parisienne” and “Montreal Dreams”, now Felix Cartal, welcomes you to another fantastic destination city, “Vancouver”. For the moment, he steps away from the ‘noisier’ side of things, and creates a superb, slightly minimal track that seems to leave you in suspense, but keeps to that perfect steady groove. I’m hearing some fidget house, ala Switch, Crookers, in this one, and absolutely love it!! As if you didn’t know, the mans got skillzzz, and he is clearly here to show us his best side (see above). Read more about Felix as he brings it to the table in a feature done this past October, aptly named, “Felix Cartal“.

Felix Cartal – Vancouver

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dirtybird – The Return Of Claude Von Stroke @ APT

Dirtybird APT New York

Claude Von Stroke is back for an encore tonight, after he completely tore the walls down during his debut appearance in September. Shit was serious. There was Veuve Clicquot and extraneous clothing flying through the air. This time he’s supported by his protege Tanner “Kruger Fingers” Ross.

Thursday, 11.29.07
419 W 13 St.
10p // $10 //

Download – The Rapture W.A.Y.U.H. Claude Von Stroke Pantydropper Vocal Mix
Claude Von Stroke @ APT September

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Long Live Deadset


Introducing Deadset, an act that crafts house music in some of its many disguises.

The two man team used to do a lot of that, and a little bit of this. Before Deadset1 and Deadset2 came into being they played in the sandpit with the likes of Muse, Miss Kittin, Röyksopp, Tiefschwarz, Justin Timberlake, Scissor Sisters and with labels such as Fine, Blu Fin, Souvenir, Made To Play, Wall Of Sound and Tsuba.

They were also allowed to play around at: Weekend (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin) Panorama Bar (Berlin), Herbal, The Key, The Egg, The End and Fabric. Now they do a lot of this and only a little bit of that. Disregarding this, that and the other, their tipping point has arrived…

Lovingly nurtured, their forthcoming album, Keys Open Doors, is about to be released into the wild from the arms of Jesse Rose and his awesome Front Room label.

Music for now, with an eye on tomorrow, made with sounds of then.

Deadset 1 is Tom Mangan. Deadset 2 is Cass.

Cass + Mangan is dead. LONG LIVE Deadset.

Deadset – Cardinal Rules v4 Live

Deadset – Tick Tock

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Congorock goes it alone


This one goes out to all you guys that sit glued to your computer, combing the blogs everyday downloading everything that you can in hopes of finding that glorious cherry on the sundae that is your set. If you are indeed one of us, you will remember not too long ago a kickass tune called Bluto Fucks Popeye by the blogs’ wunderkinds, The Bloody Beetroots, and a veritable unknown, Congorock. Well it seems that Italy’s Congorock was not just riding BBR’s coattails and has come through with a helluva loopy, bass-techy banger with his first solo endevour, the aptly named, Exodus. And look! He made a great bloghouse tune without any sidechaining whatsoever!!! (I’m an idiot) Based on this tune alone i think we can expect some wonderful things coming from this relative n00b. Hopefully he will grace us with more in the near future.

Congorock – Exodus

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