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Friday, August 31, 2007

Moustaches Wild Gallery! Now You Can Have A ‘Stache Of Your Own

Throne of Blood and Mas are having their Moustaches Wild bash this Saturday in NYC, check it out . .

From the Mas Crew:

Moutaches Wild is just around the corner, and we’ve got the fever!
We watched Smokey & The Bandit, Magnum P.I. reruns, (we are still waiting for Tom Selleck to accept our myspace friend request, ahem, Tom, if you’re reading this, hop to it!) we also watched Rollie Fingers pitch a coupla’ no hitters, and have been listening to Village People Records way more than we usually do.

We did some interesting research too . . . Apparently, there are numerous, humorous, derogatory or slang terms for the moustache, mostly reflecting its resemblance to a variety of animals, its tendency to retain food and drink, its supposed magical powers, and its supposed aid in sexual activity. EG – “pushbroom”, “soupstrainer”, “cookieduster”, “nose neighbor”, “flavor saver”, “mouth brow”.

We don’t have ‘staches of our own, and were feeling a bit left out, and we imagined, a lot of other people probably felt the same way. So, we felt it was our responsibility to do something about that.

So, with help from our friend Joe at Hatchback Studio’s we’re giving everyone the chance to Go ‘stache crazy!

And it’s so easy! Upload a pic and pin a ‘stache on yourself, your friends , your pets, your car, your bike, it’s your call! Warning, we’ve been doing it, it gets a bit addicting.

Check it out for yourself – tada! Its the Moustaches Wild Gallery!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hard-Fi King Kong Club Mix

Photo credit uncertain

It’s becoming a daily thing at TM where we receive music that we’ve never heard. Shocking eh?? Yeah well, it happens and it gives us an opportunity to hear more music that may not always be my cup of tea, but certainly interests many. New music that appeals to the masses, which is what we’re all about!

Just received this remix from Christian Vorbau over at the German indie-electro-dance King Kong Club, which is located in 10 different venues in Germany. It’s a remix of the West London indie four-piece Hard-Fi “Suburban Knights (King Kong Club Mix)”.

Hard-Fi – Suburban Knights (King Kong Club Mix)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Strawberries & Creamfields….


This weekend has been a mental one for me with a trip to Reading Festival on Friday and then Creamfields, Saturday.

I didn’t know what to expect from Creamfields as this was my virgin outing to this huge dance fest held in Cheshire. It was crazy to say the least let me tell you! 40,000 people, at least 95% of them totally crazy and insane….it was awesome! With a high percentage of the crowd visiting from neighbouring Liverpool it was definitely humourous….Liverpudlians are the funniest people ever…

Besides a huge dose of humour and visual spectacles fashion wise there was of course bags full of music. The glamourous Kelis treated us to a few impromptu flashes of her underwear and a fabulous set full of hits from ‘Trick Me’, ‘Millionaire’, and ‘Milkshake’ just to name a few. I also managed to catch a set from Uffie & Feadz in the Strongbow tent which blew me away, but not nearly as much as LCD Soundsystem.

James Murphy was on fine form even after falling down the stairs at Leeds festival the previous day, with bandages on and a few cuts on his elbows. Starting off with ‘Us vs Them’ and breezing through festival favourites ‘Time to Get Away’, ‘North American Scum’, ‘Daft Punk is Playing at my House’, ‘All My Friends’, ‘Movement’, ‘Tribulations’, and of course ‘Yeah’ the crowd were left gasping for breath.

With djs oozing out of every orafice from Tiga, Carl Cox, Radio Clit, Caged Baby, Ferry Corsten and Annie Mac just to name a few there was too much to catch. I was disappointed to miss out on MSTRKRFT, Justice and Freeform Five due to scheduling clashes….better planning and luck is required next year I think.

The Chemical Brothers headlined the main stage with a jam packed set and a visual show mamouth enough to give older members of the crowd a minor heart attack! Highlights were ‘Do It Again’, ‘Out of Control’ and ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’ and some people were fond of the footage shown on the video screens of the clown, but I have a phobia of them so I wasn’t!!

Creamfields is already in my diary for next year, and it should be in yours too!

Creamfields, The Story So Far…





Photos by Michelle Owen

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

INSTITUBES Paris Terror Club Hooligan Disco Tour


Yay!!! More good music in Chicago!!!! This time its in the form of The Institubes Paris Terror Club Tour. We are lucky enough to be receiving Surkin – the one major Institube I haven’t seen yet, Para One – the mad scientist of the instant tubes, Curses! – one of my favorite DJ’s in the world, and Orgasmic – who I’ve heard from other stops on the tour is quite amazing. And what’s better for getting geeked for the show than an exclusive Drop The Lime/Curses! boot of The Fugees!!!!

Check the Institubes Paris Terror Club link for city stops and dates, kicking off in Chicago, heading to New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Riverside!
See you guys at the show this Thursday at Darkroom. FREE entry with RSVP at, BTW.

The Fugees – Ready Or Not (Drop The Lime Slime You Re-Fix)

Also, Institubes and are having a contest!
Urb contest

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Stop Die Resuscitate

Photo courtesy of The Friendattack

I’ve always had a discerning ear for music. My tastes run the gamut. Amidst all the harder music that I tend to favor, STOP DIE RESUSCITATE brings a good balance of energetic beats, vocals and a melodic touch to their music – neither subtle nor in your face they are right on point.

Signed to the SLUM roster, the Toronto trio is about to release their 2nd highly anticipated album, “Midnite, Romance, Blood”. Having grown as a band over the past few years, they’re sailing in new territory, and their forthcoming album will be a departure from their previous works. With an array of influences and styles, their vision goes beyond just dance floor hits.

Upon hearing the ever so sexy lyrics to “Dirty Love”, which will be on the new LP, my senses were stirred. Intoxicating vocals sung by Graph Nobel, one of various collaborators that the band has worked with. “What does love sound like? Is it whispers in the night? Is it deep sighs? Is it a symphony or just two hearts, beating in the dark or maybe its those words that we say when we fight and fuckkkkk”. If that doesn’t get you going, nothing will!!

They’ve done remixes for the likes of Dandi Wind, Deerhoof, Apostle of Hustle, My Brightest Diamond, OK Cobra, Spiral Beach, and vitaminsforyou. As well as their own tracks remixed by Tacteel, Teki Latex, Murr, and Leif. Judging from their span of influences and up for anything attitude, we should expect some pleasing surprises from SDR!!

Stop Die Resuscitate – Dirty Love featuring Graph Nobel (album version)

Stop Die Resuscitate – Haul Away (SDR One Night Stand Redux)
SDR’s remix of “Haul Away” by Apostle of Hustle is out 8.30.07 on the Arts & Crafts sampler.

Make a purchase of SDR’s Bad Night 12″ at:

The boys at SDR were kind enough to take the time to give some thoughtful answers to some indepth questions. Just about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about SDR can be read below! I doubt they’ll be too keen on answering any in length in the very near future!! HA Thanks much guys!! x

Lovestar: It sounds like there could be an interesting story behind the name Stop Die Resuscitate – is there?

Luke: Some people might find it interesting, I met this photographer from France when I was visiting Vancouver. Me and Lyle had recorded the first few songs and were trying to figure out a name for the project. She suggested it. It’s basically a mistranslation of a Russian film title. I guess direct from Russian to English, it translates “Don’t Move, Die, Come Back to Life” but from Russian to French to English it worked out as Stop Die Resuscitate. I’ve been trying to find this film, but it hasn’t been reissued on DVD yet. If anyone wants to sell me their VHS copy I’ll buy it. Apparently it’s also a Russian kids game? I don’t know if that’s true though.

Lovestar: How would you best describe the elements that make up the SDR sound?

Josh: The biggest and most important element with us is energy. We feed off it when it’s coming from a crowd and they’re partying, and it makes us play harder. When they stone face us we give them as much energy as possible and try to feed them. When we’re recording we keep the things that make us excited and make us want to push each other harder. People make the mistake of assuming that for something to be full of energy it has to be the loudest craziest shit, but it doesn’t. To us it’s about a feeling that comes off a track/live show. Not to get too singer songwriter but it’s that energy that makes you feel something from the music, makes a reaction happen. Us recognizing that and really using it is probably the most important element that group has.

Lovestar: There are 3 of you in SDR – with rotating collaborators adding their creative touches – give a bit of your individual background music history

Luke: I was involved in a live weird hip-hop group before I met Lyle. Josh (our drummer) comes from a jazz background, but he is also a major genre-slut, he’s played in a non-traditional blue grass, with a washboard and all that, to funk, to weird improv. Lyle is the mega musician, he used to play in a gang of rock bands in Calgary in the mid-late 90’s, but he was also incorporating samplers and shit back then which I think lead him to doing techno type stuff before we met.

In terms of the people who are collaborating with us for the album, I can’t really speak on their influences. However, it has been very important for us to work with them in a different style than what people who are familiar with them would expect, which has also pushed us to work in a different way.

Lovestar: Your individual influences and how it all comes together to work as a solid group

Luke: We’re all pretty much listening to lots and lots of different types of music all the time, so I think there’s a lot of flux as to what’s influencing us. So, for instance Josh put me on to Sufjan Stevens and My Brightest Diamond, I put him on to El-P and E-40. Lyle got us listening to the Afghan Whigs and Venetian Snares and we got him listening to early 90’s rap, Ed Banger, Institubes, and TTC and so on.

In terms of how it comes together…it has been a bit difficult because there’s so many different approaches that we want to take towards making music, I think we’re starting to figure it out though. I think for me also, personally in the back of my mind there’s this idea of what I imagine late 70’s early 80s New York was like. It seemed to be a really exciting time for interactions…despite the supposed decadence of (more…)

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Monday, August 27, 2007

MEGA Marco Morales



Marco Morales is one of the most versatile DJs I’ve ever heard. He can play just about anything in any style and do it as good or better than just about anyone. He also has fantastic taste in music and, in an effort to prove as much, he sent me this fantastic old school style MEGAmix. This whole time I was listening to it, all I could think of was MEGAMEGAMEGAMEGAMEGA. Its just about the mega-ist mix I’ve heard since 1995.

PS Yes that is Jenny Jones at the beginning of the mix. Marco was the DJ for the Jenny Jones Show for an episode or two. Laff.

Marco Morales – Finger Fucked pt. 2: Stirring The Macaroni

Tracklist (kind of):

1 Do it with Baby Rats and Cream 03:35
2 I Drain For You 01:39
3 Push Young Folks Pussy and Lookout Music 01:29
4 Shake (Ying Yang Twins) 00:42
5 Done Gun Video Clashing 01:18
6 Uh oh, Whisper to that Cholo, totally dude! 01:48
7 Music Is Our Friend 01:05
8 I Be On them Movie Star Eyes 01:34
9 What an Uncle Luke Believes 01:25
10 Two of Hearts (Stacy Q) 01:18
11 The Party (Justice feat. uffie)(luvtek SMBU remix) 00:45
12 I Miss You And We Stay Fly 00:50
13 Go Back (DJ Ayers) 01:14
14 Sandwiches Perculate Like a Virgin 02:20
15 Rush Like This 00:59
16 Are You That White Horse 01:39
17 Kiss You Back (Digital Underground)(Tahm Solo Remix) 00:29
18 Why You Wanna Love That Party Anthem 01:19
19 Learning To Throw Some D’s 01:39
20 Walking With Thee (The Clinic) 00:47
21 Biggie The Night 00:56
22 I’ll Piss On You One of These Nights 00:28
23 White On White 01:49
24 You and that Lean 02:01
25 Love On You 00:37
26 Neil Pert and Robots 01:30
27 Big Whoring 01:43
28 Toes Done Up, Finger Nails Matching 01:43
29 Jack Your Sweat 01:24
30 Yep, Another Switch Remix 02:00
31 Last Night Jay Z Killed My Dog 03:53

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