Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Walk With Me

ArneBlackman ClarkyCat

There are remixes that you have a listen to and think to yourself, “damn good!” Then there are those rarities that slip into your hands – you download, press play and instantly it causes a stir inside – Like the magnetism between two people falling in love – It sends chills throughout your entire body and puts a smile on your face. I’ve just listened to a remix of Goodbooks, ‘Walk with me,’ (the original, released as a one-off on Transgressive Records last April) done by Arne Blackman (top right) of Clarky Cat – about 10 times. Hopeless romantic? Never – but this remix is so lovely I almost want to break up and make up and play it over and over again!

Boys and girls who’ve heard, swoon over the four-piece Kent, U.K. based, Goodbooks. In time, I’m pretty certain those unfamiliar, will fall in love as well. With their debut EP, ‘Control,’ having just been released yesterday (7.30), the young lads have loads to look forward to – Including dabbling with some more remixes and of course, others remixing their tracks – Both Crystal Castles and Kissy-Sell Out remixed ‘Leni,’ The Teenagers – ‘The Illness,’ Arne Blackman of Clarky Cat – ‘Walk with me.’ Their clever lyrics have us all yearning for more. Is there a tour ahead? Will they cross the pond and deliver their fine melodies to the U.S.? We hope – we can’t wait!!!

Some tracks have no need to ever be tinkered and toyed with however, this one certainly falls in the ‘amazingly good remix!’ category – up for a mere 7 days!!!!! Truly epic Arne! – Heartbreaking. I’m feeling like 17 today.

Goodbooks – Walk with Me (Arne Blackman’s Epic Edit Remix)

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Daft Punk @ The Rapture Offical Denver After Party!

You asked, so we did it!


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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Judge From Afar

My iTunes is loaded with so many plugins that I always thought it had attained a technological nirvana only possible through a massive collection of custom scripts. I can have it automatically open the Wikipedia page for the band I’m listening to, I can have it make a playlist of all songs without artwork, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I could have it making me coffee one of these days. But I was wrong, as arrogant music/tech geeks usually are. We all have a long way to go.

Simplify Media is a new plugin that lets you view and listen to your friends’ music libraries from anywhere. Until now you had to be on the same network, but now you only have to be online. You can listen to your home music library at work, or create a social music network of up to 30 people and all share streaming music at a bit-rate of 160kbps. You are free to judge your friend’s taste from anywhere in the world (and it might be time to hide some of your guilty pleasures). The program won’t let you download the music to your own computer, but I’m sure some clever folks can find a way around that (not that I’m openly condoning it, but we’ve all got an inner pirate.)

Simplify Media

Oh yah, it’s also freeware.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bono Must Die….!

Photo courtesy of Stuart Pillinger

No it’s not a death wish…they are one of our new favourite bands! Gritty electronic smothered with a smidgen of drum & bass, topped off with a tinge of metal for good measure. This London based four-piece are currently making us salivate with their scrumptious tunes, style and attitude aplenty.

We suggest you hurry sharpish to their myspace page BoNO MUST DIE and check out ‘We Are Better Than You’ and ‘Trafalgar’ to get a taste of their meaty tunes…

If you are one of our fortunate readers based near Birmingham, UK, why not get down to The Rainbow to catch them live this Saturday?!


Playing alongside ‘Bono Must Die,’ are ‘Clarky Cat,’ from Nottingham, UK. This quartet are set to send shockwaves throughout the UK and beyond with their electro tinged come new wave mish mash of tunes. We are particularly fond of ‘Sightline,’ with its razor sharp guitar riffs it could cut through any listeners ear drums. Check them out now on Clarky Cat.

If that has wet your appetite why not also listen to band member Arnie’s superb remixes on
Arne Blackman (Clarky Cat Remix).

Joining these two electro slattered wonders are local bands, ‘Sunset Cinema Club,’ & ‘She’s a Kamakazee’. The event on for a riproaring 6 hours is proud to have djs ‘Bang!Bang!’ & ‘Bigger Than Barry!’ manning the decks between bands. This will all be topped off with a delicious BBQ……let’s hope it doesn’t rain!!!

Ok Ok so that was my first sumptuous post…! Phew…I am KMD and my mission is to bring you the freshest acts from across the pond with a touch of humour and sarcasm sometimes thrown in for good measure! Nice to meet you all…I sense this is the start of a beautiful friendship.

Clarky Cat – Sightline

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Win Tickets to see Daft Punk & The Rapture in San Fran, Seattle, Chicago, & NYC

Missed out on getting tickets to the show?

Then Mas, Throne Of Blood, XLR8R, and Trash Menagerie are here to help!

We’re giving away a pair of tickets for the San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, and NYC show to see Daft Punk, The Rapture, SebastiAn, & Kavinsky. Not only will you get tickets to the live show, but we’ll also hook you up with free admission to the after party, and a year long subscription to XLR8R mag.

To get a chance to nab the goods, send us an email with “I want MAS!” in the subject line to the show in each city that you want to attend, and include your full name in the body of the email. Winners will be notified by email, and we will arrange to have you pick up the tickets right in time for the show.

Good luck & see you on the dance floor!

July 27th – San Francisco @ Greek Theater
After party: Mighty
Deadline: Thursday, July 26 @ 2PM

July 29th – Seattle @ WaMu Theater
After party: Chop Suey
Deadline: Friday July 27th at 12PM

Aug 3rd – Chicago @ Lollapalooza
After party: Green Dolphin
Deadline: Wednesday Aug 1st at 12PM

Aug 9th – New York City @ Keyspan Park
After party: Studio B
Deadline: Tuesday August 7th at 12PM

For more info and full after party details visit:

Throne Of Blood
RSVP for FREE Admission to the after parties at

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Daft Punk & Rapture After Party Info

Let the madness begin!

As I previously reported, Throne of Blood & Ed Banger are teaming up for the official after parties for the Daft Punk & The Rapture tour, with Sebastian, and Kavinsky on support. The tour with all 4 kicks off on July 27th in SF.

Parties are popping off in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Montreal, and NYC.
All the info you need and sikkkkkk line up’s have been posted on in the events section. There is also info on how you can RSVP for free admission, yup, FREE!!!

I cannot wait for these!!!

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