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Monday, June 11, 2007

Teki Latex Takes It to the Streets

teki to the streets

Teki Latex, that sensible bastard of a Hip Hop MC with Renaissance man-like sensibilities, pulled some guerilla tactics to promote his single “Les Matins de Paris”, applying the French tradition of taking things to the streets with the whimsy of the song’s music video.

A couple weeks ago, this video began circulating on the web and all I could think when I saw it was “It’s on!”
Métro Etienne Marcel soyez au rendez-vous !

So some friends, another hundred new friends and myself met at the Etienne Marcel metro station on Saturday June 9 at 7pm, where we were led to another meetup point down the street. With an ice cream cart (modded to amplify tracks from Teki’s new album Party de Plaisir) in tow, the party’s ringleaders led us through the streets of Paris, making stops along the way to distribute candy and balloons.

Eventually, we ended up at the steps of hip pre-party spot Cafe de la Ville, greeted by Teki, his bullhorn and a couple turntables on which he began to play.

Here’s what Teki had to say about the party…

waxyjax: How did you come up with the idea to throw a street party?

Teki Latex: I didn’t really throw it, the record company and a company called “wombat” did..One of my friends was fooling around with billboards from one of our releases, that gave me the idea of getting people to walk around paris with giant promotional boards on their body, giving out flyers and stickers and stuff. I told the record company “instead of spending money on a big street marketing campaign that’s gonna last one night with boards and stickers that are gonna be either taken off by random people or covered by someone else’s ads the next day, why don’t we do some sort of huge teki latex demonstration in the streets with “homme sandwiches” and stuff like that”. So they called this street marketing company called wombat and that was that.

wj: Why did you choose Les Matins de Paris as the theme?

TL: It’s the single! You mean why did i choose it as a theme for my single? I think it’s a very romantic thing and it evokes very precise images in people’s heads.

wj: Who tricked out that ice cream cart?

TL: Just learned about the ice cream cart while watching your amazing pics.

wj: Are you cooking up any other parties like this?

TL: Not for the moment but this one worked so well, maybe we can do it again under another form sometime. I’m cooking up a great release party for my album at le parisparis tonight though.

wj: Party de Plasir is quite a departure from TTC. Is there a chance the album’s production style or your singing abilities will appear on a future TTC release?

TL: Well hints of it kind of appeared on the last 2 ttc albums, I’m kind of crooning on more and more TTC tracks but i think TTC will remain a hiphop/dance/avantgarde project and I can keep doing my pop/crooning/disco thing on the side.

wj: Congratulations on the success of Institubes and on your solo debut. What’s next on the agenda?

TL: Thank you! We’re still touring with TTC until september, then I guess I’m gonna start touring for my solo stuff. Institubes are dropping mad releases this year, a new surkin single (and hopefully his first album), a beautiful drum-less synth based album by para one which is actually the score for the film “naissance des pieuvres”, a para one live album, mad stuff from midnight juggernauts, bobmo, cuizinier and amazing french rap group “so fresh squad.”


Check out more of my amazing pics
Teki’s release party happens tonight at Le Paris Paris
You can also check out some tracks of Party de Plaisir on Teki’s Myspace Page

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  1. BRAVO!! Love it! Great photos!

    Comment by lovestar — June 11, 2007 @ 3:37 pm

  2. Waking up after everybody… I heard Teki Latex mixing at “Tryptique” in Paris and I loved it. Since then I’m searching everywhere to find the tracks he played that night and found your post. The more I read about him, the more I love this guy and his world. Anyway, thanks for your post, enjoyed it a lot !

    Comment by Xavier — July 14, 2007 @ 6:46 am

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