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The Godfather of French House – Etienne De Crecy, To Tour North America


In my opinion, (and many others), Etienne De Crecy, is one of the Godfathers of French House music. In 1996, even before the massive success of Daft Punk’s debut album “Homework”, there were two French dance albums, only available as imports, that were on every discerning dance fan’s shopping list. Etienne’s “Superdiscount” and his collaboration with Cassius member Philippe Zdar, as Motorbass. This collaboration was “Pansoul”, and it is widely considered the body of work that kick-started the entire wave of French dance artist albums. I am BEYOND ECSTATIC that he is coming to tour North America. I have been on a personal mission to have him play one of my events for well over 5 years now, “Pansoul” is one of my most prized pieces in my vinyl collection. Etienne is a gifted and brilliant producer. He has remixed Air, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, The Bravery, and released music on labels such as V2, Virgin, Mute, Gomma, Kistune, Turbo, Casual, EMI, XL, Astralwerks, BMG, and Poumtchak. His sets, both live and DJ are spectacular, and his return to North America is long overdue. Coming off a wicked “Daft Summer” Etienne brings the French revolution full circle and finishes off the summer in style.

Etienne De Crecy Biography

A lot has changed since Etienne de Crecy’s “Superdiscount” project took the world by storm in 1997. One can question the influence of the striking “Superdiscount” concept and artwork on the introduction of the Euro and the subsequent increase in retail prices resulting in the rapid rise of discount outlets, but no one will question the influence the album had on electronic music.

“Superdiscount” started a journey that eventually led to St Germain, Air, Daft Punk, Cassius, Stardust and Bob Sinclair. With its supermarket concept and aptly minimalist design, it was a vivid demonstration of the huge talent of such performers who were to astonish the world over the next few years.

Etienne de Crecy demonstrated his rich talent as a producer with the projects La Chatte Rouge and particularly the Motorbass album “Pansoul” which was released in 1996.

Motorbass was collaboration with Zdar (Cassius) and first alerted the world to the rapidly evolving dance music scene. Less than a year after the “Pan soul” album Etienne released the “Superdiscount” album, offering his own tunes as well as productions of Air and Alex Gopher. It included the legendary house classic “Prix Choc”. Apart from launching a whole new wave of talent, “Superdiscount” established Etienne de Crecy as one of the most trend-setting producers of his time.

Etienne de Crecy went on to release his first solo album “Tempovision” in 2001. He entered the studio for a planned three months to work on this project and he came out after one year to deliver a digital soul album, catering for both the underground and the mainstream with a new vision, new collaborations and a new destination. A brilliant music video series between 3D and cartoon for the songs “Am I Wrong”, “Scratched” and “Tempovision”, directed by Geoffroy de Crecy completed this new project and demonstrated the importance of the design concept for Etienne.

Etienne de Crecy is one of the leading figures of the electronic music scene, a scene that still has a major influence on dance music in particular and pops music in general. Recently Etienne’s and Alex Gofer’s remix of the Kraftwerk song Aerodynamick became a big dance tune.

2004, Superdiscount 2 was launched. There were 4 limited runs of 10″ releases across the summer making up the strikingly simplistic pink design of the album, due at the end of the summer. The music sounds fresh and advanced and alongside Etienne de Crecy features some of the great talents such as Philippe Zdar, Alex Gopher, DJ Mehdi, Boom Bass or Julien Delfaud.

So, back to the good old days? No, and it certainly is not about there being a revival. Even if the Superdiscount concept was born in 1997, the music is still one step ahead like the first album. It is all about freshness and spontaneity; bringing a new wave of sound into the clubs. So it might change a lot of things again….

Etienne de Crecy Myspace
Etienne De Crecy Discography
Motorbass – Pansoul
Superdiscount Live
Superdiscount Live @ Melt

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Secret Daft Punk After Parties?!?!

There has been buzz that Throne Of Blood and Ed Banger are teaming up to throw a few unannounced after parties in select cities following the live Daft Punk tour dates this summer.

As to where these will pop off, and who will be DJ’ing we were not able to confirm. My educated guess, pure speculation – Sebastian and Kavinsky, maybe Busy P? Daft – Thomas and Guy? (That would be just amazing, not sure when they DJ’d last in North America, plus, I bet they would take off their helmets, ha.) And the TOB/Rapture DJ crew seem obvious – Druzzi, Mattie, Vito, and Luke . . .

Both labels have a rep for throwing off the hook parties, whatever the case may be, these will be ragers for sure!!!

Ed Banger Party – Toronto

Throne Of Blood Party – Brooklyn

Seb & Kavs – Melbourne

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Still Copping a Feel on the French Touch

sorry for leaving you all hangin…i’ve been recovering from all the crazy goings on in Paris and spent a few days in the countryside to gather up some energy. Here’s what put me out of commission…
DimuschiVillette SoniquesTeki's album release partyPase Rock in Paris
Dimuschi | Villette Soniques | Teki Latex’s album release party | Pase Rocks Paris


read on…

June 9, 2007: DIMUSCHI

After Teki’s street jam, I ended up at Dimuschi–a party that’s known to take place in one-off locations in and around Paris (highlights include a chapel outside the city limits and–while it was still under the radar–Showcase, a club located under the Alexander III bridge). This time, it was in a massive space on the border of the Marais and Bastille quartiers, two neighborhoods so full of foot traffic and expensive studio apartments no one could have guessed a word-of-mouth get-down of this size and noise level would’ve gone off without a hitch.

From the street, even the indifferent Parisian cops couldn’t help but notice a mass of people crowded outside a nondescript door manned by a bouncer…being that this isn’t the U.S. they didn’t seem to care anyway. Past the door…a foyer, followed by a candlelit courtyard, followed by a sweaty, tri-level indoor space wired with the lineup of minimal techno, electro, and live no wave pulsating from the main dancefloor. From the DJs to the bouncers, anyone who took part in throwing the event had a costume theme. The bartenders, each wearing a headband adorned with a plaster cast of a hand, poured me 10 euro flutes of champagne and 4 euro bottles of Evian. Considering the level of detail that went into this party, they were worth the cost.

Dimuschi website
Dimuschi party photos

June 10, 2007: Villette Soniques
Despite passing the 24 hour mark, I somehow already expended several days worth of energy. For a change of pace, I decided to hit up a daytime event–Villette Soniques at Parc de la Villette. Like wine, cheese, romance and atheism, the French are great at organizing festivals. This spanned 4 days and a laundry list of music genres, featuring artists like Múm, Mike Patton & Fennesz, and Jamie Lidell.

Sunday’s finale event–a free multi-stage concert in the park with a lineup that included Uffie and Feadz, Shit and Shine and Jens Lekman…Uffie rocked the mic like a woman in charge–a pleasantly surprising departure from the coquettish stage presence that I had come to expect. As always, Feadz blew me away. Having been a fan of his before Ed Banger came along, his DJ skills always leave me wishing for a solo set in the near future.

However, the Polysics most certainly outshined all other performances that day. I myself just discovered this electro-power-pop-punk-new wave group from Tokyo at the festival…but they’ve been around since the late 90s. There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching a group of Japanese kids dressed in orange jumpsuits and black sunglasses attempt to say “merci,” before pogo-ing around on a stage. It made me want to buy a pound of orange Pop Rocks, just so I could see what’d happen if I put them in my mouth and washed them down with Orangina. I’m sure the results would be pretty rad, but not nearly as awesome as the robot-dancing keyboardist.

Villette Soniques site
Villette Soniques photos

June 11, 2007: Teki Latex’s Album Release Party

Teki’s album release party at Le Paris Paris
I normally avoid velvet rope type clubs but, considering that Teki and his baggy clothes-wearing, sneaker-sporting, cap-donning, grills-on-the-teeth smiling crew of merimakers would be in tow, I made an exception.

Teki, a man with equal parts balls and unpretentiousness mixed TTC and other electrocrunk classics as he tossed in some Wham and Eurodance for good measure. He also brought on a (more…)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Straight from the peaks of Mount Olympus!


Our affinity for music keeps us on a constant watch for the goods that are out there. America is such a vast country, you never know when something interesting is going to pop up, usually coming from the typical places – NYC, L.A, Chicago, Miami. Instead, we find a young lad producing some worthy tunes right in the countries heartland, Kansas!

With no connection to Dorothy or Toto, “Thunderous Olympian,” a ‘Kansan,’ as they’re called, has not been producing that long. He has held the DJ role for a bit of time, plays gigs, and hosts Radio Stylus – a Thurs night radio show that features electro, techno, house, disco, tech-house, pop, hip-hop, ghettotech, “and all kinds of hip bullshit,” says TO. Perfect! Who doesn’t love ‘hip bullshit?!’ Until more recent, he decided to create some of the music he’d play out. As it goes in the music blog world, ‘bloggenz,’ as he calls them, got ahold of his ‘Lite Ghosts’ remix of Justices ‘Phantom,’ and people started talkin.

Well gabbin is good when it means people in Sweden, far from Kansas, invite you to come and play for them. So for the month of July, Thunderous Olympian will be taking his thunder abroad. We can expect some more remixes and originals, as well as tracks that will come out under his minimal Detroit techno moniker, ‘Olin.’

I’m keen on Web 2.0, his Daft Punk remix (we love thee Daft P), and the Justice, ‘Phantom’ remix. May the Gods shine on you oh thunderous one! (finding it hard not to use thunder throughout this – Feel my thunder babyyyyy!) enjoy.

Thunderous Olympian – Web 2.0

Thunderous Olympian – Get Em Wet


Daft Punk – Da Funk (Thunderous Olympian rmx)

Justice – Phantom (Thunderous Olympian Lite Ghosts rmx)

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Bit Of Fluff Just In Time For Summer

Indiana. There isn’t much there. I once went to a gas station in Gary, for example, home of the Jacksons. It was a mundane experience. It is certainly not a place one would expect to find an excellent DJ/producer/promoter. But sure enough, here be Flufftronix, master and commander of the Electrocute parties and excellent DJ of all styles ghetto as well as bloggenistic (and you can quote me). We were lucky enough to have him grace us with his madskillzzzz (zz) at our first Dr. Spaceman (pronounced Spe-che-min) party and boy howdy, did he throw down! He was kind enough to leave me with my favorite of his bootlegs, Softee’s Theme, which almost made me run out the club to grab myself a Choco Taco. It seems to be the perfect summer jam and I find it hilarious to see folks getting down to it. The second tune is an ingenious mash of straight up Chicago juke, Mims’s, ‘This Is Why I’m Hot,’ and Justice’s, ‘Waters of Nazareth.’ He might actually come to your city in the near future as he tours with another master from an unexpected region of the US, Curtis Vodka, so keep your eye peeled (and check his myspace for the schedule).

Flufftronix – Softee’s Theme

Flufftronix – This is Why I juke (MIMS vs. DJ Funk and Justice)

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Newcleus – Electro, Hip Hop Pioneers


The origins of Newcleus lay in a 1976 Brooklyn DJ collective known as Jam-On Productions, which included Ben “Cozmo D” Cenac, his best friend David “Dr. Freeze” St. Louis, and Ben’s cousins Monique “Nique D” Angevin and her brother Pete “Master Quadro” Angevin (all teenagers and still in high school). Many members (MCs as well as DJs) came and went as Jam-On rocked parks and block parties all over the borough. In 1981 Cozmo decided to create a recording group as an extension of Jam-On. The group included Cozmo, his wife Yvette (“Lady E”), Nique, and her future husband Bob “Chilly B” Crafton. The foursome originally took on the name Positive Messenger, but would later name their group Newcleus as a result of the coming together of their families.

By this time, Cozmo had begun to accumulate a collection of electronic recording equipment, and the quartet recorded a demo tape of material. With several minutes left at the end of the tape, Newcleus added a favorite from their block parties, with the vocals sped up to sound like munchkins. The track, “Jam-On’s Revenge,” immediately impressed producer Joe Webb, and it became the group’s first single, released as “Jam-On Revenge” by Newcleus featuring Cozmo & The Jam-On Production Crew in 1983 on Mayhew Records. A huge street success, the track became known unofficially as “the Wikki-Wikki song” (after the refrain). When it was re-released later that year on Sunnyview Records, it had become “Jam On Revenge (The Wikki-Wikki Song).”

In 1984 Newcleus topped themselves by releasing an all-time Hip-Hop and Electro classic, “Jam On It”. They also established themselves as the first Hip-Hop band, playing all of the instruments themselves live. They toured nationally with Cameo through 1983 and 1984, and then were part of the 1st national Hip-Hop tour in history, The Fresh Festival, with Run DMC, Kurtis Blow, Whodini and The Fat Boys. Adding another all-time classic Electro song with “Computer Age (Push The Button)” and also a Breakbeat classic with “Automan”, Newcleus has solidified their place in Hip Hop and Electro history as true innovators and pioneers in the genres.

“Jam On It” was/is an anthem, I got down to this track at my 6th grade dance, and still do so. It was released on the bands first album, “Jam On Revenge” The tracks huge success led to multiple remixes, I’ve thrown up the “Phuture Phunk” Remix, bonus beats and an accapella.

Jam On It - The Definitive CD Single



Download “Jam On It” Phuture Phunk Remix (mp3)

Download “Jam On It” Bonus Beats (mp3)

Download “Jam On It” Accapella (mp3)

More tracks from “Jam On Revenge”

Jam On Revenge

Download “I’m Not A Robot” (mp3)

Download “No More Runnin’” (mp3)


Newcleus’ 2nd album, originally released in 1985. The 2007 reissue includes a bonus track , “Na Na Beat” and has been digitally re-mastered.

Space is the Place

Download “I Wanna Be a B-Boy” (mp3)

Download “Teknology” (mp3)

Download “Make it Live” (mp3)

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