Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Rapture W.A.Y.U.H. Claude Von Stroke Pantydropper Vocal Mix

More Throne Of Blood.
I know this remix has hit the blogs, but i’m not so sure the sound quality had been that great, so let’s do this remix some justice and deliver it right.

The Rapture – W.A.Y.U.H. Claude Von Stroke Pantydropper Mix

The Rapture – W.A.Y.U.H. Claude Von Stroke Pantydropper Mix

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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Speak the nu-slang with Sweat.X!

SWEAT X!!!!!
Styled by Richie Rich, Andrew & David West, photographed by Xander Ferreira

All hail SWEAT.X, Markus Wormstorm and MC Spoek Mathambo, the tropicoloured, super stylee duo from South Africa, that speak a lot about pussy. Yes, pussy. They want you to infiltrate their world that is full of all sorts of fascinating things like, in their words, “dayglo, giraffe riding, slush puppy slurping, wormstorm shaking, coochie popping, spear chucking, ass busting, fashion trashing, derier splitting, electric boogaloo breaking, Afrikan bass music! The black sweat thing!”

All this future funk fusion means that when Sweat.X is blaring out your boombox or on the dance floor, keep your dancing shoes near and prepare to fkkn swwweeeatttt to their Afro-elektro, booty bouncing, disko, snap happy, ghetto-tech, old skool hiphop pop!! Juke Juke Pop Pop Ass to the floor!! As the Germans say, “Lets make parttttyyyyyy!!”

Presently signed to the London based label CITINITE the boys have an EP, “Ebony Ivory Tron,” due for a July release, as well as an EU tour, “Go Black Go Low Go Fast,” slated for June!! *Check the end of this post for tour locations and dates.

Sweat.X – Nuflex Cowabunga


Sweat.X decided to be clever and interview each other, so this is them talking to us!

Spoek: What’s the plan with Sweat.X?

Markus: To stay ahead of the game…to keep reinventing ourselves and our style…so we can chase the season ’till our blood runs cold.

Spoek: I wanna rap until my face falls off….dance until the sexual harassment summons come In the mail! Spread joy…!

Markus: Tell us a lil’ bit about the Citinite label, your releases, tours….

Spoek: We’re releasing our EP, Ebony Ivory Tron on Citinite in July. That’s 7 stupid fresh bangers…it’s like an intro to the “black sweat sound” as such!! Then we’re dropping the full album at the beginning of next year. We’ll be in Europe for a month…check up on that at….for the venues and dates etc.
Our label Citinite In London First of all, we’re label mates with some of the funkiest men on earth!! Egyptian Lover…who practically influenced west coast sound and electro for the last 30 years…John Davis…hmm….Cazelica!! It’s real cool to be on a tough label where it’s not just a hype ting…not a trendy trend thing just!! We’re quite a deviation from the rest of the roster… Black sheep. Black feet!

S: You’re a pretty well dressed guy…rather…stylish…give us your style prediction for the next season?

M: Why thank you, Spoek…hmmmm let me see…for SUMMER I’d say Barberella meets those (more…)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Young & Restless Deliver The Kapow

Young & Restless – ‘KAPOW!”

Its times like this that I wish I had a label, I would sign Young & Restless in a heartbeat. An intense, Aussie, kick ass, punk rock band fronted by the gorgeous Karina Utomo. Her voice is both melodic, and ragingly powerful, with a tight as f!@#$ band behind her, I think “huge” is without a doubt in their future. I’m on a mission to get them on U.S. soil. The band recently signed to Dot Dash/Remote Control in AU, and i’ll be watching to see what lucky label gets to have them here in the U.S.

My instinct tells me their recordings are just a hint of what they can deliver live . . . You’ll be able to find me I’ll be in the front row confirming this, I’m sure ill even make it to the mosh pit.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In The City New York – June 13 & 14, 2007

Tony Wilson & Yvette Livesey

In The City was founded in 1992 by Yvette Livesey and Factory maverick Anthony H. Wilson, and it has become “the date” in the UK music industry calendar.

By day, Manchester, UK, becomes home to the brightest and best in the business, as industry leaders debate the present and plot the future. And by night Manchester hosts the biggest city-based music festival in Europe, IN THE CITY LIVE, as 3,000 industry delegates and 100,000 music fans take to the streets.

Rightly regarded by the global music community as the premier new music event in the world, IN THE CITY has helped launch the careers of Oasis, Radiohead, Suede, Elastica, Coldplay, The Darkness, Doves, Foo Fighters, Elbow, the Stereophonics, Muse, the Raveonettes, Funeral For A Friend, Daft Punk, Kings Of Convenience, Placebo, Arctic Monkeys, and many more. IN THE CITY UNSIGNED has the highest signing ratio of any new talent event in the world.


In The City of New York, June 13th/14th at The W Hotel off Union Square and the Nokia Theatre, New York City

A two-day event bringing high level music industry debate and the most exciting new bands in the modern world back to that narrow strip of land between the Hudson and the East River.

Curated by Manchester based In The City in conjunction with AEG Live – and with several nods to the great traditions of the New Music Seminar which ruled in the 80s and early 90s – In The City of New York is two days of talking about music, thinking about music and just enjoying music.

Music, music, music: as a certain UK politician may have once said…

By night at the Nokia Theatre ITCofNY will host six of the UK’s hottest new bands.

June 13 – Happy Mondays, The Rakes, The Pigeon Detectives
June 14 – Happy Mondays, Biffy Clyro, Enter Shikari, Blood Red Shoes

During the day industry leaders will gather in the W Hotel on Union Square for a series of panels, seminars and master classes on the current state of the music industry and, more importantly, where it’s heading next.

Like In The City, the daytime side of the event will center on major industry figures/legends in conversation with skilled interviewers – with Fred Davis, Marc Geiger, Tom Silverman, Ted Cohen, Ralph Simon, Paul Tollet of Goldenvoice/Coachella, Napster, Adam Shore of Vice, Matt Safer & Gabe Andruzzi of The Rapture, and the inimitable Bob Lefsetz already confirmed – and again, like In The City it will cover the most cutting-edge topics affecting the industry we call home.


DRM: The end is nigh or is it?

Jobs and Niccoli say it’s over; it’s what Ged Doherty said at In The City in Manchester last October. Didn’t go down well. He got in trouble for his honesty and his pains; whose pain will DRM be if it continues?

Hey, man, New York Freeway’s blocked, man: Festivals in the 3rd Millennium

Glastonbury sold out in minutes, Coachella getting full of Brits, who says the music business is in trouble?

The Howl Seminar – “I have seen the best minds of my generation” – Debate the future of this wonderful business

It’s chaos out there for the record companies; they don’t know whether they’re coming or going. Most of them think they’re going. To offer some signposts to the future, ITCofNY invites some of its favourite clever people. Correction, very clever people. You don’t need a weatherman but you do need to listen to these folks.

Bring me your poor and huddled masses – and we’ll make stars of them and ship them back.

From Hendrix to the Killers: why/how do US bands get their first exposure in the UK? Is it that the UK is we’re more open? Is it because your radio is shit? Let’s all hear it for Chas Chandler; how come it took a Geordie bass player to launch the creator of the electric guitar?

The New Music Retailers Panel

Apple showed the way but there’s a bunch of other guys on their tail; when’s Amazon getting in, will anyone give us full on variable pricing, and who wants Paul McCartney with their latte or Malcolm McLaren with their new sofa? (Great album though, sir)

Formats are dead!

Or is that radio is dead? The Top Thirty programming was based around sociological research carried out in the 50s. Are we all still the same? Do we want more or do we just love more of the same thing?

A Brand New Approach to Music

A music industry in crisis still looks attractive to anyone trying to sell anything to young people…make that sell anything to anyone. Here in the UK they’re selling Marks and Spencer’s clothes with Itchycoo Park. “What did you do there? I got high.” Yeah. Maybe we don’t sell music anymore, we sell other people’s products.

The ITC Hypothetical

In The City’s most in-demand ticket as a group of industry insiders are taken through a hypothetical situation, which demands cunning, and in some cases even moral fiber.


Several are taking place, this one is of particular interest to me, natch.
RSVP for free admission at GBH.TV

I will be attending, this exciting NYC debut of In The City, hoping to sponge as much as possible . . . full report to follow.

While spots are limited, I was told registration is still open, yay! Link up

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Drop The Lime Drops A Video “Hear Me”

Our beloved Luca aka Drop The Lime, (aka Curses!) continues to stay as creative and multi-talented as ever. He produced the video for his next DTL single “Hear Me” with 3D design studio La Mossa.
The single is being released on Trouble And Bass Recordings, and will be available digitally next week.

Happy viewing!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Terrorists Threaten To Kill Tiesto

Terrorists Threaten Tiësto

Rumors have emerged that Fatah al-Islam has directly threatened to kill DJ Tiesto if dares to show up for his planned July 2 concert in Beirut. …

Shakira had a Beirut date planned for her Oral Fixation tour this summer, but Lebanon appears to have dropped off her calendar.

Rumors have emerged that Fatah al-Islam has directly threatened to kill DJ Tiesto if dares to show up for his planned July 2 concert in Beirut. The Dutch DJ has been voted as the world’s best for the past several years. On October 1, 2005, Tiesto broke records when he made his long awaited debut in Beirut. Over 16,000 showed up to party with their beloved Tiësto at Forum de Beirut, in what was been coined the largest event ever in the Middle East.

With all the problems Lebanon was facing in October 2005 – in contrast with last summer’s war and today’s terrorism plague – the abundant political assassinations were sadly a more stable time for the cursed Lebanese.

The fun-loving spirit of the Lebanese will never be crushed, not by war, not by occupation, and certainly not by a band of sick, cowardly terrorists.

Source: Ya Libnan

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