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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I fucked my American cunt

It’s a gorgeous Spring day in Chicago. After a bit of outdoor sunbathing in my bikini, I felt like rejoicing with The Teenagers video, ‘Homecoming,’ directed by Kinga Burza. (the post count is high on this one) It’s so sleazy, rude, effortless. Not for the proper gal. I love this track & all the remixes that have been done. Michael, Dorian, and Quentin really capture the spirit of being young and not giving a fuck. Toss the poms, welcome Spring!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mazi – Just A Bit Prolific

Mazi and I go waaaay back.
We actually have 2 label projects together Gourmet Recordings, a deep, “tech house” label, that we launched in 1998, and Fresh Meat, its sister label, was born in 2005. About a year or so ago, I left the day to day running of those endeavors, to pursue the wonderful world of NYC, but look back with great fondness. Yeah, I miss it a lil bit, the labels were my day to day for 8 years, and very much a labor of love. I can’t remember the names or number of distros we had that went belly up, didn’t really make any money. However, it was all very worth it. A lot of amazing music was pressed on vinyl, we made friends all over the world, and learned a lot about music and life, the kinda stuff you can’t learn in College.

My partner in crime, Mazi, was and is, quite the prolific producer and DJ. He’s released music under his own name, as well as Audio Soul Project, Studio Nova, MFO, Mise en Place, Mazi & Lori, to name most. (but not all!)

His production resume is intense and expansive, Guidance, Intec, Virgin, NRK, Hooj Choons, Dessous, Fiat Lux, Cocoon, Subliminal, Afterhours, Fluential, (there is much more) his music has been licensed to Razor & Tie, Moonshine, Ministry Of Sound, EMI, Polystar, Stomp, Uni (in like 5 different countries) Edel, ULM Electro, Get Physical, Plastic City, Ohm, Saw, etc, etc. When I take it all in, im quite impressed. Funny thing is, I was there to witness the creation of all of this music. But when I stepped back to take inventory or it all, i’m like, woah, DAMN. This is intense, and an amazing body of work.

Ok, im getting a little verklempt here, so “talk amongst yourselves”, while i present the bizzness.

So, I’ve been posting various mixes, and noticing, damn, what’s up with me and this affinity for 2005? This live mix from Mazi, was highly sought out and circulated by the Chicago heads in attendance at the Lair @ Vision that legendary night. The night and weekend = a memorable, mashed, marathon . . .

Go get it!

Mazi Live at Vision, Chicago – Labor Day 2005 (RT: 104 mins)


1. Jennifer Cardini – Egal [Dirt Crew]
2. Roger 23 – Die Phantomspeisung [Playhouse]
3. The Liptrick – Catch Up (Phonique Remix) [Sugarcane]
4. Damir K. Rogina – On the Disco [Red Music]
5. Dan Berkson – Concept [Mood Music]
6. Morgan Page – Outside the City (Voltique Rmx) [Sugarcane]
7. Kenny Hawkes f. Louise Carver – Play the Game (Mazi & Joshua Collins Rmx) [MFF]
8. Catwash – Nine Tendos [Brique Hypnotic]
9. Knartz IV – Egoexpress (Einmusik Rmx) [Landomat 2000]
10. Dan Berkson & Army of One – Unknown [CDR]
11. Todd Bodine – Contact (John Tejada Rmx) [Tresor]
12. Sharam Jey – Push Your Body (Tomas Andersson Rmx) [Underwater]
13. Dieter Schmidt – Morse Code from the Cold War [Kitsune]
14. The Liptrick – Catch Up [Sugarcane]
15. Francis Harris & Dan Berkson – The Whatever [CDR]
16. Pablo Bolivar – Squaring [Regular]
17. Duoteque – Duoteque [Boxer Sport]
18. Lopazz – Blood (Tiefschwarz Rmx) [Output]
19. Paul Woolford – Vertigo [Junior Boys Own]
20. J. Rod & Pat Nice f. Joe Good – Peter Pan (Mugwump Rmx) [Brique Rouge]
21. Zoo Brazil – Crash [Harthouse]
22. MANDY – Jah (Raw Mix) [Get Physical]

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Coachella Set Times! More Pieces of The Rapture . . .

Coachella Set Times

Saturday is my day, it will be glorious. The Rapture will be DJ’ing into their live set, closing out the Sahara stage. LCD right before, party pants and dancing shoes will be on and in full effect.

Speaking of The Rapture (wow, how often do I do I do that?!) their latest single and title track “Pieces Of The People We Love” was released yesterday.

They boys were recently in Japan, had a blast, and some fun adventures, and a lil down time.


Hello from OSAKA

“So we just played a bunch of shows in Australia and one in Singapore which were awesome. I think we’ve flown about 30.000 miles so far. Now we are about to do some shows in Japan. Here is a little clip of one of the Australia shows. Check it out.”

(I find this vid clip highly amusing, the guy singing along is totally into it and AWESOME!)


They hit the streets and met up with fans . . .

Vito was free wheeling on a Segway, dope helmet!

“Hi. So since Osaka we’ve continued the madness. 3 more great shows in Japan. Flew straight back to states and did 3 shows with The Killers in Florida, where quite frankly, we killed it. Big thanks to them for putting us on and being such gracious hosts. Made some new friends in the form of opening band Howling Bells, who you should definitely check out ( All good things…

And now “our” US tour is officially up and running. We opened it up in Hattiesburg, MS. You can read up some background about Hattiesburg here: I have to be honest, I never would have guessed we would play there, and judging by the overwhelming welcome and excitement that came back at us, the kids didn’t think we would either. Not the most packed out affair, but the enthusiasm and boogie in the room was enough to warm the coldest of hearts. From there we rolled to Austin, TX to play an mtvU Campus Invasion show. Played a short, sweet set, ran ‘em over, ate some BBQ, watched The Shins, and then rolled out to Beauty Bar to DJ ’til closing. A great night.

My point is this. The Rapture is back on the ground over here, in good form, and possibly coming to a town near you. So check the schedule, buy a ticket, call your friends, come party with us.

Oh, and the 2nd official US single has arrived in the form of “Pieces of the People We Love. “ If you’re not familiar, listen on the player. We made another great video, check it out below or on our MySpace Vid page and add it to yours. If you like what you hear/see, call your radio station, write a letter, do whatever, let’s get this thing burning, no?

See you soon…”

Right on boys – no “mish” talking here!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Motorbass, Cassius Workshop, Jesse Jamz

I am a HUGE Motorbass fan.
Motorbass only released one album, and that album, Pansoul was one of “those” albums. Its a classic. Its one of those albums that you hear, and your outlook on music is changed forever, and I certainly wasn’t the only one. This album was way ahead of its time, and this might sound silly, but i feel honored to own the vinyl. (music nerd alert). If you haven’t heard this album, you need to. I’ve heard rumblings that “something is going on” again with Philippe and Etienne, as Motorbass, not sure if that’s true, but I would be SUCH A HAPPY GIRL. I am very curious to hear how 14 years later, things would play out.

In 2003, Astralwerks released the album in the US for the first time, with a bonus disc of rare, early material.

From the Astralwerks site:

“In 1996, even before the massive success of Daft Punk’s debut album “Homework”, there were two French dance albums, only available as imports, that were on every discerning dance fan’s shopping list, Etienne de Crecy’s “Superdiscount” and his collaboration with Cassius member Philippe Zdar under the Motorbass alias. “Pansoul” was widely considered the body of work that kick-started an entire wave of French dance artist albums, and even now, is referenced as a “lost” classic.”

The duo have gone on to churn out a slew of successful productions since, together as Le Chatte Rouge, Etienne, under the monikers of Superdiscount, Minos Pour Main Basse, and Mooloodjee.
Phillipe Zdar is now most popularly known as one half of Cassius with Boombass.

Most recently, Cassius have launched “Cassius Workshop” an endeavor dedicated to giving up and coming producers a opportunity to remix their music. I think its just great, who wouldn’t want to remix Cassius!?!?! And from what I hear, this is not your typical “remix contest” the duo are directly involved with the remixers, lots of one on one communication. very cool. IMO, that’s the way it should be.

Trash friend Jesse Jamz, got in the workshop action and sent us his take on “See Me Now”. Check it out:

Cassius – “See Me Now” Jesse Jamz Remix

A lil bit about Jesse . ..
(words by Joey Yates)

After deejaying around Louisville, Kentucky for two years, Jesse saw a need to start a good dance party. In June of 2006, he kicked off his weekly party, Them Shitz, at Asiatique. Since its start, Them Shitz has gained recognition as “the best party in town” and will celebrate its one year anniversary in June. During the past year Jesse has also taken time to play cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Cincinnati, and Philadelphia. While in LA, “the Jamz” joined some of the west coast’s finest deejays to play parties such as Blow Up LA and Check Yo Ponytail. His adventures in the Northeast led him to spin at one of NYC’s most note worthy parties, MisShapes, and at Philadelphia’s hippest (more…)

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Happy 4:20! Rough Remixes, Anyone?

Its been quite a stressful week, however, Coachella is right around the corner, and that makes me smile. Stages and time slots are still yet to be released, I don’t know much, but I do know where I will be closing out my Saturday night.

ROUGH TRADE F!@#$%^ great label.

Remixers, producers – interested in a cool opp? Check out the tracks below.
If you like, and think you can twist out something fierce -
Drop a note, and include a link, or yousendit some of your tunes, and just perhaps we can make beautiful music together.

Brakes, Brakes, Brakes “Hold Me In The River”

1990′s – “You’re Supposed To Be My Friend”

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Classic Breakbeat Goes Techno

Chad and best friend

Techno has never really been my thing. Most of the time, it just doesn’t really do anything for me. There has been a track or two here and there that have tickled my whistle such as T. Raumschmiere – Monster Truck Driver, Punx – Y.E.A.H., LFO – Freak and most recently D.I.M. – Sysiphos. But the other day a good friend of mine (and fantastic producer), Chad North, sent me his techno take on a breaks classic, Auto Erotic by Dark Globe from aught-two, and i was sold. This track fucking bangs while remaining somewhat understated and simple which is my kinda techno. Chad just keep getting better and better and will no doubt continue to surprise me in the coming months. He used to live here in Chicago and initially turned me on to the original version of the tune, actually, so its fitting that he be the one to make it even better. And if you like his remix, add him on myspace cause he desperately needs some friends. Here’s the tune plus the original.

Dark Globe – Auto Erotic (Chad North rmx)

Dark Globe – Auto Erotic (Original Globocop rmx)

Dark Globe has reappeared on the scene as well recently with their new album “Nostalgia for The Future” which I have yet to hear but, based on this RA review it looks pretty sweet. Go and Buy it here.

On a completely unrelated note, I’d like to do a bit of shameless self-promotion to all the Chicago readers. I’m playing with Passions and Guns’N’Bombs of Kitsune Records tonight at Lava. You should come, seriously.



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